Speck Update

Speck is doing so good!  He seems to be back where he was before he got hurt.  He doesn’t really have red eyes but every corrective measure I tried made his eyes look worse so . . pretend he isn’t the devil dog!  🙂

He loves bananas and Vince was eating a banana so Speck was begging.  When he first hurt his back, we thought we’d never see him doing this again.

I kept snapping pictures trying to get one of him licking his lips.  When he is wanting food, he just keeps licking his lips.  It’s funny to me how dachshunds all do the same things.  When I got my first dachshund (Speck is #3), I thought I had taught him to beg and didn’t realize that was something they just learn to do on their own.  Vince had never had a dog and the first time Speck sat there and begged,Vince thought we had the smartest dog in the world!  We still think that but I know everyone thinks that about their dogs.

He is doing good and I’m so thankful and still trying to keep him from jumping too much . . though it isn’t easy.


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    I’m so glad Speck is back to his old self. Try turning off your flash when you take pictures of him…..no more red eye. 🙂

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    Aww, glad to hear he’s doing well! Aren’t they funny when they sit up on their butts like that? I have a min-pin mix & he does the same thing 😀

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    Alicia says

    This is good news for you and I can imagine what a sense of relief it is. Cute picture of him begging.

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    How did I miss that you have Speck????? I’m a wienie dog lover, with two in the house now. My Badger, who crossed the Rainbow Bridge 2 years ago, would do that—sit up on his haunches. The most ADORABLE thing in the world. However, when he was 5, he had two discs rupture in his back. We had surgery done on his back, and he recovered 95% his abilities. 🙂 BUT he could never sit up like that again, and oh my goodness, I missed seeing him do that. And my heart has a hole in it just for my Badger-Darlin’. Would love to hug on your Speck. 😀 I’m so glad he’s feeling better.

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    Gweno says

    Good to see Speck doing so well! Begging like that must be a guy thing. Beau does it but not the girls!

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    It’s nice to see Little Mr. Speck back to his old self! 🙂

    My dad told me about the dumbest dog he had and said one day he woke up and the dog was smart. I keep waiting to wake up and find out my Tony (lab/short hair mix) is smart. Some days he is, some days he is still Tony, Tony, full of bologna! 😉

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    So glad Speck is feeling better. After my Brady fell down the steps, we had to carry him up and down all the steps for about two weeks. Thank heavens for Rimadyl – the dog miracle drug. He is also diabetic and really gets pampered but can only eat Rx food, baby carrots and cauliflower stems. What we will do for our little furry people. JC

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    Sandra Neel Hutchins says

    Judy, what a wonderful gift to see Speck well and back to his old self! As a fellow dog lover I never get enough of seeing your tiny Speck on your blog! (My Sparky weighs 115 pounds so I really like seeing a little dog, sometimes. Sparky isn’t fat, he is just really tall and full of muscles.

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    So glad to hear that Speck is doing so well.

    Our Casey also learned to beg on her own. . .but she did learn to shake paw, roll over and “sing” pretty quickly — especially for being an older dog (we got her through a rescue group).

    I hope that Speck continues to keep you both smiling.

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    Thrilled to hear about Speck and his new-found good health. How I worried about him not to mention your entire family. Dogs are just so important in our lives. He’s a trouper.

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    Jane says

    Whooo hooo for Speck! Glad to hear he’s back to normal! Gotta love those dogs…..I know I LOVE mine!!!

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    eve in ga says

    Love seeing Speck sitting up and begging!! Makes me so happy for all of you–especially Speck. Yep, we DO love our furry babies. Eve

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    I’m so happy that Speck is doing well. My DH chuckled at Speck’s begging picture. Wrigley begs – he lays his head on my leg and looks at me with such a precious look. He ONLY lays his head on my leg when he wants something. He’s such a kid some times.

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    So glad Speck is better. We just love those little dogs. My Mom grew up with them and I grew up with them, my Husband grew up with them. I will never own another little dog besides a doxie.

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    Elaine says

    Oh boy! I am so glad that Speck’s back to his old self! I still wish he’d let me pet him someday. I’ll bring him a banana next time I come!

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    Linda in NE says

    It’s great to see Speck feeling so good. The lip-licking thing is so cute. Yesterday I gave my cat a couple little pieces of cheese. Guess it must stick to the teeth or roof of the mouth, or something, because he sat in the middle of the living room just licking, licking, licking. I couldn’t resist grabbing the camera and taking a little video of him. So funny to watch.

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    Glen in louisiana says

    Dogs have reflective material in their eyes, which is why younsee the red or green eyes when you shine any light their way.

    So glad Speck is back to normal. Doxie backs are notoriously bad!

    Stay warm, little guy!!!!

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    I have noticed that about Dachshunds, they sit up and beg…my 110 lb Lab, Thor, on the other hand just sits quietly by you and begs with his eyes, sometimes drool runs down both sides of his mouth and I bust out laughing. I am bad and give him table scraps all the time When I am eating finger food, like a sandwich or a bagel, he almost always gets the last bite of whatever I am eating. He will lay quietly acting like he isn’t paying attention but when I get down to the last bite or two, he sits up as if to say, “Don’t forget about me!” Like I ever would!

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    Darlene S says

    Speck is a real cutie. I glad he is back to his normal self. I know at our house when our pets beg for anything, my DH usually gives it to them — even if it’s something they should not have. I’m glad Speck’s back has healed so well. That takes a lot of muscle strength for a doxie to sit up like that. What a good mom and dad you are. What would we do without our pets. They are a lot of work, but well worth it. In our case, they are the children we never had.