Quilting Assistant

Dear Speck is always right under my feet.  If I’m in the sewing room, he’s in here with me.  Only problem is . . while I’m working my fingers to the bone, he’s taking a snooze.

He stays curled up on top of the quilt til he’s sure I’m not going to get out of his sight and then he gets under the quilt.  When I’m finished sewing, I turn the machine off, then I get up and turn off the iron and all the lights.  He hears the machine switch when I turn it off and he’s at the stairs ready to be carried up!  Such a funny little quilting assistant!


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    …and they love so unconditionally and seem dependent on our happiness. Love my Brady boy sewing with me. He is going on 14, so sometimes I have to wake him up to go to another room. Lol

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    I have four doxies with their own LARGE bed and quilts in the sewing room. They are aged 10 to 3. They follow me around like little ducklings and they love when I sew as they can relax and snooze~

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    Donna S (in MI) says

    Sounds like my helper, Maggie. Except she has to BEAT me up the stairs. And I am glad she still can. We both move a little slower these days.

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    Amazing how our darlings can hear every little whisper. Wade Hamilton can hear me turn back the cover each morning to get up.

    What joy they bring to our lives………….

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    But Judy, those wienie babies make the BEST KIND of quilting assistant, IMHO! (and I should know cuz I have TWO of them too) 😀

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    Alicia says

    Cute picture; isn’t it amazing how dogs get to know our routine and they just become a part of it. I just lost my 15 year old dog, Linka who was half German Shepherd, half Collie. I did lose my best friend. I know you give Speck all the love you have, it shows.

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    Linda (Petey) Fritchen says

    So glad Speck is better and able to be on ‘duty’. He certainly gives good advice because your quilts turn into winners in my book! Keep up the good work, Speck!

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    Cindy in NC says

    In 2007 my mother underwent six months of chemotherapy. She spent her recovery time at my house working on a hand-pieced, hand-quilted, queen-size Grandmother’s Flower Garden for my daughter with three little canine assistants at her feet. Now that both she and one of the puppies is gone I am so glad I took photos. I recently found an extra flower in her sewing supplies and am going to have it framed along with a picture of her and her helpers working on the quilt.

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    I have 2 that come down with me, it used to be 3, but the one lab (the 12yo) has developed a phobia of the “slippery things” (ie-tile, linoliem, wooden stairs) so she wont come down anymore. (Ages 14,12,11) They also do this when I start to shut off the lights. Or if I am watching TV, it is the click of the TV and Satelite off that makes them jump off the couch and head to bed. They are so funny. What would we do without them? Life would be boring.

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    I wish my quilting assistant was as well behaved. He roams around the machine under my feet, trying to trip me, eat 4″ long pins, or chew up cones of expensive silk thread that mysteriously end up on the floor! He always knows just what to choose to really set me off.

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    Ruby the quilting dog will come into the sewing room, put her head on my leg and SIGH MOURNFULLY. She will stare up at me for a few minutes, then another LONG LOUD sigh, and she flops down in the doorway. If she’s in a good mood, she lays facing me. If she pouting she lays down away from me. If I go out of the room she follows me. silently. It must be the herding instinct—she tries to lay where she can see everyone. This morning Ken was napping and I was sewing. She laid halfway and kept watch! She a silent companion.

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    Darlene S says

    Judy, Speck looks so comfortable on your quilt. Such a cutie. I have an assistant too, but she doesn’t always lay where I would like her to. She does however, follow me from room to room and when I’m gone, she takes up residence either in my sewing room chair or the chair I sit in while watching a little TV. She’s keeping it warm for me. 🙂 🙂 Dar in MO