Design Wall Monday – February 28, 2011

Can you believe this is the last day of February?  I’m telling  you . . Christmas is going to be here before we know it!  Have you thought about any of the gifts you plan to make?  Time flies when we’re having fun.  🙂

I did get the quarter square triangles made Saturday and was happy to be done with them.  A whole lot of them!

What’s on your design wall?



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    Can’t wait to see what you are going to do with all those blocks. I like the way the colors seem to sparkle with just the simple layout you have on the design wall. Very pretty.

  2. 4


    Wow, that’s a lot of quarter square triangles. You always do such beautiful borders. I just can’t get into them. I guess if I did them first like you do, it might happen.

  3. 5


    Quarter squares is something I rarely think of — I guess it’s just that next step, where I stop at half-squares! Wonder what you’re up to this time? Hmmm

  4. 7

    Susan Torrens says

    Now you have me wondering how you are going to use all those quarter-square triangle blocks……

  5. 11


    Wow, lots of quarter triangles! I haven’t even thought about Christmas presents yet. Can’t wait to see your quilt all together Judy!

  6. 12

    Kerry's Quilting says

    Love the colors! Can’t wait to see how the border and the quilt turn out. Christmas already??

  7. 15


    Christmas?! No don’t start talking about Christmas just yet, it is way too early for that! (I guess you can tell I’m not thinking about it)
    That is a lot of triangles, can’t wait to see the finished product.

  8. 18


    As always, thanks for organizing Design Wall Mondays. Fun to browse through and see what others are doing, and be inspired by their creativity.

  9. 19


    I can’t believe you said the C word!!!! Way too early in the year for me to think about that.

    Nice triangle work there, Judy 🙂

  10. 25


    Love your colorful blocks. I just finished a block with some hourglass units. They had a confaluted way to do them. I’m sure yours are easier!

  11. 28

    Denise says

    That’s a whole lot of QSTs! Judy check out the scarf on my design wall link page. Another one you should add to your list of projects — aren’t you glad I’m looking out for you and finding more things to tempt you with? 🙂 It’s super easy.