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OK .. there’s nothing in this for me.  No commission or kickbacks but I love Triangulations™.  Before using Triangulations, my favorite method was to cut the squares 1″ larger, draw the line, sew a scant 1/4″ on each side, cut, press and trim and that gave me a perfect half square triangle.  I have the Accuquilt Go Cutter and I bought quite a few dies for it to make half square triangles but I find several things with it . . I do waste a bit of fabric and believe it or not, it takes more time because even with the dog ears already cut off, you’re having to pair up each set of triangles.  Even if you stack the fabric several layers so that you have them coming out in sets, it still isn’t as quick for me as using the Triangulations.  And, I’m an enthusiastic presser!  Even if the triangles were cut and sewn perfectly, I distorted them just a tad while pressing.

With the Triangulations paper, you cut the half square triangles apart but you leave the paper on til after they’re pressed and therefore, I get absolutely no distortion.  I know some who press gently and don’t have a problem with distortion but I’m not one of those folks.  Also, with Triangulations, you have the CD and you print off however many you need of whatever size and every possible size you could want is there — right down to 1/16th increments.  Depending on the size of the triangle, you may be making one per page or 8 or 12 or more on the much smaller sizes.  I don’t have to keep rolls of paper in different sizes . . I just print off what I need.

Here’s a You Tube video on using the Triangulations software.

For me, Triangulations is the quickest, most accurate way I’ve ever made half square triangles.  If you want to try it out before buying it, there’s a free pattern with free triangle papers you can download here.  I did it late one night and couldn’t believe how easy and accurate it was and I was sold!


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    How timely you wrote about this topic! My Brenda Henning’s Trangulations 3.0 CD just recently arrived from Connecting Threads. They were having a good sale, and I had seen you mention this method before. I just watched the You Tube video, and wow!—this is indeed a neat way make hst. Now, I can hardly wait to load my CD and give this a try. Thank you! And there is a nice comment from a “Judy” in the Connecting Threads catalog with the Trangulations ad. Is that you?

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    I have just come in from a days workshop and as usual immediately open my mail, and wow!! I saw that big pile of HST’s and thought “Oh no” Judy wants us to make them ready for the next project.. phew breathed a sigh of relief when I saw they were for something else.
    I too love Triangulations, and have tired other methods but keep coming back to the CD method.

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    Thank you Judy. I’ve heard about these papers before but never tried them. The youtube was very informative, and I’ve printed out the sample page.

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    Rose says

    Thanks Judy for your GO cutter assessment. I have read many reviews and everyone says the same thing–they love it. My problem is I don’t want to have to sew the HST together from 2 pieces. All I would want the GO to do is cut strips, as I don’t do much applique. I prefer making blocks from strips & then subcut. I’m going to get Triangulations after I use up some of the Thangles and papers on a roll that I have on hand. For me the GO is too expensive for what I would use it for. Your review is the most totally honest assessment I have ever seen and I greatly apppreciate your comments. I realize the GO may meet some quilters’ needs, just not my needs.

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    Tizzie says

    I chuckle at the hype over the Go Cutter in general…. I used to be the biggest gadget girl who had to have all the new rulers, etc but after all these years I find myself reverting back to the basics. I’d rather spend money on fabric than gadgets.

    I like to paper piece all my parts. The extra step of cutting in the end and the little bit extra fabric waste is worth it to me. I figure I save with the time of individually cutting out squares, drawing on fabric, and then squaring things up. I’ve used Thangles in the past and even EQ to print out HSTs and geese.

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    Judy says

    I just read about Triangulations on your blog and immediately ordered it! I have been piecing blocks for Sylvia’s Bridal Sampler and have been going crazy with all the small half square triangles. Thank you for your timely posting. It seems that however much I try, my half-squares are always off and squaring them up is a pain. I’m hoping they will also help with flying geese, as I find those can be a pain. No matter how hard I try I always have problems keeping the quarter inch on the point.

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    Thanks Judy for the info on the Go die, I was thinking about getting it. I am printing off the triangulations from the runner you gave a link for, I have been wanting to try the triangulations. Another quilting tool gotta have!!

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    I was just taking a break from making half-square triangles with Thangles and saw your post! Watched the U-Tube video (thank you) and learned a few things. I, too, am an aggressive presser–no matter how careful I am, I distort my squares and have to resort to the tedious task of “squaring them up”–blehhh! OK, I’ve had my Diet Pepsi, homemade cookie and Judy’s blog break, now I’ll continue making those HSTs the Triangulations way!

    Thanks, Judy!!

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    Triangulations are truly wonderful, couldn’t do it without it — at least, if I have to make more than a few. Now there’s a version 3? Oh no, gotta go check it out. I have 2.0, and happy with that. Can’t wait to see what all the hst’s look like!

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    I didn’t know that they were called ‘triangulations’ but there are free triangle paper templates on the internet that I use. I needed a size that wasn’t available and it was really fairly easy to create with just a tiny bit of math. I used them for 644 half square triangles in Bonnie Hunter’s last mystery. I have the Easy Angle rulers but they aren’t my favorites to use. The sewing on the papers, on the dotted line, so to speak, is really easy for me. It was a little time consuming pulling the papers off and pressing them, but not a big deal.

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    SarahB says

    Is it the same as “Thangles” because thats what I use. I love them for the same reason; no distortion when pressing!

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    Mary says

    I think it’s great that there are a variety of methods. I find the GO works well for me, it’s quick and while there can be some variation, when I follow the guidelines for cutting, I get as accurate results as with any other method. Like you I have nothing invested in convincing others to use the method I like best.

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    Triangulations made a tremendous difference in the accuracy of my piecing. I’ve recommended it to a lot of people, even did a big group order for my quilt group so I could get them all piecing better. They all love it! Got some roll ends of newsprint at the recycle depot and cut it up into 8.5 x 11″ sheets – easier to tear than the regular paper, but still I don’t mind ripping out the paper. It’s almost like popping bubble wrap — once you get going, it’s irresistible!

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    Oh dear, I have that CD packed up somewhere……. Maybe I will find it one day. Thanks for the link to the table runner……….. We have to be gone today while strangers wander through our house. I think that is the perfect thing for St. Patricks day……………

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    Thanks for the review. I had never hear of this product so I tried the sample. I always avoided HST’s because I hated having to square them up. Love this and plan to purchase the program.

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    A friend turned me on to them and shared the website with the free page sample… I thought at first it might be a pain to tear the papers off… but sewing with a shorter stitch length they were easy peasy – faster than ripping a prefferated coupon even! Nothing to it. 🙂

    I searched on line for the best deal and at the time found Connecting Threads to have the lowest price… that was a year or so ago. I know that there is a newer edition that now includes Flying Geese. I cannot figure out how they’d incorporate those units but if they’re as fast and accurate as the HSTs and don’t forget QST’s then I may have to upgrade in the future. 🙂

    Like you mentioned in your post – I too really like being able to print off as many as I need – when I need. I bought a sketch pad at the dollar store and use that to print on. Cheap and works great! 🙂

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie