February UFO

The number pulled for the February UFO is . . #10.

If you completed your UFO #6 in January, please post a link here to either your blog post (not to your main blog) or to a photo link.  There will be a prize for one who completed their UFO.  Tomorrow I will check this list and will have the Random Number Generator choose a number for the winner.  The prize is a Gingher seam ripper.  Be sure to check back here so that you can provide me with your mailing address if you’re the winner.


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    Told you I got up early to post! I’m so proud of myself for finishing my #6! Now that I’m off to a good start, I plan to keep it up. BTW–LOVE that you drew #10!
    Thanks for all you do, Judy.

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    Yay #10! I’ve been waiting for two days for you to announce the number. I’m that excited! I don’t understand it, but having you direct my creative efforts in this way is really working for me.

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    That was fun, Judy! I got the whole top pieced and later in the year I will be using a couple of months to get it quilted. Excited for #10!

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    Beth-Pretoria, RSA says

    I should have probably done more quilting on this… being wool batting, but it’s finished and that is more than it would have been. The back is perfect for the furniture (loaned to us with the house), so I have it reversed on the sofa!!! Haven’t a clue which project on my list is #10. Kind of afraid to look.

  5. 8

    Louisa in BC says

    It feels good to have that big project all done! Thanks for the motivation to get at it. The one for February is much smaller, thank goodness, and I should be able to work it in with the rest of a busy schedule.

  6. 9

    Cathy B. says

    Thanks for inspiring us to finish some UFO’s. This first month was fun. Now on to month number 2.

  7. 10


    It was fun to finish this one — #10 is probably not doable for me, but it’ll be good to spend a month working on it.

  8. 11


    #10 is the one I really didn’t want to finish, but you know it sure is a motivator. I finished #6 so it’s possible I’ll finish this one, too.

  9. 12


    I am so pleased to be doing your challenge this year. It means I have completed one quilt, and #10 is a quilt I started a year ago January, which means….it is time!

  10. 13


    My #10 project is to redo a “temporary” binding on a very beautiful quilt. I put it on in a rush back in 1993 or so and basted it down with a running stitch. Right now the binding is dark blue with a patch of blue gray where I ran out of the dark blue. I am going to do a colorwash binding to blend with the quilt all around.

  11. 14

    SarahB says

    Judy, all linked up and although I didn’t finish I am soooo much happier with the decision to keep working on this and making it a twin quilt. I could have taken the easy way out and made something little with it but instead I decided some things are better if I am patient. Thanks for helping me make some decisions with the UFO challenge!!

  12. 15


    I finished my #6 on January 30th, but it’s done! I linked to my page that has all the projects listed with photos.

    Yay for #10! This is my oldest UFO–a pillow kit I bought when I was a very new quilter. I will hand quilt the front and stitch up the pillow. Should be fairly quick (said the procrastinator!).

    So glad you’re doing this challenge, it’s fun!

  13. 17


    I did it and it’s due to you! Thanks for creating a deadline I could work on! I was proud to have it done with one day to spare. Now I have to go check out what number 10 was on my list.

  14. 18


    Thanks so so much Judy for doing this!!! There is absolutely NO WAY I would have gotten this done with all my other commitments this month.

    Yippee!! “Got ‘er Done!”

  15. 19


    Nooooo! #10 is my hardest UFO! Well, at least I will make some progress on it even if I don’t finish it this month. Maybe it is good to get the hard ones done first!

  16. 20


    #10- slippers! This is perfect timing. Inches of snow are building up, I’m couch-bound, and I could use a new pair of slippers!

  17. 22


    Agh my worse nightmare.. UFO # 10. This is to work on [ doubt for a minute I’ll complete] my large wholecloth quilt by hand. In my book HAND is a four letter swear word! but here goes.. it will go on my new frame tomorrow and I’ll do my best.

  18. 23

    Terri says

    Well no. 6 is almost finished! THanks so much for the motivation. Another couple of days for the full binding, labelled, hanging sleeve finish finish! Then on to no. 10!

  19. 26


    One down, 11 to go. #10 is crazy curves, which is barely started. It should be interesting to see how much of it I get done. Thanks for hosting this, and providing the motivation to get these things done, and out of their boxes.

  20. 27


    I finished two UFOs in January. I apparently wasn’t paying attention, so I did #1 on my list. When you draw #1, I’ll do #6, and I’ll be on track for the rest. I need to go check what #10 is now. Thanks again for mobilizing us. It’s fun to finish stuff — such a good feeling.

