What Else Do I Need to Know?

This kinda reminds me of an incident when Chad was in 2nd or 3rd grade.  A child had gotten in trouble at school for saying a bad word.  We were real careful back then not to say bad words and Chad was talking to me about the boy getting in trouble.  He said “Mom, will you tell me every bad word you know so I don’t accidentally say a bad word at school?”  I thought . . oh yes!   A good mom would teach her 7 year old all the bad words she knew!  I did not do it but explained that if it was a word he wasn’t sure was a good word, he should ask us before saying it.

After some of you telling me that you knew about Vietnamese Cinnamon and most of you knowing about Knit Picks already, what else do I need to know?

Tell me all your secrets.  Just anything — no matter how trivial — something you picked up from your grandmother or some ingredient that’s better than the rest. Other blog readers will appreciate it too.  I always say that there’s so much that I don’t know that I don’t know!  I never knew there was a fantastic cinnamon out there and I was using something that didn’t compare.

Thanks for sharing!  🙂


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      ida says

      I agree w/ the Mexican Vanilla. If you can get it in TX, it’s often cheap in a HUGE bottle … and certainly better than any ‘extract’ that you might get in the store. (And cheaper!)

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    My Dad always said to Listen to your engine. That advise has served me well over the years, on everything from cars to sewing machines to blenders to vaccuums.

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      Suzanne Smith says

      I was about 15 when we got our first new to us riding mower- my grandmother told me to always clean the deck out after each use and before using check the oil and if it doesn’t start change the spark plug-the mower was original in 1977 and it finally was replaced in 2008. My grandma was very wise…Imiss her and her wisdom.

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    Well I did not know about the cinnamon, and I also did not know about Knit Picks. I am a new knitter and have a LOT to learn. So the only thing that I know is if you cut up something with a strong odor and it’s on your hands, like onions or garlic, rub them on the edge of your stainless steel sink and the strong odor is gone :-S Yeah, I know, rocket science………

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      ida says

      I can’t handle onions and peppers. My skin seems to soak up the odors and they stay for days!

      I have a food chopper that I use for preparing these items.

      They also sell a little stainless steel ‘block’ (about the size of a credit card), if you don’t have a stainless steel sink. Friends got me one because of my onion issue.

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      ida says

      One household tip for removing odors from fish, onions, or garlic from your hands is to rub your hands across the blade of a stainless steel knife. In fact, you can even buy stainless steel ‘soaps’, which are just hunks of stainless steel that are about the same shape and size as a bar of normal soap. Does stainless steel remove odors? If so, how does it work?

      There isn’t a lot of hard scientific data (that I have seen anyway) concerning stainless steel odor eaters. However, you can test this kitchen wisdom yourself, using your nose to take data. Better yet, get someone else to smell your fingers, since your own sniffer will have odor molecules inside it already from exposure to the food.

      My experience has been that the knife trick works, but only up to a point. If you have been working with onions, garlic, or fish long enough for their ‘perfume’ to be absorbed into your skin, the best you can do is to diminish the scent with the steel. Other types of odors are not affected by contact with the metal.

      How It Works

      This is speculation on my part. It makes sense to me that the sulfur from the onion/garlic/fish would be attracted to and bind with one or more of the metals in stainless steel. Formation of such compounds is what makes stainless steel stainless, after all. Onions and garlic contain amino acid sulfoxides, which form sulfenic acids, which then form a volatile gas (propanethiol S-oxide), which forms sulfuric acid upon exposure to water. These compounds are responsible for burning your eyes while cutting onions and also for their characteristic scent. If the sulfur compounds bind to the steel, then the odor is removed from your fingers.

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    Rita says

    I didn’t know about Vietnamese cinnamon or Knit Picks…so keep the info coming..I truly appreciate it.

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    Michele says

    You might visit elann.com
    they have wonderful prices on brand-name yarn and also have their own line of yarns.

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    ida says

    How about ….. if you prick your finger while sewing and get blood on your quilt, use your own spit to get the blood out. (Gross, I know, but it works better than any commercial remedies).

    That’s also the same w/ staunching blood flow. Good old spit and toilet paper work better than any of those styptic sticks. 🙂

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    Ray says

    A few people mentioned Connecting Threads in the comments to the last post. They have just as good customer service as Knit Picks, and I’ve been very happy with everything I’ve bought from them including their fabric. Watch out for your stash with Knit Picks – their yarn is so nice and so reasonably priced – that your yarn stash can grow by leaps and bounds – Quickly. Ask me how I know. 🙂 Sometimes you can get good yarn at crazy low prices at Smiley’s Yarns – just be picky. Off the subject – I just got a new-to-me baby, a gorgeous Featherweight. I’ll be taking her for a test drive this weekend. WooHoo!!

