Short Lived Bliss

Don’t get me wrong . . I love my husband dearly.  In his previous job, he was gone a lot.  Since moving here 4 years, 1 month and 6 days ago, he’s hardly been gone at all.

Today was to be one of those rare business trips.  I had big plans.  Notice I say “had” . . as in past tense!

Before leaving town, he came home to shovel one side of the driveway so I could get out.  In just the few minutes he was here, he had to scrape the ice off the windshield.  He left!  He was going to Nebraska.  I wondered if that was a good idea but he assured me that as soon as he got north of Kansas City, the roads were clear.

I made myself a meat and bean burrito for lunch and ate at 10:00 a.m.  I had plans for a sandwich for dinner.  I had cookies in the oven.  Tonight I would sew til very late and then I would sleep late in the morning since we’re not letting the chickens out of the coop these days.  If I’m lucky, or, if the mail man has no regard for his own safety and delivers the mail today, he might bring me a package and in that package will have some binders I can use to organize my knitting needles.  I could work on that without having to explain where those nice binders came from.   I had just put the last load of laundry on to wash.  I had turned on the heater in the basement.  I was ready for a few days of solitude.

The phone rang!  “I’m coming back.  The roads are too bad!”  He must have driven about 50 miles but said the roads were bad, traffic was moving at a snail’s pace and there was no way he would make it to his destination in time to conduct any business today.  I’m glad he’s playing it safe but I surely had big plans for the next few days.

It’s looking like it’s not going to be above 10º today, with wind chills being below zero all day and I wasn’t thrilled about going out with the dog and tending to the chickens by myself.  I don’t mind going out and doing it but with so much snow on the ground and ice under some parts of it, what if I fell and couldn’t get up and it’s going to be below zero tonight!  I always take my phone out with me but I’m happy he’s going to be home so he can either go out and take care of the chickens or at least be here and hopefully notice if I go out and don’t come in!

Only problem is . . I hadn’t planned dinner for tonight so I have nothing thawed but I’ll come up with something . . later.  I’m going to knit for now.


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    Helene says

    I’m sure that bliss is high over-rated, and having your husband home is so much better. Just keep telling yourself that. 🙂

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    I’m sure Vince will be happy with whatever you fix him for dinner. Soup and sandwich on a nasty cold day might be the perfect dinner. Stay warm, stay safe. And I’m glad he isn’t going on a trip when the weather is so bad.

    When Ernie first started going out on his walks after surgery, I made him take the walkie talkie with him, you know, just in case!

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    I’m so glad Vince opted for safety, but sorry he has to drive 100 miles to do that.
    For knitting needle organization, you might want to check out the following blog post:
    I need to try something different because I use circular knitting needles whenever I can.
    Weather news to make you feel better: yesterday evening I could barely find the roads or streets to get home, it was 13-degrees, and snow was rapidly coming down. This morning it was down to -19, but that’s 15 degrees warmer than last Thursday! I apologize that our storms didn’t wear themselves out long before reaching you!

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    justducky65 says

    Sounds like we could be sisters! LOL My husband has been working very long hours the past few weeks and fortunately for me, I have been having a lot of “free” time on my hands to sew and do whatever, and now that all my boys are hunting, that gives me about 3 weekends a year completely by myself, again to do whatever I want when I want. Sounds selfish, but really it’s not. They get me all the other days!

    I am glad he is safe too. Maybe you could convince him to sit in his favorite chair, cover him with one of your quilts so he warms up, and maybe he would fall asleep for a long afternoon nap and you would still get your alone time.

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    Linda in NE says

    Vince was no doubt wise to not continue on bad roads. People take way to many chances with bad weather. The weather here in NE Nebr. is fine though. Clear, sunny, clear roads. Just cold, but starting to warm up a little. Of course, I suppose he was going to Omaha or some such place and I have no idea if the storm I read about sweeping across Kansas & Oklahoma reached that far north. I’m just thankful for the sunshine here, we’ve had way to much gloominess this winter. Fix a quick pizza for dinner & call it good.

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    i understand your sadness. i, too, long for quiet days alone….they are few and far between. summers are better for that….there are fishing trips. LOL

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    pdudgeon says

    so glad Vince had the smarts to turn around and come back home! No business trip is so important as to risk his life in bad weather. YEA VINCE!!!

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    Yep, I went out to get in wood and thought I locked myself out of the house. I was almost frantic because I didn’t have my cell phone. Turns out the door handle was slipping and when I took off my gloves I could open it. Lesson learned–don’t go out without my cell phone.

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    Glad to know I’m not the only one who worries about getting stranded due to a fall or some sort of mishap.

    Wonderful that Vince is home – safe and sound – with his sweetie to cuddle.

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    jane says

    I always kinda look forward to those business trips, too…..just for the alone, no responsibility time, but it seems like I never enjoy them like I think I will and never do all the things I plan. Glad Vince made it home safe.

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    jane says

    I always kinda look forward to those business trips, too…..just for the alone, no responsibility time, but it seems like I never enjoy them like I think I will and never do all the things I plan. Glad Vince made it home safe.

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    Denise says

    Judy I just saw those circular needle cases last week at the local quilt shop (which also has lovely yarns). They look really great. I didn’t get one at the time because the nice shop lady told a second order of them was soon to come in with more colors. They had different size ones too – some for sock needles to if I remember right.

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    Gwen says

    One of the biggest adjustments we ever had to make was from Hubby being gone all week to being home full time. He was unemployed for a short time at first and that certainly didn’t help. Retirement has been interesting, but I must have mellowed some! LOL!

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    I’ve lived in Northern California all my life so I know nothing of this sort of weather/situation except for a time or two driving to Lake Tahoe and getting caught in some snow. Our problems are more like getting the ice cream home from the grocery store 5 miles away before it melts when it’s 110 degrees in June, July or August (or September!)

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    Eileen S says

    I agree with Mary L………Brace yourself for future retirement! I too, was used to DH being on the road at least 75% of the time. (no time for him to develop hobbies) 24/7 “togetherness” was quite an adjustment! It’s getting easier.
    Glad Vince got home OK! Maybe he’ll try the trip again soon!

  16. 22


    I cant believe he took that Highlander out! I thought he was NEVER going to drive it! He DOES know it is good for them to get used, like any machine…
    I am glad he is home o.k., and from the photo was surprised he even left at all.
    Life is different when they are around, that is for sure. Mine is mostly gone all the time, and I do love having him home, but I don’t get much sewing done when he is. I do get other things done, like laundry, and cleaning, because he is a workaholic, and I feel like I should be doing some of these things. When he is gone, I wallow in my un-motivational stage, and do “whatever”, whenever….
    We have to drive to Chicago (500 miles) on Sunday, and I hope the weather will be good to us, but if not, I hope we have no accidents. I am prepaired for just about every scenario, so I am good. A mini quilt retreat while he works, and LOTS of good FOOD.

  17. 23

    Suzette says

    After 30 years in the military, DH now has a 9-5, Monday-
    Friday gig. While I love the fact that he’s not gone months (or a year) at a time anymore, I sure would like a couple of days now and then. It’s a huge adjustment, but apparently only for me-DH never wants to leave home again.

  18. 24

    Carol says

    I understand where you are coming from. I am never alone. Mind you I am not complaining but a few hours here and there would be nice. A couple of weeks ago DH had to be gone for 3 night to attend a seminar. I thought, oh my I will get a lot accompished. No. Had a church meeting one night, took my mother out to dinner the next and my mother -in-law out the third night. I really thought I would quilt, read and knit every evening, didn’t happen. Oh well there’s always tomorrow.