Weird Comments

When I click on the stashbusting post and try to respond to comments, the comments are showing up way over on the sidebar but only on that post. Does it do that to you too?  Older posts aren’t doing that so maybe it’s Mr. Linky.

To answer some of the comments left:

  1. This year compared to last — at this time last year, I had used over 160 yards so I did a whole lot more last year than I’ve done this year.
  2. The amount of sewing I get done — this week, due to trying to meet a deadline, I’ve spent twelve hours a day for four days at the sewing machine and if you think that’s easy . . it is not!  Is it rewarding to see a quilt in a magazine?  Yes!  Getting to bed after midnight and up at 6 a.m. isn’t easy but it’s the life I love.  Last night Chad didn’t get home til a bit after midnight and Vince and I sat up and waited so we could visit with him for a bit so it was probably closer to 1 a.m. by the time I got to bed.  Chad has to be at work at 7 a.m. on Sundays and the chickens need to be let out about that time so the alarm goes off at 6 a.m. and yes, I might have said a four letter word when the alarm went off!  🙂
  3. Counting yardage – This year I’m counting the fabric only after the top is completed.  I will count the backing once it’s cut and pieced and put with the top . . same with the binding.   This is my chart for this year so far.  Click on it to make it larger and more legible.  Looking at my chart, I see that I didn’t add the binding for Sunny Side Up and that quilt is finished.  I guess as long as I’m forgetting to add and not adding things I didn’t use, that’s not being dishonest!

Let’s hope the comments for the post are where they’re supposed to be because I sure don’t know how to fix it!  🙁


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    Yes, they are on the left for me too, but at least they are there. For a long time I couldn’t find a comment button at all on your blog.

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    Darlene S says

    Judy, I had the same problem with the stash report. There was no comment button to click on. So, I’m commenting here about my fabric usage.
    Week 8
    Used a half yard of fabric this week to make 2 blocks for a friend.
    Nothing added
    my totals are: YTD added – 8 yards;
    YTD Used -12.7 yds.
    Net busted from stash for 2011 – only 4.7 yards.

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    Kate says

    Aw shucks , Judy – I am so disappointed – when i saw the blog title, I thought sure you were gonna share some “weird comments’ with us!!! i was all ready for something juicy or risque!!!! Happy Sunday.

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    It wouldn’t give me the comment box earlier, so an improvement here! You’re really flying this year on busting. Twelve hours a day sounds like a lot of sewing, but I can’t wait until I can do that!