Snow Results in Roof Collapse

Any time this much snow falls, there’s the danger of roof collapses.  Yes, we suffered a roof collapse.

The chicken run didn’t hold up so well under the weight of the snow.  It’s ok . . it’s just PVC pipe and once the snow is brushed off and the pipes repositioned, they’ll never know their run was almost destroyed.  You might notice there are no footprints in the snow leading to the chickens.  Vince checked on them yesterday afternoon and gave them plenty of water and food and their heater is going so I didn’t go out there today.  The snow is over my knees and my boots don’t even come up to my knees so as long as I know they have food and water, I’m not worried about them.  Vince will check on them when he gets home this evening.

Bless his heart!  Vince worked for several hours this morning trying to dig out so he could go to work and this is how far he got.  Not quite enough to get any of our vehicles out but he tried.  His friend with a Toyota Tundra pickup came and got him and took him to work.  The streets are fine . . but our driveway was impossible.

There are two snow shovels in this picture.  I wonder if he thought I was going to come out and help??  I didn’t!

You can bet I was glad to see this dude show up with his shiny red tractor (or whatever this thing is called).  For $40, he cleaned my driveway so we can get all the cars out . . not that the wimpy S10 is going anywhere with the road conditions and you can bet the Highlander isn’t going anywhere under these conditions.

He was so nice! He even made me a dog bathroom!  Speck can go out and do his “bizness” and he doesn’t have to rub his belly in the snow and he’s shielded from the wind.  Too bad those snow walls aren’t tall enough to block the wind from me when we’re out there!

I don’t think we’ll be grilling any time soon!  If anyone wants my opinion . . we’ve had enough snow!   Spring can come early  . . tomorrow would be fine!  I heard that Phil did not see his shadow today which means we will have an early spring.  I’m so happy  . . maybe I will be nicer to all the groundhogs this year!


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    pdudgeon says

    i think Vince needs a snowblower. that’s certainaly a lot of snow to shovel.
    i’m glad that shiney red tractor showed up at your house too!

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    We too are digging out from the storm! I stayed inside while my husband and 4 teenage boys braved the cold and wind!! Here in Michigan we got about 10inches on top of what was already on the ground. I did not go out and help either…I played in my sewing room working on UFO’s! Finished one and working on 2 and 3. WooHoo!!
    Happy Quilting!

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    i don’t do driveways but if i was closer to you i would come and clear off your deck….i can do that. i clear ours off because it is up in the air…second floor high…and i am afraid the weight of the snow will send it crashing down. but you have lots of snow close by to do some massive snow dyeing. LOL

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    judy, we got the ice and then some snow. i would rather have had just the snow. the ice is a couple inches thick under a couple inches of snow. yuck. and my plan was to stay home and sew, since work was closed, but instead i pulled my back trying to help push nick’s car out of the driveway as it was stuck. i’m such an idiot. i know better. neither you, nor vince should be shoveling that much snow. glad the guy with the tractor came. well worth forty bucks. bet he’s raking in the cash today! stay safe and stay warm!

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    Holy smokes Judy! It’s a cold but gorgeous day here in Oregon. Blue skies and sunshine, but I’m not sure we made it to 40. It was 22 when I got up this morning, but nothing to shovel (well, except here in the office ;P).

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    Last winter we had a lot of snow on roofs. within a ten mile radius of us over 15 sheds collapsed. We were able to hire some young men to shovel our machine shed and two grandsons did our house. Course the one grandson (12 years old) slid on his shovel from the peak of the house to almost off the edge. Closest this Grandma has come to a heart attack. We have a lot of snow in southern Minnesota this year too, but doesn’t seem to be as much on the machine shed…yet.

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    When you post about the lost shovels, I guess I assumed it was just for your smaller areas. With Vince and all of his gadgets and love of good sales, I thought you guys had a snowblower! Tell him spring is coming and that’s a great time to buy one. HA!

    Rod (The Deputy) has a plow on his pick-up. Thank God we have it. Our drive is accessed only through the alley and the city won’t even start to plow alleys until 48 hours after a storm. So, he plows our alley and all the neighbors’. (For free! They do favors for us in exchange.) Maybe Vince should have a pick-up with a plow? (Or should I keep my mouth shut… HA!)

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    Oh that snow looks so wonderful! I remember my Long Island days of winter when we would get snow falls like that and I always think it’s magical. We even got a few flakes today down here in New Orleans! Can you believe it! Glad you are safe and that no chickens were hurt in the collapse; Yeah I think a snow blower would be a good man-tool investment; and your $40 was an excellent expense – i’m sure Vince will appreciate that he won’t have to finish the heavy shoveling now!

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    Mel Meister says

    Is 40 bucks the going rate to have a driveway plowed out? I guess maybe I should get my husband to move us to snow country to pick up extra cash! LOL!

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    SarahB says

    There is a good side for just the ice… when it stops raining then it starts going away. We only got a 1/2″ of snow on top of the ice yesterday so the wind blew it all off. The ice melted as soon as we salted it and the driveways and roads are clear and dry. However, my kids would have preferred the snow! I actually like shoveling our driveway, which is about twice as long as your’s, because it’s such good exercise AND when your done you can see it. Not like doing the dishes and laundry where it starts accumulating as soon as you finish!

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    We got a lot of snow also and I did some shoveling yesterday and then took some photos of quilts in the snow, now that was fun! Stay warm.

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    Carol says

    That’s a lot of snow. It’s time for a snow blower. Toro makes a small electric one. It works great and if you use it right, can handle snow like this.