Such a Thoughtful Husband

It’s a very good thing for Vince that I don’t expect lavish gifts.  You’ll remember that during the summer, I got a lime green weed eater.   In December, just 3 months after the first one, I got another lime green weed eater.

There’s a new dollar type store in town.  Vince went there earlier this week.  He actually knows the owner’s husband but the owner doesn’t know Vince.  Vince walked in and was looking around and the owner lady asked if he needed help.  He said “I’m looking for a present for my wife for Valentine’s Day.”  He said she just looked at him like . . Oh, your poor wife! If only she knew!  🙂

Vince picked up a plastic 2 quart pitcher and said “How would this work?”  The lady said NO!  Vince said “She could make iced tea for me!”  The lady still said NO!

Then Vince picked up a plastic vase and said “How would this work?”  The lady was probably about ready to send him out of the store.  She said “That might work if you filled it with Godiva chocolate and placed a string of pearls on top and wrapped it with a nice ribbon.”  I’m surprised he didn’t ask her if she had pearls for $1.

Then he found this!

Vince said “Oh, she loves lime green!  I’ll get this!”  I wonder what that lady was thinking!  I ought to go in there and tell the lady I’m looking for a Valentine’s gift for my husband!  🙂

Yesterday I got this email from Vince:

Valentines Day!
If you want a printer that works with the IPad I can get you one.  Or would you rather have foo foo stuff.

I have been wanting an “air” printer that will work with the iPad.  I wonder what Vince would say if I said “Honey, I’d rather have a 3 carat diamond ring!”  My guess is he would either take off running and I’d never see him again or he’d come home and pack all my stuff and send me back to Louisiana . . so I will not ask for a diamond.  All my “good” jewelry is in the safety deposit box and I never wear it so he’s pretty sure I’ll never ask for jewelry.  I guess if I really had to give him a gift idea . . which I do not have to do . . I’d ask for a gift certificate to the yarn shop but we all know I need nothing from there either.  So, the truth is . . the lime green dust pan is an excellent Valentine’s gift!


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    I got Andrew a broom one year for Valentine’s day…and he loved it….now we’re down to giving cards. While at the card store the other day I handed him a card and said, “here, read this” he said why…my response, “so I don’t have to buy one”….LOL…we both got a good laugh out of it..

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    Omajean says

    My husband’s birthday is the next day so we have decided to go out to dinner for both then. I had already told him that I did not want anything. I figure with what I spend on yarn, fabric, etc. he should never have to give me a gift but I have not told him that part yet–there has to be a few surprises in life!!!

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    Pat in Washington says

    My husband and I were married on Valentine’s Day (my theory was that he would not have an excuse to “forget” our anniversary that way). For our 10th anniversary he surprised me with a diamond and ruby ring (gorgeous, wear it every day) and I surprised him with matching sweatshirts that said “10 Long Miserable Years” (a family joke). Every 5 years I would update the sweatshirts by ironing on the new anniversary – 15 years, 20 years, 25 years.

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    Lynne says

    My husband uses the line, but honey every day is special with you. Must be working though, I am still here

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    Chris says

    My birthday is Valentines Day. So I have felt for years I got jipped. My husband can’t get out unless I drive him so he saves candy from Christmas and hands it to me with a hand written note by the coffee pot that I find first thing in the morning. Not how much you spend it is the thought. Happy Valentines Day everyone. Chris

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    I sometimes get something really nice and sometimes something VERY EXTRAVAGANT!! Like the year he gave me two plane tickets to Chicago with hotel reservations for us for a fun weekend. That was really nice. And now that he can’t buy me candy anymore (diabetic, damn old age) it’s harder for him. This year he will be out of town so who knows what will show up at the

    And TOMORROW is his birthday and I am stuck..have no idea what to give him. Will head out today to go to Rockler and see if there is a tool that he doesn’t

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    When Rod got me my Kitchen Aid 6 quart mixer a year ago at Christmas, I was thrilled! I had been looking at them, but the 6 quart was way out of my budget and I knew the 5 quart would be too small for what I do. An added bonus, he found it on sale and got a rebate on it. I love that mixer!