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    Sally H says

    You need to know that you can use other filling ingredients and make a wide range of sweet rolls. My favorite right now is the apple pie filling I put up. Now, you need to know that when I make apple pie I grate the apples instead of just cutting them up, and I try to use a variety of apples for a more complex taste. I use the spices and amounts called for in the Better Homes and Gardens cookbook. A basic recipe like these sweet rolls is a GREAT place to experiment! How about a peach version with peach jam (or strawberry, or whatever?) Or sticky buns using pecans and a brown sugar glaze.

    My food thing-you-don’t-know is chicken stock made from spent laying hens. I know you don’t eat your chickens, but maybe you can get one from your Amish neighbors (others should ask the farmer who sells eggs at your local farmers’ market.) Put the whole dressed hen (cutting it up is optional) plus the neck and maybe the cleaned gizzard in a pot with a couple of roughly chopped carrots and celery stalks, a quartered onion, a few pepper corns, and enough water to cover. Bring to a simmer (little bubbles, NOT big ones) and hold there for one to three hours. Leave on the stove to cool. Strain and use right away, can, or freeze the stock. You won’t believe how rich a color and taste!

    Here’s my quilting-thing-you-might-not-have-thought-of: Quilt fabric from thrift store (men’s dress) shirts. I got the idea from one of Kaffe Fassett’s books when he wrote, “go down to your local garment district ….” to buy yards of shirting. Well, I live in middle-of-nowhere-VA — there is not a “garment district” within a day’s drive. Where else to get shirting?? From shirts! After investigating several thrift stores, I found men’s shirts for as little as $3. Really, there is more fabric there than you might think, especially if they are the larger sizes, and especially if they have long sleeves. Yes, you have to do some taking apart, but the thrift store sells them washed, starched, and pressed (no shrinking or fading and already prepared for cutting.) The buttons are an extra bonus. At first I just bought shirts for the quilt from Fassett’s book, but I’ve branched out and am now cutting shirts to make a red/white/blue version of the quilt you just finished as your #6 UFO.

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    You know a lot! I’m going to try the Creampoured over the Cinnamon rolls, they sound so yummy! I only have one comment about your cinnamon rolls, have you ever tried using a string to ‘cut’ them? That is how my mom and grandma did it. Another addage you could have used with Chad “What you don’t know, won’t hurt you”.

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    This may seem odd, but I learned that when you eat something hot, so hot that you burn your tongue, just put some sugar on your tongue and it takes away the burn….silly? But it works!

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    Gale says

    Here’s an invaluable tip if you are one who burns yourself cooking or ironing. Buy a bottle of very good lavender essential oil. Get the most expensive, purest one you can find at a health food store or from a Young Living Representative. Keep it by the stove or the iron. When you burn yourself immediately apply the lavender oil to the burn. It will stop the burn in a few seconds and it will heal it leaving no blister and no scar. You’ll never now you burned it in a few hours.

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    I knew about the stainless steel-odor thing. I told my daughter in law when she worked at Subway. Her hands always picked up the ‘hoagie’ smell, even with the plastic gloves. I also told my husband that after he cleaned fish and couldn’t get rid of the smell. I use a stainless steel spoon, it’s easier to work through your hands.
    This may be common knowledge but if you want hardboiled eggs, do NOT use fresh eggs or you will never get them peeled without taking the egg with the shell. Use eggs at least a week, preferable two weeks old.

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      Mel Meister says

      Yep, I’ve tested the “old egg” theory. Older eggs definitely peel more easily.

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    Natalie L says

    I think I was the last person to learn this – but if you put a slice of bread in with your brown sugar it keeps it soft. seriously, how come no one told me sooner???

    also, hydrogen peroxide (like from your first aid kit) gets blood stains out like magic. this is a secret from suegeon’s wives… shhhh!

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      I’ve tried various brown sugar tricks, but actually, not letting it dry out is the least trouble. Many jars and plastic bins seal just well enough to keep out mice and insects, but not quite airtight. Now that I keep my brown sugar in one of the glass clamp-top jars with a rubber gasket, it never dries out.

