Caught Red Handed

Seeing the video on tv this week of the cat that would steal things reminded me of Speck’s thieving habit.

Excuse the horrible picture that was printed on a horrible ink yet printer many years ago.  When Speck was little, he would steal  money out of my purse.  When no one was around, he would get into my purse and root around til he would find paper money and run into his crate with it.  I accused Vince and Chad of taking money from me without asking (probably more Chad than Vince) and they both assured me they had not . . and one day when I took all Speck’s bedding out of his crate, I found over $100.  Then I started watching him and saw what he was doing . . look at that sneaky look on his face.  He no longer steals money (maybe because it’s too hard to find) but when I walk in the house, he watches to see where I leave my purse and if I leave where he can get into it, he goes digging . . looking for candy or gum.


  1. 1

    Janice says

    My girlfriend’s dog goes digging in her purse for her glasses. That’s why she only wears cheapo drugstore readers!!!!

  2. 3

    Mel Meister says

    I have a cat that steals things and another that likes to sink his teeth into my Crocs. I have to keep the Crocs in a box (with locks! To be Seussish!).

    That is so funny about Speck. I’m so surprised he didn’t chew it all up. My cat that steals things, Boo, loves paper. He has chewed up quilt patterns before and grocery receipts. He likes to take my hair scrunchees off the bathroom counter and hide them. I saw the Croc-cat (Toby) try to make off with Greg’s shaving razor last week! It.. umm… fell in the litter box! (rolling on floor laughing my butt off!).

    We threw it out, needless to say! The razor, not the cat!

  3. 5

    Sandy says

    Speck is a hoot! Isn’t it funny what pets do when we aren’t looking? Too funny you were thinking it was the men in the house and it turned out to be Speck. Ha!

    My BF has a cat and she can’t leave her jewely lying around without the cat picking up a pretty chain or an earring. It took her 3 days once to find a diamond earring. Guess that cat has good taste too, lol.

  4. 8

    Sibyl says

    I am sure that Chad and Vince were glad to find out who the culprit was. That way you were no longer blaming them for taking your money. Wonder what Speck wanted with all of that money?

  5. 10

    Becky R says

    That is so funny! That’s the first I’ve heard of an animal doing that.
    If we leave a tissue or a paper knapkin anywhere that our animals can get ahold of it – they shred it. That’s as exciting as it gets here.

  6. 11


    My indoor Siamese is just like that Dusty the Klepto. Except being an indoor cat, he steals from me and then triumphantly returns whatever it is to me.

  7. 12

    Mary says

    Chesty goes for gum and mints too…and he’s good at unzipping pockets in my bag so I have to keep it out of his reach.

  8. 13

    Henrietta says

    How awful if he had eaten it!

    As a long time breeder of Jack Russell terriers I learned to put my purse on a hook on the wall which is not near anything that can be climbed on or jumped from to get to it. That said my monsters never took money preferring to eat the (usually leather) bag instead, nom nom. I have lost good leather shoes too, never the Payless plastic ones.

  9. 17


    That rascally little furry person could have been rich by now – should have put it in the bank. Lol Reminds me of the commercial of the dog trying to find a safe place for his dog bone. Love this picture and glad you shared it. Judy C

  10. 19

    Alicia says

    I can see the guilt in his eyes and face. Dogs are something else, they always let you know when they did something bad.

  11. 21


    You have your own personal banker, Judy. That is too cute.

    I knew someone who had a cat that would pick up a quarter from the counter and go hide it. Customers loved to watch the cat perform his trick.

  12. 22

    Suzanne Smith says

    Our oldest cat, Ginger,when a kitten he would steal dirty socks out of the laundry ….one day when I was vacuming I found 17 under the couch!

  13. 23

    Doe in Mi says

    Speck, that little stinker, had a savings account building up for some treats. I love this posts comments so funny and intertaining. #22 is hilarious.

  14. 24


    That is cute, too bad you couldnt get him to steal money out of OTHER people’s purses! Just kidding. THAT would be interesting to explain…
    But then, it is like finding money in a pocket that you forgot about…always a nice surprise! Glad to hear that Chad and vince were off the hook. Good thing he didnt chew and eat them. Try to explain THAT to the vet too-talk about a funny conversation, but then, I bet they have seen it ALL.

  15. 25


    What a little stinker. A cute stinker, but a stinker nonetheless. Pretty funny, though, that he liked “the smell of money”:-)