Recipe Requests

Instead of responding to everyone individually about the cinnamon roll recipe, I’ll do it here.  Tomorrow I’ll make another batch and I’ll measure and write it all down and share it.  I’m not the best about measuring and I basically start with my bread recipe so I’ll post it all tomorrow.


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    Carla says

    Can’t wait to try them, they look so good.
    I tried making some last weekend, using a recipe off the web, but I wasn’t happy with how they tasted.

  2. 4

    pdudgeon says

    oh good! i sent my daughter the link to the spice company and told her about the viet nameese cinnamon, so now i’ll be able to send her the cinnamon roll recipe too.

    I’ll probably send for the spice myself, just so i can make those good cinnamon rolls. thanks again, Judy!

  3. 6

    Linda in NE says

    All this talk about cinnamon rolls is making me hungry!! Didn’t you post a recipe for Taco Soup once upon a time too?? I don’t see it in your recipe index and I’d like to make it from a tried & true recipe. Could you maybe repost it? Pretty please??

  4. 8

    Linda in NE says

    I dug a little deeper and found the recipe for Taco Soup on your blog. Back in 2006, I think. It just sounds like such a good cold-weather supper. I hope DH likes it. If his mama didn’t cook it when he was little he’s pretty sure it’s not something he should be eating.