    When I told people I work with what I got, I could tell they thought it was not a great gift. I told them I much rather have practical gifts than foo foo stuff! Rod got a good indication of this when I told him not to spend the money on an engagement ring. We didn’t have a lot of money then and I wanted to buy a bigger house, so that’s what we spent my ring money on.

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    I think that you have finally got Vince to come around to your way of thinking. My first ever present from my husband was a Dirt Devil and while I may occassionally “hold it over his head”, I really did want it and I love it. My DWH is a jewelry buyer and I finally put my foot down – you do not need a lot of jewelry when retired, you live on six acreas and work in the dirt, and you stay in your room and sew most days. We just give each other a kiss, say I Love You, and count our blessings that we have such a wonderful life and time together and good health.

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    Sandy says

    Your Vince is soooo funny. I would think the gal in the store knows him with your blog but she probably isn’t a quilter, cook, or baker, lol.

    Our first Christmas together my husband got me one of those lug nut wrenches (not sure what you call it, it is used to take the lug nuts off when changing a tire) and it was meant to be a joke as he also got me a beautiful jewelry box that plays the theme from Love Story. Try explaining that to your family as you open it in front of them on Christmas Eve! We had only been married 2 months.

    The printer for the Ipad sounds nice. I didn’t know there was such a thing. I got an Ipad for Christmas but still have LOTS to learn. I bought the IPad for Dummies a couple of days ago. Think that will help? ** smile**

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    I just love this story, and pleased Vince is supporting the pound shop. My husband puts the tills and card readers into the UK pound stores, so your beautiful lime green dustpan is paying my husbands wages [ well sort of!].

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    Dianah says

    My husband called me this week and asked did he need to send me anything for Valentines Day. I told him I am good.

    Then my 4 year old got on the phone. She told her dad that she needed 12 Shari’s Berries, Roses with a vases from Pro Flowers and a Chocolate Diamond from Jared. When I got back on the phone he wanted to know if that was her list of mine. The first two are commercials on PBS and the diamond was on a Home Makeover show.

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    Maybe Vince will attach some carat thing to the handle of the dust pan!!! For Christmas this year my DH gave me a box of bullets…..but inside the box he took out one of the bullets and replaced it with a carat…not a 3 carat rock but its fits my finger nicely!!!

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    Hilarious! Your hubby and mine are so much alike!
    If you get an air printer, I’d love to know how well it works. I am just waiting for the 2nd generation iPads to come out and I’m getting one!

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    Debbie says

    My hubby and I had a discussion about cards recently. He does not see the need for a card. He already knows the occasion ie: birthday, valentines, Christmas. This was all started with our to be 21 year old who birthday is Valentines Day. According to him, just give her a gift and tell her happy b-day with a hug and kiss then take her out to a nice dinner. Amazing how women and men think. I will give him chocolates with a kiss and a hug. Just gotta love our guys. Happy Valentines Day. And Judy, keep that guy, after all you don’t want to have to train another one.

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    Lisa says

    You really need a printer so you can print from your iPad! It’s the bomb. I got one about 2 weeks ago. We had to update our 8 – 10 year old printer. The kids both have printer that run Windows 7 and HP didn’t make a driver for that.

    LOVE MY iPAD!!! My hubby shocked me with one for Christmas. I really wasn’t sure how I would like it, but now, I love it!!!

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    eve in ga says

    Too cute! Don and Vince are so much alike in so many ways. LOL!! Enjoy your dustpan, Judy!! Eve

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    Ray says

    This is so funny!!! Vince is marvelous – and you are too.

    On to my soapbox: I always think that I’m the exception. I think that made-up holidays to get us to spend money is crazy. I’m all for kid Valentine exchanges – and even grown up Valentines (cards) – but to expect someone to get a big gift just ’cause the calendar and all the stores say so, just makes me mad. In case you’re wondering, I’ve gotten some wonderful gifts over the years, and if pushed to say what I want, I always ask for a donation to the homeless center. It’s not that I’m so selfless; I just have all that I need and much that I want. I’m really blessed.

