A Yarn Snob No More!

Before the real post — for those who asked, I got the blocking wires at Knit Picks.

I’ve started this post and decided not to post it and then started it and decided not to post it several times.  I’m not putting down any brand or any yarn store.  I’m not telling anyone what to do . . just stating something I’ve learned recently.

In about 2006, when I first began knitting again after having not knitted in 20+ years, I found some very nice yarn shops online and I ordered plenty of yarn.  Plenty!  I knew that paying $20 – $30 a skein for sock yarn for one pair of socks was a lot of money but I figured it took me long enough to knit a pair of socks that I didn’t worry so much about it.  And, sock yarn is kinda like quilting fabric . . I look at it as money in the bank because prices are probably only going to go up.

At some point, I noticed that Mary was getting yarn from Knit Picks and then after finding them on Ravelry, I checked out their sock yarn and realized that for $10 or less, I could make a pair of socks.  I ordered some of their yarn but haven’t used it yet.

There are several sweaters that I want to knit and sweaters get real expensive.  The yarn I ordered for my first sweater was $18/skein and I needed 7 skeins.  That’s $126 and way more money than I am comfortable spending for one garment.  I decided I should buy something a little less expensive to use for my very first sweater project so I ordered Merino Style yarn from Knit Picks.  It was $2.99 per skein and due to having less yardage, I needed 11 skeins so the total was $32.89.  That price is much more to my liking.

I had not started knitting using the Knit Picks yarn until I started on the 2nd Hollygrove scarf last night.

It’s knitting up beautifully and I’m actually enjoying knitting with it more than I did with the more expensive yarn that I used in the first scarf.  Just for comparison, the yarn for the first scarf was $18.50 an I needed 3 skeins – $55.50.  The yarn from Knit Picks was $1.99 and I needed 6 skeins — less than $12.

If the price isn’t enough, when I ordered some needles from Knit Picks, one set had a rough edge.  I called them and  .  . no questions asked . . they sent me a new pair.

This is Madelinetosh Merino DK and the color is Tart and it’s expensive and it’s from a yarn shop.  Isn’t it gorgeous?  Yes, I’ll buy some more expensive yarns occasionally because sometimes, they just take my breath away!  But, for the most part, I won’t pay that much for most of what I make and I’m so glad I found Knit Picks.  If you’ve been wanting to knit but not wanting to pay the price of some of the yarns, check out Knit Picks!


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    Oh I love Knit Picks… everyone should check out their books as they often run a 40% off sale and I purchased the yarn swift and ball winder last year when they were on sale. Love their sales!

    Hmmm, I think I still have stuff in my shopping cart there I need to finalize… better check back there today and finalize that.

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    SarahB says

    I’ll have to check them out, even though I don’t knit! My sisters all knit and they have been s.l.o.w.l.y. teaching me… I want to knit socks since I just love seeing yours, Judy! But I am so slow, it takes me a week to knit a dishcloth… it’s just beyond my imagination being able to knit “for real” yet… someday, though, someday!

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    Karen says

    Thanks Judy – a for real thanks! I bought a yarn winder from a local yarn shop – spent $60. saw one on Knit Picks for $20.

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    JoAnna says

    I use knit picks all the time and I love their yarn and needles. Their motto is “making knitting affordable again” and boy they are not kidding!

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    Chris says

    Judy, I use Connecting Threads.com also. They are affiliated with Knitpicks.com. They have lovely threads for a reasonable price and the fabrics are really nice also. They have sales on the battings and books all the time. Having nice supplies doesn’t always have to be expensive.

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    dot says

    I purchase from Knit Picks often. They have good yarn for a good price. When I give most of my things away that I knit or quilt I have to find the most inexpensive way to afford my hobby and Knit Picks fits the bill, another site I like to use is Little Knits.

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    Gwen says

    Looks like a great source. They are part of Ameicana Crafts Group I see. Connecting Threads is also part ot that group and a good source of quilting basics. They are developing more fabric and thread and what I have used is really nice. Fabric is made in US of US grown cotton, printed oversears. Good prices in both quilting and knitting.