      • Doe in Mi says

        Evidently my rubber gasket is worn out cuz my brown sugar gets real dry. My fix for that is a big slice of apple over nite. Works great.

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    Sandra Neel Hutchins says

    You can make your own vanilla with vanilla beans and vodka. It has to age for six months or so. Instructions can be googled of course. In my mom’s time they had a difficult time keeping the hard drinkers away from the vanilla!

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    Marky says

    The reason spit works to remove blood stains on quilts is because spit and blood are both saline solutions. If you’re averse to spitting on your quilt, just take the salt shaker and sprinkle salt on the area and run some water through it. It will dissolve the blood. Or if you wear contacts, just get out your saline bottle and squirt on the stain.

    Also replying to #14 re: lavendar essential oil for burns: Vitamin E works the same way…takes the pain away quickly, no scars or blisters, quick healing. Our vitamins and supplements are kept in the kitchen so the Vitamin E capsules are always close at hand in case of a burn. It really does work miracles.

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    To save money we have been using regular yogurt and converting it into Greek yogurt by letting it drain through a sieve for a couple hours before eating. You just place a coffee filter in the sieve and then add the yogurt. Makes it thick like Greek yogurt. Regular yogurt does not have as much protine as Greek yogurt, however, where the plain Athenos Greek yogurt has approximately 22 mg of protien per cup and most other Greek yogurts only have 14 mg of protine. Just thought you would want to know.

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    The best way to get out stains is liquid dishwashing detergent. Seriously. I’ve gotten ground-in dark chocolate out of a white knit shirt two days later AND dried blood out of a turquoise knit shirt a week later AND parking lot grime after my husband dropped his new WHITE dress shirt into a puddle in a parking lot. Run the coldest water you have over the stain and work the detergent into both sides, rinse, then wash in the washer as soon as you’re done. Seriously – it’s AMAZING.

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      I use liquid dishwashing detergent on stains, too, but actually, I think almost anything you pre-treat a stain with that’s a bit like soap, and goes on moist works pretty well. It’s far more about keeping the stain from setting, and giving the soap some extra time to work, than about the actual substance.

      For most kid stains (including blood and diaper blowouts) I rinse it down, apply a squirt of detergent, and roll it up so the detergent and stain is on the inside. It’ll stay wet in the laundry hamper that way for up to a few days without getting any nastier. If it comes out of the washer still stained, I use one of the Shout branded products (I like the one with the little brush in the lid) and throw it back through without letting it dry.

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    Okay, I guess most people don’t know this because when I bring it up they are surprised. Did you know at the ends of boxes on aluminum foil, plastic wrap, and waxed paper there are tabs you can push in? Push them in and they will secure the roll in place so it won’t fall out when you unwrap them.

    That’s all I got right now!

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    Nancy says

    Judy, you got me (re)hooked on sock knitting (toe up, 2 at a time, 2 circs), so I’ll try to return the favor ;-D. You,ve been talking about a loom, but what about spinning your own yarn? I teaching myself drop spinning now.

  19. 23


    Okay, I was astounded when I found that ammonia cuts the pain of mosquito bites AND fire ant bites. No immediate relief but the next day there is NO itching and the fire bite does not come to a head and hurt.

      • Tracy says

        Reminds me of the movie “My big Fat Greek Wedding”
        Windex cures everything, well maybe not, but it does work on bug bites.

  20. 24


    Get ball point pen ink on something? Spray with hair spray, take a clean cloth or towel and blot/rub gently. Your ink will come out.

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    Belinda says

    Oh my, the foil box tip is a great one!!! I always have trouble with my foil or plastic jumping out of the box.

    My tip: When you grab a wet wipe at the grocery store entry to wipe the handle of your cart, give the bottom of your purse a quick swipe too. You never know just what it has picked up sitting on the floor in a restaurant or bathroom!

    Any Judy, I have been trying to find cinnamon like they use to make Cinnabon Cinnamon Rolls but didn’t know even what to ask. Thank you!

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      Mel Meister says

      Belinda, Cinnabon sells the cinnamon they use at their stores. At least they do at the shop in the mall near me. I believe it is Vietnamese cinnamon.

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    Karen says

    I don’t know where I picked this up but I try to follow the credo of ‘when in doubt don’t’. It’s kept me out of a lot of trouble over the years and probably has kept my yarn & fabric stash somewhat under control!

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    You didn’t know about Knitpicks?! I *so* would’ve told you about them if I’d known you didn’t know. A whole huge chunk of my yarn stash is from them. And they’ve got GREAT customer service. A couple of years back, my mom ordered me the big set of Harmony sock nedles and some sock yarn for Christmas. It fell into a black hole at the local post office (not Knitpicks’s fault in any way shape or form) and they sent a replacement shipment that made it in time for Christmas. The first box showed up a week later and when Mom called to see how they wanted her to send it back, they told her to just pass it on to another knitter who’d appreciate it.

    Have you tried their Harmony sock needles? I absolutely love them.

    And have you tried Elann.com? They sell discounted yarns and their own house yarns. I think they must bend space and time to get it shipped and to its destination so fast.

    I’ve also heard great things about Littleknits.com, but not until I already had more sock yarn than I’ll use in a decade. They’ve got discounted lace and sock yarn that make me drool.

    If you’re ever in Nebraska, the Brown Sheep factory offers tours and has an outlet store where they sell factory seconds by the pound. THAT’S like being a kid in a candy store! (Cabela’s world headquarters is nearby, but it’s not as impressive as some of the other stores.)

    Isn’t it weird the things that we could find out if we just knew to ask? My best friend was gushing that she had finally found someone to teach her to make tamales. Um…my husband makes them a couple of times a year…I haven’t done a batch myself, but I could do it if I wanted to.

    I called another good friend because we thought she might have a bread recipie. Turns out SHE used to run her own bakery!

  24. 28


    Oh, and if you press a penny against a wasp sting it eases the pain. Not sure if it’s the penny, or the pressure, or just the placebo effect, but it works!

  25. 29

    Chris says

    I take the little capsules out of the vitamin bottle and place them in a container with all my needles. Machine and hand needles will rust. This keeps the moisture from settling on the plastic containers they come in and it is something you are not placing in the landfil. It is filled with silica sand and it attracts the moisture. Never a rusty needle that way.

  26. 30


    Aah, that’s the dilemma, isn’t it. We seldom know what we don’t know until we find out we needed to know it but we didn’t know it.
    I was delighted to learn I could substitute apple sauce or pear sauce for the fat in muffins and cakes–if chocolate, pumpkin can be substituted.
    I also substitue agave syrup for the sugar in many muffin, scone, and bread recipes–agave syrup is metabolized much more slowly. I’ve also noticed that if we fail to eat a baked good that contains agave, it has a longer shelf life–I’m guessing that because it is metabolized more slowly, mold takes much longer to begin to grow on it too.

  27. 31

    Deb says

    What a good idea Judy!! I’m loving the information on this post. I dont have much but your Cinnamon roll post got me thinking. I made up my receipe and added honey to the top before baking. YUM!

    Today, I have another batch rising that I added honey to the dough, then cinn/sugar AND honey to the top – I’m going for, wait for it…. HONEY BUNS. 😉

  28. 32

    Becky says

    Mr. Clean Magic Eraser will clean my textured shower tile when nothing else works. Also, club soda will get many stains out of white clothing and not create a stain itself.

  29. 33

    Jan O in St Louis says

    So many good ideas and things I never knew!
    Some of my faves:
    “Budapest’s Best” Hungarian paprika.
    Onion rings with mustard instead of ketchup.
    A “Big Green Egg” smoker/grill.
    Judy, thanks for all you and your readers teach us thru your blog!

    • 33.1

      Rebecca says

      I want to try the onion rings with mustard.
      From my big sister: fries with tartar sauce.

  30. 34

    Toni in TN says

    Now that my kids are all gone from home I find out how to remove the stinger from a bee or wasp. Notice what direction the stinger has gone in, place a piece of plain old scotch tape over the stinger and gently pull the tape off in the opposite direction. So simple and no tears from the grandkiddles.

  31. 35

    Gwynette in NW Arkansas says

    Judy, you are so tongue in cheek… I love it!!!

    By the way, all Mexican vanilla is NOT good. It’s been found brewing in lead containers, so buyer beware!!

    AND I’ve been using Saigon Cinnamon for years… It has quite a kick. I never thought you didn’t know or I would have told you!!!

    That is why we ‘share’ info…. just in case someone doesn’t know…

  32. 36

    Kathy C says

    I use Ceylon cinnamon from Pezneys.
    Also if you have soup or sauce that is too salty ada apiece of raw potato and it will soak up much of the salt.