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    Vince is so funny! This is hysterical! Valentine’s is just a holiday made up by the card and chocolate companies anyhow, LOL. We’ll see what I get though – I’ll be lucky if I get anything, even if I don’t expect anything anyhow. Hmm, a dustpan in my favorite color would be nice though, LOL.

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    Liz says

    One year, I got my mom some small ruby earrings (her birthday was in July). I also bought a box of CrackerJacks, opened it up, put the earings back in and then carefully reassembled the box. When Mom got the present, she didn’t understand the joke and almost threw the box away! But she was hungry so she opened it up and started eating! She finally found the present. I didn’t do any funny wrappings after that.

    Since she grew up in Europe, she just didn’t have that stuff. Come to think about, she didn’t let us have that much candy as kids!

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    Gale says

    Judy, Valentine gifts aside, why don’t you get your good jewelry out of the safe deposit box and wear it? Just wear it when you two go out of town shopping or out to dinner occasionally. It will bring you no pleasure hidden away and then you’ll die someday and someone else will enjoy it. I believe that everything we have is for using and enjoying now because there is no guarantee of tomorrow. Why have it if you’re not enjoying it? Think about it. And yes, my DH spoils me rotten with too much wonderful and expensive jewelry and yes, I wear it.

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    This sounds a lot like the kind of gift my husband would get me, if he even gave me Valentines gifts. In my opinion, when you have a great husband you don’t need all the froo froo stuff! I will take my hubby and the lack of classic Vday gifts over any other man that would lavish me with jewlery on the holidays.

    BTW, I don’t give him Vday gifts either so we are fair and square. 🙂

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    Karen B says

    Maybe the trick to is send Vince out with someone who knows how to shop. One year my son wanted to buy something for his then fiancee. He asked my husband to go with him to help him pick something out. My husband is, shall we say, frugal. My son’s fiancee received a lovely diamond necklace. AND I received diamond earrings!! I think that was the last gift I received…maybe it’s time for my son to take my husband shopping with him again!!

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    Evelyn says

    My Nana had a huge ring that she kept in the safe. I asked her why and she told me that she was afraid she would get mugged. Ha – I told her to tell everyone it was fake. So she wore it sometimes. Then the diamond fell out when she was making dill pickles. We later found the diamond in the bottom of the jar. About gifts – my Dad was the absolute worst – so Mom always bought her own birthday present. I do also. Almost always practical or useful, but something I really want (some things over the years – glider rocker, camp stove, gas grill, feather mattress & sheet set). I know that eventually I will probably get these things, but it makes it more of an “event” if I save it for my birthday. Now my 7 year old son just informed me that he is saving some of his money to buy his own birthday present – just like me! Makes me smile because I know that he will like saving up for the “event” and will get what he wants. But it is his money. Just like me. Cheers! Evelyn

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    Kathy C says

    It could have been worse, he could have been in Harbor Freight.
    Oh wait, Harbor Freight has circular blades that fit in my rotary cutter.
    Well at least it matches The Lime Green Kitchen theme.

  25. 32


    Wow – what a romantic devil you have there! 😉 I’m glad he didn’t buy you ANOTHER weed eater! Wireless printing is great Judy, and the prices really have come down. That might be a great Valentine’s gift.

  26. 33

    Joan says

    Sounds like something my DH would do. When we got married we made a pact, we don’t buy birthday, anniversary, Christmas, Valentine etc. gifts for each other, instead we are each allowed to get something we want any time during the year. (of course depends on the budget at the time-that too was understood) Only stipulation was if it cost more than $50 we had to consult the “giver”. grin. Of course that was 45 years ago, so the $$ amount has risen over the years. This way there is no hurt feelings on either persons side. Oh yes, told him if he ever got me flowers, it had best be on FABRIC!! ha

  27. 34


    I think you should go in there to get a gift for Vince. Maybe some Green T-Shirts? Then you could tell the owner how much he likes green. And how much you like Lime Green. Maybe should could connect the dots and you could both have a good laugh over it! It is always great to make new friends!!