Almost Made the Wrong Quilt

Quiltmaker has another issue of 100 Blocks coming out on May 10, 2011.  There’s a block in the last issue I’m wanting to make for my niece’s little boy but just haven’t had time.  I really love these issues and look forward to each one.

Yesterday morning just before I started pulling fabrics for my purple Monochromatic Challenge quilt, I checked my email and saw that I had a note from Carolyn, the Creative Editor of Quiltmaker.  How fun would it be to have that title??  Creative Editor!  Maybe I’ll give myself a title .. Creative Editor of Patchwork Times.  Does that mean I get a pay raise?  🙂

Anyway, the email was to tell me that a block I had submitted a while back will be included in the May, 2011 issue.  Carolyn asked if I had a completed project using the block?  No . . but I could make one! Only problem is . . it has to be in their hands by March 8.  That’s not long . . I don’t even want to know how long.  I quickly opened Electric Quilt and began designing my quilt.  I came up with some very good options!

Option #1:

Then I changed a few things and came up with Option #2.

Then I changed a couple of things and have Option #3.

Then, the thought occurred to me that maybe this wasn’t even the block I sent in so I wrote Carolyn and said “Please don’t tell anyone that I asked but . . is this the block I sent in?”  Nope, it was not!  She sent me a photo of the block I submitted and I was back to Square 1 . . literally.  I had to come up with a whole new quilt design.  I did it and am halfway finished making it and I’m loving the design.  Wish I could show you!  🙂  You’ll just have to put it on your calendar to run to the bookstore and get the Quiltmaker 100 Blocks issue on May 10, 2011.  There will be a blog tour and I’m betting an issue or two will be given away here so stay tuned.

But, since we haven’t done a Quilt Along or a Quilt for an Hour or even a Quiltathon project in a while, would anyone like to do one of the above quilts as a group project?  The pattern hasn’t been written but from the EQ drawing, it looks like you would need about 2 yards of the background and about 4 yards for the dark blue . . or whatever color you wanted to use.  The rest could be scraps.

If you would like to do this project, tell me which one you prefer . . Option #1, #2 or #3.  Majority rules!


  1. 4

    Sue in Scottsdale, AZ says

    This is a tough choice. I love them all, but I guess I would have to vote for #2 as I keep going back to that layout.

  2. 6


    I vote for number 2. I am not doing much quilting just now due to a trapped nerve in my back but think a Quilt For An Hour project would be just the job. Thanks xxx

  3. 8

    Kathy R in FL says

    My vote is for #1! I need to make a quilt for one of my nieces by September 1, and this one looks just perfect for her.

  4. 17

    Joyce says

    Liking #2 a whole lot. All three are really nice though. I have EQ6 and think I need to re-explore what it can do. Which ones do Chad and Vince like the best…I love it when they are included in your blogs.

  5. 25

    Carla says

    They all look great
    Why do you have to make it so hard to decide
    But if I have to choose I say #1

  6. 26


    Whoa, I’m glad you checked too! I look forward to a new QM 100 Blocks Magazine. How do you get so lucky to submit a block again? Oh yeah, #3 for me too

  7. 32


    Say what?!?! Another 100 blocks issue?!?! Wow. 😯

    I don’t know why; but, I’m liking option 3. The strong black contrast seems complete and striking…

  8. 35


    number 1 is my favorite… less is more sometimes… I don’t care for the secondary pattern the yellow makes in the other 2 options… have seen that recently from another mystery…

    laughed when i read you told her not to tell… but here you are telling on yourself. 😛 lol

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie

  9. 37

    pj says

    I like #1. I like how the pinwheel is showcased on the diamond block with the lattice work that connects the colored blocks. Neato!!!

  10. 38


    I like all three, but option 1 is my first choice. I think I like the extra scrappy HSTs. I’ll definitely participate whichever design you choose. And, the dark blue is perfect since I have way too many blues in my stash.

  11. 57


    I was beginning to worry about you and your family because your post came so late in the day. Don’t feel bad about the block. I have done the same thing when designing quilts for Quilting Treasures. Glad you were just working even if it wasn’t on the right block.

  12. 64

    VickiT says

    I’ve never done a quilt that large or anything other than a baby quilt and don’t know if I’d even do this BUT, if my vote counts, I like #1 the most.

  13. 77

    Fran says

    I prefer #1, but I would do the sides, top and bottom more scrappy instead of having the 4 on the left one set of colors, the right another set of colors and the same for the top and bottom sets of 1/2 square triangles. Also I would rotate the center squares so they do not go all the same color way. Does that make sense.
    However, I do like the designs very much on all of them.

  14. 83

    Debbi says

    I really like #2 best but see that it is in the minority, so then I vote for #1! Although the third choice is nice too I wouldn’t make it having seen the others.

  15. 85


    I am going with #1 too. It reminds me of diamond facets. Well, not that I woudl really KNOW what that looks like….but I will ‘guess”!
    Then I like #2. not so fond of #3, but that is just me.
    Sounds like fun. What size is it?

  16. 97

    Anita K says

    I haven’t finished Connect the Dots yet but am excited to hear another in the works. I like #3 but each looks great.

  17. 101


    I like 3 but not sure I`ll be able to join in… too many commitments right now… but would love to see what everyone else makes.

  18. 103


    I like #3 the best, but will probably be able to “wing it” if one of the other options is chosen, and have a bit less scrappy-ness and a bit more of the dark contrast as is true in your design #3. I really like the churn dash effect that one has.

  19. 110

    Joan says

    I don’t suppose it will help to say I like them ALL. I really like the base block though, so no matter which one wins, the quilts will be neat. thanks for sharing.

  20. 112


    I really like #1. I think it kind of looks like diamonds or opals set in a somewhat plain setting. That would be a great use of batiks.

  21. 119

    Carol Sc says

    I think this is too funny — what happens if there is a tie?! I like all three, but cast my vote for #3.

  22. 120


    I love that you didn’t know what block you sent in. That is so me! Glad you got it straightened out and are making the right quilt!

  23. 133


    That is too funny! You wouldn’t believe how many people email us to ask what they sent us. I guess it’s just so long between submission and publication, everyone forgets! I do like all of these options, and can’t wait to see what you’re doing for Quiltmaker.

  24. 141

    Hilary McDaniel says

    undoubtably, it’s #1. It really caught my eye. Congrads on the publishing of yet another block. You rock.

  25. 145


    #3 definitely! I love the complete symetry of it, and I have a stash that needs to be busted ready and waiting! lol Beautiful pattern whichever way youplay with it!

  26. 152

    Debby (Hugs) Hughey says

    #1 Is the one! The colors pop in the minimal black framing. The golden yellow acts as sunlight peeping through the window.