  33. 37

    Toni Selman says

    I don’t have any good tips to think of, but I have two websites you need to know about:
    – Balwin & Sons for vanilla…they age their vanilla in oak barrels..their product is the best…www.baldwinextracts.com
    – Penzey’s Spices…absolute best variety and freshest…plus their catalog has great recipes…www.penzeys.com

  34. 38


    This is great, there is a lot of information that I never really heard or thought of. The cinnamon rolls looks great, I will have to get some cream and try it. And I never new there was Vietnamese or Siagon cinnamon.
    To soften hard cookies you can put in a slice of bread in an airtight container. Also Vitamin E oil will help decrease scars.

  35. 39


    Many of you may already know this tip but I had to discover it for myself…

    At the first sign of a runny nose, I rub a little Vaseline on the outside edges of my children’s nose. It really helps to keep the skin from getting so red, irritated and sore. Vaseline also works great to moisturize dry lips.

    Thanks Judy for another great blog post. It has been fun reading the tips from your other readers. Keep up the great work, your blog is my all-time favorite!

  36. 40

    Demi says

    I’ve had trouble connecting with you so will try again here. I had a question on the hand cream from last March. The picture showed one 4 oz. jar but directions say 8 oz. of vitamin E cream. Which is correct? I have everything ready to mix. Thank you. I think we’re all ready for a dose of spring!

  37. 41

    Diane Hines says

    I only buy “La Vencedora” Mexican vanilla. A tour guide told us that was a pure brand and do not buy Dancy or the white vanilla. The one I buy is about $6 a liter. Here in the Rio Grande Valley we go to the used clothing stores where they dump used clothes by the crate and use a fork lift to move them. Stuff is sold by the pound. A friend of mine got 2 wedding dresses to take off the lace to reuse. If you come to “the Valley” I’ll take you to shop at the Ropa usadas.

  38. 42

    Cari J. in YC, Cal says

    This past Fall the flies were thick. We saw a tip on a travel show on PBS. It was how to keep flies out of your house. Worked for us, we tried hanging a large clear plastic bag of water on a hook in front of the back door. Amazing! I was so thankful it worked.

  39. 43


    Instead of substituting applesauce for oil in baking, try the Sunsweet product “Lighter Bake”. It’s made from prunes, has a lot of fiber in it. You use half the amount the recipe calls for. It will be on the top shelf in the canned fruit section of the grocery store.

  40. 44

    Dianah says

    I learned this summer that a Bumble Bee, they big fat furry ones, can sting many times. Their stinger doesn’t come out after the first sting. I learned this the hard way when one got stuck in my 4 year old’s shirt. It got her 4 times on her back and 3 on her stomach.

  41. 45

    eve in ga says

    Great post and replies!!! Thank you, Judy, and all repliers!

    I learned from my mother many years ago that sugar will take the heat from a burn. Run cool water over the burn and pour sugar on it to make a paste. If the sugar stays too dry, just get your fingers wet and let the water sprinkle over the sugar until the paste is formed. If it’s a particularly bad burn, you may need to repeat this a couple of times more. But it works! And no blistering or scarring!!

    My thanks to the lady who mentioned using sugar for burns in the mouth—even knowing the above, I just plain never thought about it!! LOL!!

    Oh, and to remove onion/garlic/fish smells from your hands, simply rub your hands over your stainless steel faucet spout prior to washing your hands–it’s easy to wash the spout at the same time you’re washing your hands. Eve in GA

  42. 46

    Liz says

    Lots of good ideas – here are a few of mine..

    bay leaves – put the leaves in the pantry to repel moths and other bugs. I try to get a large bag of bay leaves during herb festivals.

    I use the liquid bandage stuff on bites. I think this works for me since the bite is not exposed to air so the desire to scratch stops for me. Also, if you go back out to garden, the wound is protected. Also used to protect scabs when I go swimming.

    When I garden, I get dirty so I have started using the soaking cycle on my washing machine. Sometimes I’ll put the clothes in the evening, add some soap and let the clothes soak overnight. Easier than using the prewash stuff and having to repeat washings to get it clean.

    • 46.1

      Donna says

      Liquid bandage works well for hangnails. I’ll cut the hangnail off and then apply the Liquid bandage and this protects the spot until it heals.

