Full Day of Snow

I’m not complaining about the snow because we missed the ice.  We can deal with snow.  We can deal with tons of snow!  The National Guard has been activated and the local car dealership loaned the police a couple of four wheel drive vehicle, so things are moving right along.

We had near white out conditions much of the day.

As evening arrived, the snow seemed to slack off a bit.  During the day, a few cars went down the road, the snow plow went by a few times, other than that . . not much activity in my part of town.  Vince rode to work with a friend but didn’t stay all day.  Another friend brought him home but gave up before they got to our street and Vince had to walk two blocks. He was huffing and puffing and covered in snow when he got home.  It’s not easy walking through 18 – 20″ of snow.

It’s really hard to take good pictures through the window but other than a few quick trips out with Speck, I have not been outside.  Vince took care of the chickens.

I haven’t heard how much snow we got but it’s probably around 20″.  In areas where its’ blown and drifted, there are places where it’s several feet deep.  Convincing Speck to go out in that is not easy.  This happens so rarely here that most people don’t have snow blowers and this is SO much snow to try moving with a shovel.  We may never get our vehicles out of the garage!


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    Poor Judy! I bet some HOT TAMALES would warm you all up. Should I send you some? I bet you still have a supply of your own in your freezer. As beautiful as all of that snow is, I am so thankful I am planted far south of you!

    Kat in Tamale Land

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    Glad to hear you’re OK! Looks like that storm is a monster!!!! Be safe.


    P.S. I’ll write you a longer email about weaving later tonight.

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    This is an amazing storm! My car looks like a giant snowball (no garage)! And according to doppler radar, it hasn’t been snowing here (wrong). I’m in NM–huge, huge storm!
    Glad you’re safe and warm and that Vince got home safely!
    Really glad we know how to cook as well–makes these storms have an upside!

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    Suzanne Smith says

    No new snow here yet it’s coming my way though- the talk is 1-2 feet tonight and another 1-2 feet Wed. during the day.if the schools are closed tomorrow-it will be a great time to sew sew sew !

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    Denise says

    It’s your fault – we already have blizzard winds and whiteout and the worst of the storm hasn’t even hit the Wisconsin border yet but will overnight. And where did my weatherman say that horrible storm is coming from –Judy’s house! okay – he didn’t want blame you personally so he said it was just leaving Missouri. 😉 You really didn’t need to send it this way. Now to wait and see if I get a snow day tomorrow – they’ve pulled the plows off the streets for the rest of the night.

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    Linda in NE says

    THAT IS A LOT OF SNOW!! We only got a few inches but it’s very cold and the winds has been blowing hard. It will continue on into tomorrow. The wind chills tonight are supposed to get as low as -40 to -50. The arctic air is supposed to be following the snow so look out.

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    Holy cow. Usually your weather rumbles up Hwy 44 into my back door, but it went further north and we only got sleet all day. Snow is just starting at 9pm. Can’t wait to see the pictures of how you kept yourself busy today.

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    WOW…but i’ll trade you my ice for your snow. we have had sleet since last night. but it is finally starting to snow. guess i am in the house again for tomorrow.

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    Karen says

    We were supposed to get a foot of snow but we dodged that bullet – at least the snow bullet. We’ve got about 4 inches of ice & sleet – I’d rather have the snow. Finished a sock today & started it’s mate. Also straightened the sewing room so I can start a lap quilt tomorrow. Stay warm

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    Marie says

    I’m about 20 miles north from Judy’s town and officially the weatherman said Butler rec’d 18 and Nevada 17, so guess that means we got about the same, as I’m between the two cities. Can not find my drive way. There is drifts from 4 to 6 ft tall in my yard. Went out and swept a path for dogs, but I dont’ think they appreciated it. So I’m not going out again till tomorrow to see how bad things really are. 71 Hwy is horrible, as drifts are more than road crew can handle. And with the wind, tomorrow will not be any better.

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    Marilyn Smith says

    Been checking in all day to see how things have been going. BRRRRR! We may get a freeze tomorrow night – have to cover the plants. And, this is Palm Springs. High of 52 degrees. (20 degrees below normal) I know you would welcome 52 degrees. It has been beautiful here, but have some artic stuff coming in. We are leaving Friday for Hawaii-visit 4 days with our son and then boarding a cruise ship. Doing the islands and then on to Tahiti. My DH dream trip! I personally like the 80-90 degree weather and I do love winter.

    Stay warm Judy…have been thinking of you all day.

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    Darlene S says

    Hi Judy, glad to see you are safe and warm. We are ok too. Got lots of sleet and not as much snow as predicted in my area. Glad our electric stayed on. I’m in the same boat as you — all electric house! Unlike you, my DH does not have any alternative means to cook or keep warm if we lose heat. Good thing I have dozens and dozens of qullts to stay warm and I love PB&J sandwiches. Dar in MO

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    Carol says

    I just looked at a satellite image of the storm. Wow, it’s enormous! Everyone stay safe. Same here with the electricity. We have a coal stove though. Well, I’m off to scrap the ice off my car and take my time getting to work.

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    I am glad you are OK and didn’t get ice! My daddy lives in Kansas City, MO and he said they had lots of snow drifts there – many businesses were shut down for today!

    Stay safe and warm…….hope the chickens are OK!

    sao in Midlothian, VA

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    I am also glad you did not get the ice. That is the absolute worst. Snowing like crazy here as it did yesterday with the other storm. We are running out of room for snow storage (that is what it looks like) but I suppose it will all work out in the end. I am really sick of being trapped inside the house, though.

    Stay warm and toasty and be creative! 🙂

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    jane says

    Wow Judy, stay warm! Isn’t it great though to know that you are fully stocked up on the things you need at a time like this? No having to try to run out for milk & bread, etc. I am so thankful that we missed all the bad weather here in South Carolina…hope I’m not speaking too soon.

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    SarahB says

    We have had two days of ice storms here and temperatures around 27 degrees F. Last night the “rain” stopped and the wind started. We are losing a LOT of trees. Today the snow is suppose to start and coat the ice… there hasn’t been school for two days and the kids are all trapped in the house!! Where is the silver lining?!?!? My girls are crafting and my boys have toy trains! Today is Daughter#3’s 11th birthday so I think we will watch movies all day… you know what that means?!?! SEWING!! yippee, I never get to sew all day!
    The only risky part is that we have an all electric house so if we lose power it will get cold fast and we will have to head to my sisters house. But I have my hexagon quilt to take with me!

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    Glad to hear you made it through the storm safely!! We are still in the midst of it, blizzard conditions until noon. But a wonderful day for sewing, and having the kids home.

  19. 22

    Toni in TN says

    When we bought this house we changed from all electric to gas heat. Have a generator large enough to run all the essentials. If worse comes to worse I do have a fully operational treadle. ‘course we just got rain but you never know what might be coming! Stay warm!