UFO #10 Top Finished

One of the things I had hoped to do in 2011 was completely finish everything I worked on.  I’ve already run into a possible time problem so for now, I’m going to put all the tops I finish with their backing and binding and pack them away for another day.  They’re kinda “finished” in that I don’t need to work on them except for quilting and it won’t matter if I use all the fabric that goes with them.  I’ve made a google spreadsheet to keep up with it all.  Click on the screen shot if you’d like to see the info I’ve included.

This is the best I can do for the next few months.  There will be a few quilts that will need to be finished because of deadlines but for those tops that I’m just making to be making . . they’re going to have to wait a while.

I did get the borders added to the UFO #10.

In this picture, you can see that the black sashing is really a black with a white  mini dot.  I love using black in bright quilts.

Today I get to visit the dentist and get a hair cut (not at the dentist . . that’s two separate trips) and I hope to get the backing pieced for UFO #10, get the binding done and get it packed away til I have more time.

Anyone else working on UFO #10?


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    Love your finish – very happy looking.

    #10 is sitting in plain view on the machine table – have to move it in order to start anything else – have the backing done – ready to be quilted – will do it – must do it next – do not know why I have not already done it – I will do it this week – promise.

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    Diane says

    UFO #10 is now quilted, binding and label about 1/2 done…should get it finished today…maybe.

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    My #10 is quilted and just needs the binding put on. It will have to wait a week because I’m heading for some much needed sun in the Bahamas. I can’t thank you enough for doing this challenge! It has put some excitement back into these projects for me. Can’t wait to see the next number!!

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      Ida says

      Becky — you’re not taking it with you? What a perfect time to sit back and relax and work on some handwork. aaaaaaaaaahhh … 🙂

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    Darlene B says

    Hmmm… Sounds like something is up in the Laquidara household… Have you found the perfect house to move to? (with a gas stove?) 🙂 The quilt looks great!

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    Ida says

    thank you for your spreadsheet. I completely lifted it. 🙂 Then, in true ‘me’ spirit, I added a few columns.

    Since I don’t have a longarm, and I *rarely* quilt anything larger than a ‘baby quilt’ on my home machine, I added the columns:


    And, again, in true quilter fashion, I *rarely* keep anything for myself, so, I added the column:


    Oh, and since, as stated above, I rarely quilt my own quilts, I did remove the ‘thread’ column. I’m sure that my quilter(s) would tell me, if I asked nicely … but, for the most part, I didn’t feel that it was a column that I needed. 🙂 To each their own, right?!

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    #10 !! I will be lucky if I finish my #10 UFO by the end of the year, BUT I have been working on it which is a start. #10 happens to be a king size wholecloth quilt that I am working by hand [ not my thing!] and I had barely started it.

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    Yes — although since I lost what I started with, it’s almost like starting a new project! I took my centers to guild Monday night and basted them, but no quilting was done yesterday. Getting my eyes dilated wipes me out. I hope to have more quilting time this weekend. I was on call last weekend and actually got called – a first to be sure!

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    Kathie L. says

    Yes I finished UFO #10 quilt top last night and cut the binding. I still need to piece a backing and get it quilted. Don’t know if it will be DONE DONE by the end of the month since it is a short month but I sure am going to try.

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    I’m working on #10. Whew!! I had no idea it would take this long – but I’m enjoying it! I do hope to finish this month. I like the way you put those blocks in rows – not squares. Really gives it a unique and fresh look. And good for you, Judy, to know when to stop and put things up.

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    i started working on #10 last night. i have 196 string blocks that are quilt as you go and have batting in them. so once i get them assembled….i am done. so far i have done 1 row of 14. it’s gonna be a while. i gotta get movin.

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    Sandy says

    The black borders are really pretty on your bright quilt. I can see what you mean about adding multiple borders….it really sets the quilt off!

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    I am working on mine also. Although, I probably will not get mine done by the end of the month. But, am sure going to try to get as much done as I can. Whatever I do get done, is an accomplishment for me, because, I basically had to start over, due to some cutting error issues on the blocks that I thought were already done. I think one big problem with UFO’s, lol, is hiding them away so long, you forget how you made certain blocks, when working with a pattern, that is in your head, and not written down! Now, that I have fixed all those issues,, I’m sewing like a rocket, on a mission! It doesn’t help that this UFO, happens to be for a queen size quilt! Thanks for the spreadsheet idea, it is something I really need to implement! And thanks Judy for doing this challenge, it has really helped me see the light at the end of the tunnel full of all my UFO’s!

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    Melanie says

    Mine is finished!!!! I am even working on another UFO that wasn’t on the list. Thank you for making me accountable. I have the desire to quilt again.