  43. 47

    Terry says

    Hi Judy, to make sure fresh or week old eggs peel easy after boiling here is what you do. Prick the larger end (the end that has the air pocket) of the egg with a pin, but only go into the egg about 1/4 inch. You don’t want to puncture through the air pocket into the egg white or yolk. Then place in water and boil 14 minutes. Remove and place in cold water immediately. Let soak a few minutes then crack and peel. Peel slides off easy every time. Love it! Ohh, and I add a squirt of vinegar to my boiling eggs just incase I did puncture the air pocket and a little egg leaks out. It will congeal and stop leaking with the vinegar in the water. Terry

  44. 48

    Sandy says

    I too love the Mexican vanilla. It is so cheap……$3.95 for a 32 ounce bottle of PURE vanilla. The smell of it is heavenly! Since we spend the winter in Texas, I stock up for my friends too. Judy, do you need some Mexican vanilla?

  45. 49

    Karen says

    Don Aslett Cleaning Center has some great cleaning products and ideas on keeping your home cleaner.


    My favorite products:
    Don Aslett Pro Damp Scrubbing Mop Complete
    Microfiber dusting cloths
    AstroTurf outside door mats-traps dirt, sand, salt
    Olefin inside mats for entryways-soaks up moisture

    I also love Penzeys Vietnamese cinnamon.

    Great idea asking for people to post handy hints and things they love.

  46. 50

    Perry says

    Love the tips in these comments. I use double strength Penzey’s vanilla…It is made from Madagascar bourban vanilla beans. I use it full strenght and since it is double, it is doubly good. I don’t trust Mexican vanilla because of the possible lead contamination. I love all of Penzey’s spices, they are fresh and actually cheaper than those in the store. Try their sage for stuffing or dressing. You will never go back to “store bought”.

  47. 51

    Sally H says

    Vinegar is great for 1) neutralizing strong smells (cat urine, etc.) and 2) acting as a fabric softener (really what it does is help soap wash out more completely, which makes clothes softer.)

    I agree with the dishwashing-liquid-as-laundry-pretreat. I got car oil out of my husband’s dress shirt that way.

    • 51.1

      Rebecca says

      Vinegar also dissolves hard water. We had a shower head that was barely working until we soaked it overnight in vinegar (distilled white). Not only was it shiny bright, the water flowed through it better! The vinegar can also be used on shower and tub surfaces to avoid or remove hard water stains.

  48. 52


    I bought a new microwave. One of those stainless steel ones that are SO popular right now. After about a month, I realized it had rust spots on the front of it. My friend said, “clean it with ketchup.” No more rust spots! 😀

  49. 54

    Mel Meister says

    For arthritis: Rub the area with peanut oil regularly. You can also use castor oil. Works really well. Get your loved one to give you a back and neck massage with peanut or castor oil and get the kinks out. When my hands “act up”, I start the oil rubs and the pain is greatly reduced.

    Castor oil is good for burns, scratches, sore spots, etc. I’ve gotten rid of warts and other callouses with it as well.

    Listerine for “feminie itch”. It will burn like the dickens for a few minutes, but it will heal the itch. Kills bacteria! After I found this out, I never went to the doctor again for a yeast infection. Listerine fixed it every time.

    Pure peppermint essential oil will stop a migraine in its tracks. I used to wear an amphora of oil around my neck and pass it out at work to anyone with a headache. I was very popular! Lavender works better for some people and others need a blend of the peppermint and lavender. Experiment!

    Toothpaste will take out small scratches in CDs. Yes, it works.

  50. 55

    Sandy2 says

    Yellow stains on napkins or vintage tablecloths can be removed if you soak the article in Biz overnight and then wash normally. Just follow the soaking directions on the box.

  51. 56


    For that instant headache when eating ice cream…press your tongue to the roof of your mouth…instant headache gone..

    That’s it for me…

  52. 57

    Cindy B says

    When I was a kid all the fridges had the ice trays you had to fill with water. Spilling was always a problem going from sink to fridge. My grandmother told me to hum while carrying any liquid in an open container and I would never spill it. She never spilled a drop. It works. I’ve taught my kids this when they were just learning to drink from a glass. We all hum when we don’t want to spill.

  53. 58

    Cindy B says

    The best thing for an insect sting is wet tobacco. Growing up in the woods of AR, me and my siblings learned every healing remedy available. I remember my cousin getting stung by a yellowjackets and when the Dr was reached by phone, he said put wet tobacco on it and keep her still. When the swelling goes down she will be good to go. With earaches, open a peach pit (we were never allowed to throw away a peach pit) grind up the kernel with a little warm water or sweet oil and put a few drops in the ear. It will stop the pain. It soothed many a baby with an ear infection at 2 am. I still save peach pits to this day. Never use them but I have them.