Drop Stitch Scarf

A week or so ago I finished the send Hollygrove scarf and was at a loss of what to work on next.  Several sweaters are in my queue but I’m not ready to concentrate on a sweater.  I decided on the Easy Drop Stitch Scarf for the next project.  The pattern had been in my Ravelry library for a while but I would see some that had been done by others that I loved and then see some I didn’t love so much and had just convinced myself to try it.  Denise made one or two and told me how cute they were so . . that’s how this became my next project.  The yarn I’m using is Malabrigo Silky Merino in the Bahia color.

The pattern is so easy and the yarn feels so soft and snuggly.  I hadn’t even looked at it to notice the wavy motion of the yellow/orange but I like it.  This one may be a gift for a friend whose husband did a big favor for us or . . it may not be.  I think I have enough yarn to make a second scarf  .. depending on how much  yarn this one takes.

The only modification I made was to add four extra stitches, which I do two purls on each edge . . two purls on every row.  That keeps the edges from wanting to curl.  Isn’t it going to be a cheerful, fun scarf to wear?


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    That will surely brighten the day of anyone that wears it and in the winter we need a bit of cheer.

    Great work on the scarf…………… You are knitting along……….

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    Denise ~ justquiltin says

    Judy – it’s looking fantastic – why fun yarn. Like the ziggy zaggy it makes. Need to get back to the one I still have in the basket half done. They re so easy to make.

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    Sandy says

    This will be a fun scarf to wear . The bright colors are cheerful and the yarn looks sooo soft. You do very nice work, Judy and thank you for sharing your projects with us.

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    It’s fantastic! I love the way the colors in the yarn move through the scarf. I’m going to check out the pattern and order some yarn. Great work!!!

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    Anita says

    I saw this scarf at Knit-Purl in downtown Portland, OR, but didn’t want to spend $35 for yarn to get the “free” pattern. I searched Ravelry and found it, but haven’t started knitting it yet. Need to find the yarn – I think I have a variegated skein somewhere!

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    Oooh, I love it – just told my mom she has to come look at it so she can put it on her list to make for her favorite daughter 😉

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    Nancy says

    Lovely! Going to make this one! What size needles? The pattern doesn’t say and I’m a “rule follower.” 🙂

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    quilterbee says

    I drool over all your knitted projects whether it be socks or a scarf. I so want to be able to knit with wool and wear it. I am allergic to wool and my lips, tongue, and throat went numb and I had trouble breathing when I knitted a pair of socks. It took me a while to figure out it was the wool yarn I was having a reaction too. I was told the new wool wouldn’t bother you if you had an allergic reaction to the old wool. Not true for me. I did get those sock finished and gave them away along with all the beautiul wool yarns I had bought. I see where knitpicks now has a cotton yarn in fingering weight. I’m going to email them to see if I can make socks from this new yarn. You scarf is really lovely.