Everyone Needs a Hobby

Do you know people who don’t have hobbies?  I can’t imagine not having a hobby . . something you love to do and can do every day or at least several times a week.   But, what happens when your hobby seems to be too much fun and your husband decides he wants to try it too?   Vince still hasn’t touched his quilting project so he decided maybe he would try knitting.

He stuck with it and I’m afraid he’s liking it.

I’m trying so hard not to laugh at him but he’s concentrating so hard and every time I look at him sitting in the chair knitting, I have to bite my lip to keep from laughing.  He’s had a few mistakes and I had to help him out but he’s doing a heck of a lot better than I did when I first started.

Oh, dear . . he just ripped it all out and is starting over.  This may have been a very bad idea.


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    Dj says

    Scott knits too. He knits even tighter than I do. He has a cabled scarf still on the needles somewhere.

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      Be careful what you wish for. My retired DH has a hobby – he grows cactus and does so beautiful – He does this so much we no long have a back yard! It’s full of shade houses, greenhouses, benches – no more grass or playground for the DGKs. In winter it is okay, but I hardly see him in the summer. He’s out there most of the entire day. Well, he does stop once in awhile and do laundry and grocery shop.

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    Gweno says

    I have a couple of dear friend who has no hobby! She has the cleanest house and neatest yard I know about, but you can’t clean and weed eat all the time. Another friend has given up crocheting. She lives alone and is always wanting to go somehwere when I am perfectly happy to stay home. I know she is lonely, but really don’t know how to help all the time. Wish she would take up quilting. I’ve trie for years!

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    somewhere my hubby has a scarf he knit for himself many years ago, and last year he wanted to help with some hats for nieces/nephews so I taught him to crochet — it was tough because I crochet left-handed and he’s right-handed!

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    i was just thinking like jen….what happens when he retires. you have to quit saying how much fun you are having and he won’t want to try it. LOL

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    On a frigid day in central Texas and a period of rolling blackouts, you gave me my first laugh of the day! I love your blog! Thank you!!!

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    Oh, he’s going to finish that. Look, he’s already got the second skein sitting there ready to go! You two crack me up!!

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    Carolyn Thomas says

    I wish my husband had an easily managed hobby. He does leathercraft work, but it is a pain to set up and put away. However, he has decided he want to learn to use my serger. Mostly this is to help me out, because I am making 500 shopping sacks for my Eastern Star Worthy Grand Matron for her Grand Chapter Session in June. We will see…….

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    He really looks like he is getting into this hobby! I guess you’ll just have to buy more yarn and that loom you are looking at.

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    Mary Beth says

    That awesome!! My oldest brother took up crochet for a time and made my sister’s baby an afghan….we thought that was pretty funny too. Hey, whatever it takes to keep them out of your hair right?!

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    peggy says

    LOL. Vince is so open to joining you. My husband just snorts every time I suggest quilting or knitting. I’ve told him he would enjoy the cutting because it is a math skill. He’s retired, and his standard answer when someone asks how his retirement is going is “It’s not all it’s cracked up to be”. At least, I offered.

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    Well, if Rosie Grier could become quite an accomplished needlepointer maybe Vince will have knitting!!??

    But I’m thinking you may want to consider purchasing TWO weaving looms. . . .because you know that Vince is going to want to try that — after all, it is machinery and that is something that ALL men are attracted to (hence my DH’s need for the quilting machine — that I have started to use & he hasn’t touched yet)!!

    Good luck!

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    I think he looks adorable! And you can tell him I said that. 🙂 I worked with 11 yo granddaughter last night and I think she started her scarf over 4 times before getting the hang of it again–it’s been a while. Today we went shopping and bought 2 skeins of very cool yarn for a “real” scarf.

    And oh how I dislike those long awkward needles!

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    Diann Smith says

    I thought Vince was going to make a quilt. I remember when he bought a machine. One of my older friend’s husband learned to quilt when in college. When they were on the bus going to the football game (he was a quarterback) he would continually get sick and vomit from worry during the trip. So the coach’s wife taught him to knit and he did it the rest of his life. He could make better looking sweaters than his wife. And no more sick tummy while traveling to the football games during his college years.

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    Those pictures are great, I laughed out loud! He looks so intent, I’m sure he’ll make a good little knitter!
    I wish I could get my husband to start a hobby…work is NOT a hobby! We work every day but Sunday and he just about goes crazy with nothing to do that day. My sister is also the same way, when she has a day off she cleans her house or finds other work to do. I’ve noticed that people who don’t have hobbies are usually not very happy!

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    pdudgeon says

    Judy, you should get him a knitting machine!
    it’s a lot easier than knitting with needles for a beginner. My dad made himself a cardigan sweater using a knitting machine when he was a lot older than Vince!

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    The knitting machine is an excellent idea , busy hands and busy mind. For some reason when they retire they seem to think your time is there’s. Set that record straight away before it sticks. After ten months “together”, DWH has finally determined his job is in the wood shop and my time is in my sewing room and I let him know which day I would like to do errands during the week. Works great. Judy C

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    Cindy Kuipers says

    My husband comments occasionally that he wishes he had something that he enjoys as much as I enjoy quilting (and I knit too). I told him he needs to learn to use my MegaQuilter and frame. He would be good at it because he is pretty picky about doing things nicely, but I can’t get him to try it. Then I told him he should piece quilts and I would quilt them. It could be a nice little business, don’t you think?

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    Love that picture of Vince. . . lying down, covered with a quilt, and so INTENT on his work.

    When I knit in the evening I’m always reclined in the recliner and covered with a quilt. He’s bound to make good progress with that set-up!

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    Love it! I keep trying to convince Mike to let me teach him how to crochet. He’s not a bit interested 🙁 He does paint, so he has an artistic interest already.

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    jane says

    I just taught my stepson to knit. It is so funny to see a man sitting and knitting and obviously enjoying it just like I do. We’ll see how long this lasts.

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    Pam says

    This is just tooooo funny. I really think it’s great that Vince shows an interest in what you do and wants to try his hand. Please…keep us posted on how his knitting goes!

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    LOVE IT – Vince seems like a great guy!

    I think it is great to have a hobby – can’t imagine not having one. More men should knit!!

    My DH has a hobby of watching football – but when the Super Bowl is over he is at a loss!!!

    Stay warm!
    sao in Midlothian, VA

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    My man is a total technology junkie (geek) while I am the domestic goddess. Opposites attract and neither of us is concerned that the other will develop an interest in the others hobby.

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    Dawn says

    is he doing his Jan YELLOW project? LOL I figured for sure he would be using green. Or is he SAVING the GOOD green for when he is done practicing on the yellow. LOL

    hey, I can play with skill saws too so why not? Go VINCE