  21. 30


    I have entered myself and my pal, Nancy, whose participating via my blog. Phew! I got it done. I’m thrilled. Thanks for encouraging me to finish things.

  22. 31


    I have to say I have viewed about half of the completed UFOs and I am overwhelmed. The collected work we have done beats some of the best quilt shows I’ve ever seen. It’s just amazing to contemplate the creativity that is going on in this world. Thanks Judy for doing this!

  23. 32

    Karen says

    I didn’t sign up for your UFO challenge but I decided to play along. I had a jelly roll in my stash that needed used. Even though the quilt isn’t it will be soon since I plan on giving it to someone who has cancer. Thanks for the motivation to continue finishing projects. Looking forward to working on #10.

  24. 33


    I don’t know WHY I can’t seem to link. I try and try–following directions (I think) and it doesn’t link. Don’t know how I did it originally, but again I am having trouble (see I have tried about 5 times)!!! I will try, yet again, when I get home from work. But anyway—-I did finish my UFO#6 and it really looks nice. Hopefully I will be able to show you all later. If not–oh well—I am still participating and maybe will eventually get in a drawing! All the quilts I have looked at are wonderful! Everyone did a good job!

  25. 34


    I had January’s pick done in the first week of January! Not sure if this one will be done in the first week but maybe the second. Thank you for hosting this challenge Judy!

  26. 35


    I was able to complete #6, but then decided to do #13 also as there was not much left to do on it. Love this challenge. My #10 happens to be about five years old, so I think it is time. Judy C

  27. 36


    #6 was finished early in the month. I’m afraid #6A is still a UFO and I don’t care. (Well, I do care, but not enough to put the effort into finishing it.)
    My #10 is a small top made from a kit bought at the Maine Quilt Show 2 (or maybe 3) years ago – jungle cats. Just need to put a border on, make a back, and quilt and bind. I’m really liking this challenge. I’m not going to mention my #10A, then I won’t feel bad if it doesn’t get done.

  28. 37


    Not off to a good start, only got 1/3 of my #6 done. One quilt is finished but the other two are still waiting their turn on the longarm. Good news is they are at least in line. My #10 is a set of split 9-patch blocks that need to be assembled and finished. We have a major snow storm coming so maybe I can put a dent in it.

  29. 38


    I am so happy to have this one done in time for Valentines (blocks are log cabins with 1/2 circles that form a heart) and now, on to #10 – an art quilt that’s been waiting for about 2 years 🙂

  30. 39


    Alas, I did not complete my UFO. I did get all the pieced border blocks for Judy’s Shipshewana Mystery quilt made but that’s as far as I got. Not much sewing was going on in January. Hopefully, February will be better. I’m revising my #10 goal to getting one of my Squishie Swap block sets into a top. Forget about getting it completed. Just deciding on a layout will be a major accomplishment for me in Feb.

  31. 40


    Not a “technical” finish 😀 — Found a block turned the wrong way! LOL So I’ll be ripping and sewing today to finish up #6! Number 10 is gonna be easier — no blocks to finish up, just some machine applique! Can’t wait!
    Mary Lou

  32. 41

    Cindy Little says

    OOOO….I love my Gingher seam ripper!! My BFF bought it for me for a just because gift.

  33. 43


    Hi, just joining and hope its not too late! I love the idea of a challenge. I have way more UFO’s than I should and need some extra motivation to get them done! I will get a list of my UFO’s today but where do I post them? Thanks for having me, looking forward to a fun year!

  34. 44


    I am so glad you chose #10. It is a quilt top I just love that I pieced in 2005. I am excited about getting it finished. I only have one UFO listed with #10. Hopefully will I finish 6b in February.

  35. 45


    I am loving this challenge! I finished some UFOs even before January 2011. I hope I can keep up my enthusiasm for the whole year. For February I’ll finish my purple scrap quilt and be all set for the MC challenge, too.

  36. 47


    I have linked my #6. It is Finished and I was sooo happy to get it out of my Quilt Table. My 6A isn’t done. I need a lot more to complete it. I did finish other projects in January so the inspiration of everyone and with DWM I feel I did OK.
    #10, UMMM let me see…YEA, it only needs quilting. I will add a thin border all around just to hold the seams together. My 10A is at a standstill because it’s a Round Robin and I haven’t recieved my next one to work on. So February is looking very good! Thanks for a new Seam Ripper prize- how’d you know I broke mine yesterday?

  37. 49


    I finished the Sulky Village 2004 BOM. I had a viewer who was overly fond of it and made some lovely comments. Knew she needed a cheer me up – so sent it to her. I can always donate another piece to the Library function.