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    My associations with Knit Picks has been since I started these socks. When I ordered circular needles from them one was broken – called them and like you said, no questions asked and they sent a new pair. That is customer service at it’s finest. I love the yarn that I got from them also and they are my “go-to” store now. Thanks, Judy, for acknowledging their fine service. They also have some wonderful tutorials and patterns online. Judy C

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    I’ll have to try their yarn. At this point, I have quite a stash, but like you say, it’s money in the bank. Wonder if hubby will be able to make that paradigm shift – $$ in the bank to yarn on the shelf. I believe in miracles.

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    Karen says

    I’m also a bif fan of Knit Picks. I love their Swish super wash merino and their Harmony wool needles.

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    I’ve bought from Knit Picks several times and I have no complaints. Nice selection and good quality and great service.

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    I have loved Knit Picks since I started knitting. I haven’t ordered for a while. I was trying to use up what I already have so now I have a shopping cart full of fabulous sock yarn……I haven’t clicked check out yet…..I hope I stay strong! But gosh, yarn + free shipping…….Oh how you torture me! 🙂 🙂

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    Marla says

    Oh my goodness! The yard sister of Connecting Threads! Love it! Did not ever see this before. If my purse wasn’t in trouble before, look out! Thanks for sharing Judy.

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    Denise says

    What are you going to make with the Tart DK? I’m so loving my scarf made from the Tart (fingering) – the richness of the color is phenomenal. Did you have to mention Knit Picks on a day when I have discovered that my federal tax refund has been deposited in my account?? Bad Judy, bad bad bad. 🙂 I have a hoodie jacket pattern I’ve been so wanting to make -gorgeous interwoven cable up the front and around the hood – but have been putting it off due to cost of all the yarn needed. Have a feeling I’ll be doing a little on line shopping.

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    The nearest yarn shop to my home in Ohio is 30 miles away. I’d rather click than drive, so I use internet shops. I’ve used Knit Picks also and found their customer service to be just as you described. You can hardly beat their sales. I also have used elann.com and Webs (yarn.com), and have had good service from both. It’s unfortunate, but my only local outlet for yarn is Joanne’s. I love their Patons Kroy and use it regularly, but haven’t had great experiences with their other yarns, although I’m keeping an open mind. I find it hard to justify paying $24-$30 for a pair of socks, even if it’s a gift.

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    I also buy from Knit Picks but try to support my local yarn shops. My daughter and I both believe in supporting small businesses. My husband would probably tell you that I support all of the yarn and quilt shops in the greater Indianapolis area!

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    eve in ga says

    Thank you so much for the link to Knit Picks!!! The prices for their yarns are great, the selection is great, I’m in love with the bright, colorful Fair Isle-style sweater they’re showing, I want to try their Harmony DPNs and cable needles, too. I love my Brittany birch DPNs, and the Harmony DPNs are birch, too, so should be great.

    Ohhhhh, I’m gonna get in sooooo much trouble!! LOL!! Eve

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    Mary Johnson says

    I can’t remember who suggested I buy my circular needles from KnitPicks when I started knitting socks but I’ve been happy with their needles and yarn.

  19. 24


    Okay, on your suggestion I went to KnitPicks since I needed some new DPNs. (The kitties very nicely nibbled on mine and didn’t tell me!) I love the prices and ordered a set of needles. Only problem was, 2 more skeins of sock yarn jumped into my cart!!! Because I NEED more sock yarn! Thanks for the suggestion…can’t wait to get my needles. I actually cast on a pair of socks for the DH!

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    Totally agree. Don’t forget they often have 40% off their books and you get free shipping with a $50 order!

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    Knit picks does have good yarn but beware of some other low cost brands. I made a sweater for my daughter that was all cables. It look great till the first wash. They the yarn just looked like it had died……….Lost its luster and was limp. Never again……….Now I try some small thing with a new yarn and wash the item several times before I make something like that sweater………

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    Deb Smith says

    wondering Judy if you could tell me a good pattern to start with for socks, and how much yarn does one buy for a pair of socks. Thanks for any info.