A Note from Ruby

Ruby wanted to make sure you all knew about this new finding:

New USDA study shows eggs have 14% less cholesterol and more vitamin D.

This was all over the news yesterday and she just wanted to be sure you all got this message.

Seriously, I’m not a doctor or a nutrition expert, and I didn’t even stay at a Holiday Inn last night . . but my grandparents and great grandparents and all the old, long deceased aunts and uncles who lived into their 80’s and 90’s without all the benefit of the medical advances we have now . . every day of their lives, they all ate eggs and bacon and real butter and pork and meat with every meal, and they drank whole milk straight from the cow.  All the fresh veggies were seasoned with bacon grease.  My grandma always had a cake or a pie.  I think the key was that they stayed very active!  I’m pretty sure they also ate smaller portions than we do these days too.   I think just because food was kinda scarce for them, they didn’t pile the food high on their plates and they didn’t go back for seconds.  They worked in the fields, they never sat.  They got up early and went to bed early and slept like a rock because they were exhausted by bed time.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that so many of the things they tell us are not good for us turn out to be not so bad and vice versa.  Just remember . . eggs aren’t nearly as bad as we have been told previously.


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    I agree totally! Eggs have gotten a bad rap. I do worry about my weight (I’m from a family of bigggg eaters!) and nutrition. My morning breakfast always consist of an egg. And I keep boiled eggs for snacks. The protein keeps me full with a low calorie count.

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    I wish eggs didn’t upset my stomach otherwise I would eat them all the time! Another thing Judy, our ancestors didn’t have all the processed food either!

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    Hilary McDaniel says

    Another biggie is they didn’t snack. I think sodas,chips,and the like are one reason there’s so much obesity. I saw yesterday they are saying diet sodas are now very hard on our systems. I’m allergic to aspertane, so I stay away from diet anything. I just keep my portions smaller if it’s fatening. I do think that they stayed healthy because of all their hard work and activity. They didn’t stop until it was time for bed. I have chickens so we eat loads of wonderful tasting eggs. I had a bought egg the other day when I stopped for breakfast, ugh, no taste whatsoever. I won’t do that again

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    Liz says

    I’ve noticed that I am rapidly moving away from all processed foods and going back to the basics. I’ve also put the big dinner plates on the top shelf and use lunch plates for all of my meals. It’s hard to overload your plate with that!

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    I agree with Liz (#5 above). I use the lunch-sized plates with dinner, and I use the smaller size of fork (my set had 2 sizes – salad and dinner forks). Smaller plates mean that you can’t eat as much food, smaller forks mean you can’t eat as much per bite. It’s a small thing, but it makes a surprising difference!

    I’m also the type to cook old-fashioned – I cook with butter, not margarine, and I’m not afraid of it. I don’t change recipes, I just change the amount I eat of some recipes based on the ingredients. Butter tastes SO much better than margarine!

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    Linda in NE says

    “Just remember . . eggs aren’t nearly as bad as we have been told previously.”…..and neither is butter, coffee, chocolate and a host of other things. It’s eating too much of anything that’s bad. Also, in the “good old days” there was no way of testing cholesterol & things like that so who knows what the numbers were. My theory is that each person has a number that their body considers correct for them. Just because your personal number is a little over 200 doesn’t mean you will die tomorrow, just as having a really low number doesn’t mean you will live to be 100. I believe a lot of the hype is so drug companies can sell more drugs at outrageous prices.

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    I couldn’t agree with you more! I think farm fresh eggs are even better than the ones from the store! Wouldn’t you agree?

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    Diann Smith says

    I’ve missed Ruby. Good to see her. I agree about what our ancestors ate but I do believe they did much more physical work than generations now so it all worked out. But I believe in the goodness of the egg and eat at least three a week in some way or the other. Love the country ham too and eat it……….just because.

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    vlynn says

    I love eggs and usually eat them for supper at least once a week besides having them on weekend mornings.

    My grand dad ate six eggs every morning that my grandma fried in the fat left from frying the pile of bacon that he also ate every morning. When ever grandkids spent the night she would make us pancakes for which he also ate in addition to his normal breakfast. Butter and milk from the cow, water from the well. He lived until he was almost 100. I don’t think he ever drank a soft drink or ate chips in his life. He worked hard in the field every day, came in for dinner (lunch), ate 5 or six meat sandwiches, went back out to work until supper which is when my grandma really pulled out all the stops by making a huge meal. Several times a week he would eat an entire half gallon of ice cream by himself at one sitting. He never had an ounce of fat on him.

    I really believe that we don’t move enough to eat like he did. I also think our body chemistry might have been altered by all the unnatural stuff we have in our foods today. I’m trying to get more natural by growing and canning some of our food.

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    Evelyn says

    Moderation in everything – as my dear Nana used to say – I think that is the true secret. I eat very little processed foods. My 7 year old son now makes all his own breads and likes the old grains – like tinkle flour (have you tried that one yet?). I bet he wants a flour mill next. He won’t eat anything genetically modified and asks my DH to read all the labels just to be sure. And he has never had a soda. I was at a Cub Scouts thing the other day and they gave all the kids soda – which promptly made a room full of boys bounce off the walls. Canned soda. Did your Mom ever make you soda? I think it was carbonated water with root beer syrup from the health food store – that was our soda when I was little. We didn’t have it every day either. Oh – and I just made a dozen deviled eggs for potluck – I love eggs! Cheers! Evelyn

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    I love eggs, too….although I have never had a fresh-from-the-chicken egg. I hope next time I’m in Amish country that I’ll get to try one.

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    I just wanna know how you keep that chicken pen so CLEAN?!? Is it new? We have chickens and I LOVE getting fresh eggs and NOT worrying about from where they came.

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    Mary Jo says

    Maybe the “good old days” really were! Life did seem a lot simpler then without all the “bad for you” things being thrown at you from every direction!

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    Diane W says

    Ruby is Right!!! Years ago I had neighbors that I called “purists”…they had chickens running in their yard, baked fresh bread from scratch, ate mostly organic and did not eat sugar. They told me that chickens that are allowed to scratch and eat bugs produce eggs naturally low in cholesterol. It’s a different story for the store-bought eggs produced by chickens that spend their lives cooped up and never see daylight.

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    Connie says

    Dear Ruby, thanks for the lesson! It’s an important one. Unfortunately I recently had a bad allergic reaction and the dr. and I think I have developed an egg allergy. I’m wondering if you could lay some hypo-allergenic eggs for me? Thanks bunches! (Ok, I’m just trying to be funny, but I do think I’m now after many years of life allergic to eggs) stinks.

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    When my mom was diagnosed with High Cholesterol, her Dr. told her to eat real butter vs. margarine, and to include eggs in her diet. I sometimes think that what is causing so many people to have the high cholesterol and heart problems is not our natural foods, eggs, dairy, but more so our engineered foods with monosaturated fats….

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    I eat a LOT of eggs. I’m hypoglycemic, so I can’t eat a lot of carbohydrates, and eggs are just a perfect food. Very usable protein for the body. And, even though I probably eat a dozen or more a week, my cholesterol is just great. I’m going to build a chicken coop and get a couple chickens when I retire! I’ll need to fence them in though, because I’m sure Ozzie would love to have them for breakfast!

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    Every generation of “experts” change their minds. Personally, if it’s natural, I’m okay with it. Eggs, butter, cheese, lard, milk… margarine? Shortening? Egg subsitute? No thanks. I think mother nature is the best expert 🙂

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    I think it was the cereal institute that came out with the study that said eggs were bad for you! I think we should only eat food with one ingredient. And you are right we eat too much. Wish I had somewhere to get fresh eggs.