Sewing Room Gremlins . . or Not!

Do you ever turn your back and something that was right there is now gone?  I’m bad about walking off with something in my hand, setting it down and then forgetting where I put it but last night I was going to work on my February UFO.  I pulled the blocks and counted them and I had 15.  I thought I had more but I didn’t.   A 3 block x 5 block setting would have to do because I wasn’t making more blocks.  I put the 15 blocks up on the design wall and went to draw out a design in Electric Quilt.  Once I had my design, I pulled the blocks off the design wall in order to re-arrange them.  This is what I came up with but . . there’s one missing!

Where is that block?  I had only taken 3 steps from the design wall to the computer.  It couldn’t be far!  I searched.  I dug through piles of other “stuff”.  I disturbed Speck.  His pillow and quilt are right under the design wall.  Maybe the missing block fell off and he was laying on it or it got wrapped up in his quilt.  Nope . . not there.

The last thing I wanted to do was make another block but I did and then . .

I realized I had put the blocks back up on the design wall in a 4 x 4 block setting so I would need 16 blocks instead of 15 blocks and one wasn’t missing at all!

The only thing missing around here seems to be my brain!  The extra block will not be used.  I like my 3 x 5 block setting.  I hate that I wasted so much time looking for the block that wasn’t even lost.

Do you ever do things like that?


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    I’ve had that happen many times but now that I have 2 cats I can blame it on them. How about when you pick up your blocks and then sew them together wrong??? Tear out time.

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    karen says

    I am so glad I’m not the only one this happens to. I swear there is an invisable man that comes in, takes things, keeps them for a while and then replaces them in plain sight!

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    Jean says

    yeah – and I thought I was alone with those ‘strange’ things happening – lol thanks for sharing

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    Beth-Pretoria, RSA says

    Parallel Universe???

    Before you go sewing this together… check out row 4 block on left edge… do I see a seam ripper… needed. Not sure if you had noticed or not…

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      Doe in Mi says

      NO what I see is block 3 on the far right side. Corner blocks are turned wrong.
      Use that extra block you made instead of the seam ripper!! And ya, loosing things in plaid sight happens all the time around here. Crazieness!!

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    pdudgeon says

    LOL oh yes! i recently found a long lost set of extra keys beneith our recliner chair. those keys had been lost since my hubby went out to get the mail and came back empty handed, long before Christmas. you can just imagine the numerous searches that were undertaken both inside and outside to find them!

    we were both so glad when they showed up to learn that they had been safely lost right here in the apartment.

    i love how some of the quilt blocks match up like right and left turn signs!

  6. 13

    Carol says

    Oh, yeah! Our phrase at work is “After 40 Syndrome”.
    Check out rows 5 and 6 on the right-hand side. Two of the blocks are turned in the wrong direction.

    • 13.1

      Suzanne Smith says

      I have the after 40 syndrome too….for me it ment that suddenly my arms were to short and I can never remember where I put my reading glasses!

  7. 14

    pdudgeon says

    i see what Beth means above.
    all the other blocks match up the center squares, but the last set of 4 blocks in row 4 have the center squares in opposing corners instead of meeting at the center.

    good catch, Beth!

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    Pat in Washington says

    OK, good – it’s not just me. I will sometimes iron a row from a quilt, drape it on the back of my sewing chair, do something else, then sit down to sew and can’t find my newly ironed row! I spin my chair around, looking in all corners of my sewing room….convinced that Alzheimer’s has arrived in my life.

  9. 17


    All the time! It makes me crazy, I find patches stuck to my sweater, on the floor, sewn together. I spend so much time looking for stuff it just isn’t even funny anymore. Yesterday I downloaded Nora Ephron’s audio book “I Remember Nothing” and have been laughing so much. It so good to know that we are not alone.
    We call it brain farts around here. You made my day Judy!

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    Haha, I did this on Monday! I have fabric pinned to my design wall to visualize the “water” my sailboats are floating in. Took my picture, did my Design Wall Monday post. Later the same day, I searched for ten minutes for the two yards of water fabric. I knew it had to be near the top of the piles because I was using it, but I couldn’t find it anywhere. Because, um, it was still pinned to the design wall. Duh!

  11. 20

    Liz says

    Keys, purse, TV remote are my issues, even though I really try to put everything in the same place to prevent this!

    Yesterday, I was distracted with calls to UPS and Amazon trying to find out when packages were going to be delivered and picked up. First round of onions for soup were charred, the second round were slightly charred with the worst ones taken out. The soup was ready when I needed to go to the pharmacy for drugs for whatever I have… So, I turned off the burner, but I didn’t. It never clicked to off and it was now on high. I came back to a very smoky kitchen and a burned pan of onion soup. thank goodness I was only gone for 10 minutes of so!

    CRS (can’t remember s***) happens to everyone!

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    I am glad you realized you put them all on the design board, I was afraid I was going to have to give you math lessons…. and we all know you do NOT want that LOL

  13. 28

    Barbara says

    Oh, I feel the love! All y’all are the song in my heart. I absolutely detest moments of “I-just-had-it-where-is-it” disease!

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    We at a guy at my previous work have this happen to him all the time, so we named it after him – Roger B…brain fart, so when it happens to me I label it the RBBF. And when it gets really bad then I know that I am getting CRS (can’t remember stuff) (dont wan’t to clearly say a bad word – people are listening).

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    I did the EXACT same thing with some 4 patches the other day – could not for the life of me figure out where the last one was, but I had already stitched the others together and wasn’t thinking. So my rectangle became a square. That’s what I get for flying without a plan – or a design wall. It all worked out in the end though.

    I am currently searching for 8 bean bags that just need filling – for a birthday party TOMORROW – luckily I have enough to make do without those 8 – but it is still driving me CRAZY!!!

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    Denise says

    Like all the movement in that quilt! By the way, if you happen to find the package of coffee filters I lost in your sewing room, let me know. I used a couple, they have disappeared. checked every cabinet and drawer and even the fridge and freezer. LOL I set them somethere – clearly not where they belong so I’ve given up. Eventually they will resurface – most likely after I buy more. 🙂

  17. 35


    Just last night two triangles for HSTs were missing…looked all over and finally found them…three sewn to one triangle! Guess they are making machines too good because it never slowed or complained at all…just kept sewing that chain! Rip again, but didn’t have to cut more 🙂 .

  18. 36

    Linda in NE says

    Love all those bright colors. And, yes, I go through the mindlessly putting things down and not remembering. The older I get the worse it gets. I’m not ready for the nursing home yet, but if my kids saw the dumb things I do sometimes they’d get me on a waiting list. LOL

  19. 37

    trina says

    All the time. I am still looking for the notebook that has the list of UFOs that I planned to work on for this year. I see it in my head where I think I put it. Maybe next year I will find it. 🙂

  20. 38


    My computer glasses are at this moment AWOL. I wear different ones for the computer than for reading. All too often I stick them on top of my head and wear them all over the house. This time they’re not on my head, they’re not in the bathroom, they’re not in the kitchen, they’re not in the sewing room. Heaven only knows. blessings, marlene

  21. 41

    Sibyl says

    Judy I think we are twins also. Been there and done that way too many times, on way too many items. When I do things like that—I tell people that my brain went on vacation and forgot to tell me. Or maybe it’s halfzimers.

  22. 44


    LOL….Judy you really had me worried until I got to the end of your post. Glad you recovered the vacation your brain took! But don’t worry, you are in great company here too. BUT It’s so good to have a sense of Humor too, you just can’t take stuff like this too seriously.


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    LOL….Judy you really had me worried until I got to the end of your post. Glad you recovered the vacation your brain took! But don’t worry, you are in great company here too. BUT It’s so good to have a sense of Humor too, you just can’t take stuff like this too seriously.


  24. 46


    I am absolutely convinced there are gremlins who tangle things when we’re not looking. You know, like the phone charger cable with the rubber bands you keep in the desk drawer, the Christmas lights you painstakingly wound the year before the strips you cut for binding with the seam ripper, scissors and sewing glasses you keep on the right hand side of your machine. Tell me these gremlins don’t exist!

  25. 47


    I’m still missing one of my blocks from my sons quilt… I gave up searching and made another block… luckily it was a small block and I still had fabric left!