The Steam Iron

Several have asked how I’m liking the iron I got in September.

I wrote a review about it here in November.  It’s still my favorite iron ever.  You know how much sewing/pressing I do and it has not leaked a drop, nor has it spit or spewed on anything.  You can see the stains on my ironing board cover that desperately needs changing but those are either from previous irons or from overfilling this one.  It’s very easy to fill it without overfilling . . unless you’re reading the Kindle while filling the iron . . which I do not recommend, though I’ve been known to do it too often, hence the stains on the ironing board cover!


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    Just saw the title of your post. Imagine my heart dropping to the floor, as I was thinking you were going to have a bad post about the iron, especially since the one I ordered just arrived today! Thanks for keeping us updated, and I hope your iron lives forever, just like I hope mine will!

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    Elizabeth says

    I, also, ordered the exact same model you researched. It came before Christmas and I love it! It does everything you said it would. Really good on getting those wrinkles out of washed cotton fabric, and hubby’s shirts.

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    Sandra Neel Hutchins says

    Curious mind is wondering if you have used up that cone of thread that you marked the date on? Glad you now have a good iron.

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    Terri says

    My Oliso has gone nuts and I was thinking of ordering this one. And like Joyce when I saw your title I thought ohhhh nooooo lol. Glad to hear you still like it!

    And the thread! I had forgotten all about that! Can’t wait to see how much you have left.

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    Gaye says

    I bought the same iron based on your review and LOVE it. I was worried about the weight since I have a bad shoulder but it actually is easier since I don’t have to press so hard. I also purchased the steam mop you reviewed and love that one too.

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    I got one just like yours last fall and also just love it. I have not had any dripping and it steams like crazy! Love it, love it, love it!

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    Hilary McDaniel says

    Me too, where are you on the thread? I forgot all about it. I did venture a guess, I even think it was a Feb. date. Hmmmm Glad you like the iron. I have 2 very expensive “steam generator” type irons and don’t love them. They steam ok but you can’t use them dry. I bought one of the Black and Deckers that seemed to be many favs but I hate that really sharp pointed nose. So I’m using a portable $10 blue iron I bought at Wally world. It gets hot immediately and is very small. Works great on my pressing board to the side of my machine. I can’t justify another iron as these other 2 are great irons for “ironing”, just not pieceing quilts.