What Next?

This afternoon the second Hollygrove Scarf was finished.

Tomorrow I will wash and block it and as soon as it’s dry, send it off to my friend.  I’m kinda at a loss as to what to work on next.  I have several sweaters to start but I want something easy . . something that doesn’t require a lot of thinking or counting.  My brain is occupied with too much clutter right now.  Thank you Vince!  🙂

I’m thinking I might make this gathered scarf using Bugga yarn.  Or, maybe I”ll make . . I have some of this Pashmina yarn that’s really calling to be knitted into something.

I want a quick knit . . something cute and fun and . . . I don’t know what to start next!  Suggestions?


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    Both scarves are gorgeous! I love the gathered scarf and think I’ll print that off for my scarf file. DD3 is a mega scarf wearer.
    Vince, stop cluttering Judy’s brain!

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    Marie says

    Well, you could always knit mittens for the kids at the Head Start programs for next year at Christmastime, or one of the houses for kids like the Childrens Center in Butler.

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    Your scarves turned out so nice. I can’t wait to start on the pattern. I love scarves. My next little project is a biscuit blanket. The pattern designer made one in white all cotton with blue trim. It’s really pretty. http://www.iliveonafarm.com/knittingpatterns.html
    I’m hoping to take it to my sister for my summer visit. She has house guests a lot and always makes a nice big breakfast with some kind of hot bread.

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    Suzanne Smith says

    I would make the gathered scarf ..the pattern looks relatively simple to make but much more complicated when finished and the colours you could use….. well they are endless!

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    The scarves are beautiful Judy! I bought some pretty blue yarn to make that scarf for my dad as soon as I finish the other one for my hubby. I wish you hadn’t posted the link for the Pashmina yarn… I think I’m in LOVE!

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    Wow, you finished the second one already!?!? Have you finished Clepotis(not sure I spelled it correctly?)

    What about a cowl? There are a ton of free ones on Ravelry.

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    How much would you charge to make a pair of those beautiful socks? I don’t knit but do quilt, crochet, needlepoint and have no desire to learn to knit. I am serious. I love the tourqoise and orange socks. I wear size 8 1/2 shoes so it would be a medium size sock. You could pick the yarn. Something soft.

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    patti says

    just yesterday i learned of this new phenomenon, i heard about it via a quilt group that stated she learned about it from an english gentleman. it’s called yarn bombing and here is a link for pics and also a website:


    i’m sure you can get lots of good ideas here!

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    Thanks for the gathered scarf link, Judy. I love the Hollygrove also….both are on my “to do” list. [along with just a few other things ;)]