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    I wish I was quilting my #10. I am still trying to find the backing that will fit. Might have to go shopping…oh dear, there goes my Stash report. My 10 A is a Round Robin and I sent my row off this week and recieved mine back completed so it is in line to be quilted once I find a backing to use for it. I like the black sashing too. If all I had to do was tops I’d be done already…

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    Toni in TN says

    My #10 turned out to be a wallhanging that will need to be hand stitched because of all the curves, then hand appliqued on to the background. Didn’t realize that when I cut it out 14 years ago. Groan. Doubt if it will be finished but will be pretty far along.

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    I’m working on UFO #10 – I have the rest of the pieces cut and ready to start needle turning them tonight. This UFO was to finish one block only – they are 18″ blocks. I should be finished by the weekend. Your quilt is gorgeous – is it going to be a donation quilt?

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    Oh I love the colors it your qullt! Brights make my heart sing. Well my UFO is moving along a little bit at a time. I have 4 more rows to sew the blocks to each other, but then I have to sew all the rows together. That’s gonna take time since this is a hexagon stack-n-whack with lots of intersections. I’m motivated to get the rows done so I can move it off my design wall and do what else? start another quilt! Happy stitching1

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    I pulled #10 out and looked it over. I realize now that I don’t like it very much. It’s a purse that just needs pockets, zipper and a handle. I should be able to finish it with the plan to give it as gift.

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    Kathy S. says

    We just found out that both of the grandsons are due in May instead of Mid May and June like we were originally told. So I changed my #10 so I would have a top done. I haven’t decided whether I will quilt it myself or send it to my sister to quilt on the long arm. Now that one grandson is due May 5th and the other is due May 20th, I best get real busy with baby items for the DILs. Both of them had not planned on any more and had given all the baby stuff away so I’m trying to make basic items for both of them to start with.
    I like the multiple borders on the quilt and may have to try it in the future.

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    How fantastic that you are persevering so well! I also have a stack of tops to be quilted and am working through them … eventually they will get done.

    I seem to get distracted by the newest thing I want to work on. 🙂

  21. 27


    My number 10 is done! It’s been done for a bit. I took out another UFO that was just blocks and got that quilt top sewn together. I’ll quilt it when you actually pick that number. I don’t get as much sewing done in the summer so hopefully you’ll pick that number in the summer. I am going to pull out another UFO and see if I can get some progress on it too.

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    Mary says

    I’ve been gone but it’s on the agenda for next week. Luckily #10 only needs quilting and binding. All my tops sit on the shelf for a while and when I get back, I’ll also be working on backings for the last 5 or 6 tops I’ve finished. Luckily most of them are kids quilts so while they’ll still need piecing, they don’t need to be huge.

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    SarahB says

    I’ve given up on #10 and the blocks I have done are destined to become much needed pillow covers! I decided that my quilting time is so limited that foundation piecing just isn’t practical with tiny pieces right now. I will, however, save the pattern by Twiddletails till sometime in the future when I don’t have little ones running me in circles…. meanwhile, I started my first sock!!! My family likes to sit down after dinner for an episode of some old TV program, we are currently watching Little House on the Praire, normally I work on my hexagon quilt (see UFO #6) but lately I have been getting the itch, from you, Judy, to try to learn knitting and socks are on my mind!! So far it’s s.l.o.w. going…

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    Mary D says

    My #10 is half quilted but ran out of thread. Should get my order in the next day or two and have it done by month’s end.

  25. 33


    I pulled out #10 – a tablerunner. And can’t, for the life of me, figure out why I made it so long! It is sitting on the roller of the longarm, with a piece of fabric for backing, waiting for me to load everything up. Not much sewing time for the next couple of weeks, so I don’t know if I’ll actually get to it.

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    Darlene S says

    Judy, Your quilt is smashing!! Love the bright colors with black too. My February UFO is almost finished. I am doing the hand stitcing of the binding this week. It will be done before the end of the month. I’m on track with 1 UFO/month, even though they may not be in the exact order of how the #s are drawn. Thanks for keeping us accountable. Dar in MO

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    Two things: first, I finished my #10! I wanted to make that red skirt so badly and you picking #10 made it something that happened! I’ve worn it twice already!
    And second, I always go to the dentist and get my hair done on the same day too. I lived 45 miles from where I do now for 20 years. Dentists, hairdressers and friends are the hardest people to replace when you move so I never even tried. My friends are in my quilt guild and I go to the meetings every month. I always schedule my hair and dental appoints on that day. I’ve always been rather efficient.

  28. 37


    Judy, Congrats on the finished top. It looks lovely! Would you believe my #10 is still festuring on my design wall, I just can’t make myself get to it. I actually am reorganizing a bit of my studio instead. Oh well. I still have 11 more days of February right? lol


  29. 38


    #10 was a small stack of orphan blocks that is now a full size quilt taking up the middle of my living room while I hand quilt it. All thanks to you! (?)
    May take me a while but progress every day 🙂

  30. 39


    #10 is almost done. I sewed the binding on today and am stitching up tonight/tomorrow. Yeah! It’s a wallhanging so it was quick work.