Design Wall Monday – February 7, 2011

From looking at my design wall, you might think this is part of my Monochromatic Challenge piece for this month but it is not. Probably should have been because I may run out of month before I get everything done!  This is going to be a fun quilt and we may do it here as a Quilt for an Hour project or a weekend frenzy type project.  There’s more to it than what you see!  🙂

What’s on  your design wall?


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    UGH! I always forget to link back to your blog and I was feeling guilty about it…I guess I was being punished this morning as I wrote the wrong name in the Mr. Linky box!! LOL!! If you are able to delete Moyah, I added it again as Morah. If not, well anyone that clicks on them both…surprise!!!! That’ll teach me not to link back !!!

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    Ooo, looks interesting! I had to write my DWM post last night, sewed all the way through the game & slept in this morning 😉

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    your design wall has pretty colors…even if it isn’t the monochromatic challenge, it inspires me to have a go at the monochromatic challenge!

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    Susan Torrens says

    Winters are hard for me as my stash is so far away, and there are lots of interesting patterns I want to try. Guess I’ll have to file these directions, when available, for future use!

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    Hi, Judy, this is the first time for me to be here on DWM…I found out about you from Judy over at Grammas Quilting Room. I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone is working on. Thanks for hosting this!

    I like what you are doing, I want to see more! Have a great week!

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    I’ve not started my monochromatic quilt yet either. But I’ve got the fabric out. That is step one! I’ll cut tonight…okay, maybe tomorrow!

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    It’s not too late to make it a monochromatic entry – I’d go for it, Judy. This month I am going to pass on the m challenge – I love violet, but I hardly have any in my stash!! How did that happen. I’m making notes in my stash journal to keep a look out for violet fabric once I am off this stash diet.

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    Judy Im sorry that when I originally posted on your design wall on monday,I made a mistake with my typing and it posting off to a bible website and not my own.
    I hope you don’t mind my posting again.