Home Cooking at School

On Sunday evenings Chad leaves to go back to school for the week.   He takes food back with him so he doesn’t have to eat in the cafeteria.  Yes, he’s a spoiled young man!  🙂

Here’s what he took back with him when he left yesterday:

A loaf of homemade bread.

Two containers of cinnamon rolls for a total of four of them . . which is more than I got out of the batch I made on Friday.

A few slices of pound cake.

Boneless Buffalo Wings.

Cake mix, eggs, and oil for making cupcakes in his Babycakes cupcake maker.

Not pictured but also going back with him were:  Buffalo chicken dip, a bag of chips, 1 pound of deli meat, 1 pound of cheese, a container of chicken piccata, a bag of pasta,  containers of pork roast with gravy, chicken curry, a couple of containers of rice, and I’m sure there was more but that’s all I can remember.

Definitely good eating for Chad!


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    Vicki S says

    Any way you look at it, it’s cheaper than any college meal plan you can purchase. And definitely tastier.

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      Since he lives on campus, he still has to buy a meal plan but he buys the least expensive one available. At the end of last semester, he had quite a bit of $$ left on his plan so I think he bought a bunch of candy barfs and power drinks and passed them out to his buddies. Great use of $$ spent on a meal plan! 🙁

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    you are so lucky that he is going to college close enough to come home for the weekends and then get food from home! My son is 7 hours away at college and he is NOT into cooking, so he eats at the cafeteria and a couple times a week eats at fast food 🙁 Makes me sad that he has to eat that stuff all the time! All he has in his dorm apartment to cook is a microwave and a fridge to share between 3 other guys. At least he has his own room, even if it’s as small as a jail cell. He is SO happy when he can come home and get homemade meals!

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    Linda in NE says

    There’s nothin’ like Mom’s home cooking. And you cook some pretty good sounding food. I thought about asking for a care package(especially the cinnamon rolls), but Chad already got it all. hehehe

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      Political Science major/English minor. Any ideas on where he’ll get a job with that combo? 🙁 He is planning to go to grad school but who knows where he’ll end up finding a job. He had planned to go to law school but has about decided he’d end up with student loans and not much chance of getting a job as there seems to be too many graduating from law school these days.

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    lee says

    Would you like to adopt me? I would love to have all that good home cooking . I would gladly go back to school but I would probably the oldest student in the school. I hope Chad appreciates all you do for him. My youngest son has been married for 10 years and loves nothing more than coming home to a meal Mom has cooked when he was younger.

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      He’s not real crazy about most veggies. He still has to buy a meal plan since he lives on campus so he’ll get spinach salad a couple of days a week. He won’t touch lettuce but loves spinach. When he was little, we made him eat veggies but that’s a battle I no longer fight with him. Some day he’ll either decide he likes them or they’re necessary for his health but at 23, that’s one of those things I’m not arguing with him about.

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    Liz says

    I haven’t seen any mention of Chad’s young lady friend. Did I miss something so that she is no longer to be mentioned?