  38. 51


    Oh, my! #10? well it must be done – I’ll try – at least it is more done than some of the other, but not by much LOL.

    This is so motivating. Thanks, Judy.

  39. 53


    I finished one!!!! Wooo Hooo! I finished one! I like this.

    I may not have the correct URL on my link. I hit enter too quick. But, for the time being it will take you to my finish. It’s a finish! ha ha. Yipee! Wo Hoo!

  40. 54


    I’m glad I finished this one. The blocks have been done, but I had no idea what to do with them. This worked out well – and will make a baby quilt for donation. Thanks for hosting this challenge. It was fun!

  41. 55


    #10- i haven’t looked yet- but hopefully it’s an easy one! (how quick we are to get lazy!) i was gettnig worried about you- i kept checking all day, and thought that maybe you were out of power! glad all is well. happy quilting, all!

  42. 56


    I finished mine and even sent it out to be quilted. However, I completely forgot to photograph it first. It will be home soon and then I will add a photo to my post.

  43. 57


    I just wanted you to know that you picked one number for January and I ended up working on THREE of my UFOs! Looks like it will be the same story this month!

  44. 58


    I’m so excited to have finished my 2–#6 quilts! Chris will be thrilled to find out his “Bears in the Penthouse” is the next quilt top for me to quilt/bind/label. Lordy, where have I put that T-berries Row X Row UFO?????

  45. 59


    Judy, thanks so much for motivating all of us to get going on UFO’s! You sure have a long Mr Linky list – and I hope I will be finishing many more of the UFO’s in the coming months of 2011!
    And off to getting# 10 out – great pick! I needed an easier project or I may have given up… Hope all is still well at your end and the storm isn’t as bad as predicted. We are waiting for it to arrive tonight.

  46. 60

    Lynne says

    I was not able to finish number 6 but certainly got a lot closer thanks to this site, thank you Judy. I will continue on it till it’s done, it wil not get relegated back to UFO

  47. 63

    Mary Johnson says

    Wow, 96 people finished their UFO for January? You’re providing quite the inspiration.

    My #10 is a top that will need quilting and binding. Easy enough to get done.

  48. 66


    Thank you for doing this. I don’t think I would have completed any task like this if I didn’t have a challenge. So, thanks again. 🙂

  49. 69


    #10 is my batik strips which makes me feel good as I’m in the mood for batiks! Thanks for the challenge and we have lots of snow and blowing winds here in Iowa.

  50. 70


    I am looking forward to #10 this month. I have listed two under ea month because I have soooooo ma y UFOs. #10 is my Virtual Warm/Cool blocks and my Christmas scrappy. One still needs to be designed and the scappy xmas needs sandwiching and quilting.

    This will work out so very well.

    Glen: sure wish I could find those outhouse blocks though……..

  51. 72

    Darlene S says

    Judy, I finished my I Spy quilt and just posted my flickr link. Hope I did it correctly. If not, let me know so I can correct. Thanks much. Dar

  52. 73


    Ive just posted my finished UFO, Im so glad its done. #10 is a random project that got started for no reason in particular and will probably be gifted to someone.

  53. 74


    Aren’t you totally amazed at how many UFO’s are getting completed due to your encouragement and inspiration?!? I am totally shocked at how many people are actually getting quilts finished! Thanks Judy!

  54. 76


    Thanks Judy! Great to have some incentive help and get some of these UFOs done. A friend is also joining along with us too but doesn’t have a blog to show the goods. Love all this amiable fellowship instead of just plodding along by yourself.

    PS: I just read #10 is February’s number, was out of state all day yesterday so off to see which ufo will be next.

  55. 77

    Karen says

    I have added the borders to my UFO#6. The top is finished. I posted a picture with the borders.

  56. 78

    Mel Meister says

    While I didn’t finish, or even work on my UFO for January, I did find the blocks I had finished and I found the lost software for the embroidery. So, I consider that a success. Yayyy!

  57. 79


    How did I miss posting my Finished project on time? No idea. Anyway, the Kitty quilt is done, finished and I love this quilt and the fact that I finally manage to finish it. Now to #10, that might not be that easy: there’s a lots of blocks to finish in a very short month!

  58. 80


    I’m happy to say that I have finished my #6 and for February I am going to swap things around & attempt to finish Darcy’s quilt top which has been on the back burner for so many years. It is good to participate in this challenge as I have people to be accountable to!!
    Happy Valentine’s Day for 14th ladies.