March UFO Number

Our number for March is number 1.  Hope your #1 UFO is a fun one!  Haven’t even checked to see what  mine is but I’ll go check as soon as I finish this.

Did you finish your February UFO?  If so, and if you finished your January UFO . . that’s two done already this year.  Good for you!

If you have a link to share with your completed February UFO, add it here please.


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    i have to go check what my #1 is, but i can tell you that i’m LOVING this challenge! it’s a great way to get those things done- adn a good way to get in some quilting time without feeling too guilty!

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    Not quite finished this month! 🙁 Hubby home from Afghanistan for 2 weeks R & R — so I’ve got a good reason! LOL Hope everyone else accomplished their goals!
    Mary Lou

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    I’ve got 2 finished even thought I finished #12 instead of finishing #10. Looks like it is off to check out what my #1 is. Thanks Judy!

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    Another finished, I like having a deadline I was sewing the binding down last night thinking Ill get told off if I dont get this done!!! By who Im not sure but its done…horrah 🙂

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    BlondiKnits says

    My February UFO was started at Quilt Colorado 2010 — and finished February 24. I never would have finished it without the UFO challenge prodding me! Now off to see what is #1!

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    No, I didn’t finish my February UFO, but I did finish two in January, so I’m still 2 ahead of the game. #1 on my “to be a top” is my mom’s 4-patch stacked posies, which I was planning to take to the quilt retreat next month. #1 on my “to be quilted” list is a red, white & blue baby quilt. Before I can work on any of my UFOs, I’ve need to finish the quilting on a baby quilt for a friend.

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    who knew having someone else “tell” me what UFO project to work on would be so easy! thanks for spurring us along and letting us decide what is “done.”

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    I’ve finished 3 UFO’s since January, but none of them have been the right number:) All that matters to me is that quilt tops are getting finished. Sewing backings today to bring the tops to the machine quilter. Have a wonderful day!

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    Great timing! Mine is an Easter quilt that I started early in ’09. It’ll be so nice to have it finished in time for Easter ’11! I am also just loving the motivation of this challenge. Thanks, Judy!

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    February complete – yaaay!! March is easy – it just needs quilting. That will give me a couple days at retreat in March to work on something that needs piecing.

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    Thank you again for hosting this challenge. It is really pushing my time, but I’m getting them finished.

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    I’ve posted my #10 for February. A week in Hawaii and I thought I would not get this to finish point for me.

    I just looked at my number 1. Paintsticks! I was hoping that the breathing room was going to allow me to do something really fun.

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    I have another finish!! Unfortunately, I’m still learning how to link to my correct page. Had to try it twice. I guess Mr. Linky remembers my last link and I’m just too quick on the click. Thanks for the motivation, Judy.

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    I really pushed on February’s – all hand quilted, but it is done. Not only done, but an addition to my Christmas box – whoo hooo! Yeah – my #1 is my Noah’s Ark, I have wanted to finish this for so long. And I will have my grandson’s birthday gift done on time.

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    Louisa in BC says

    So pleased to have two UFOs done out of that box! Looks like I’m getting all the seasonal ones done first — #1 is my Pumpkins project. I’m looking forward to working on it this month.

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    Just posted finish – and glad it is over . I am loving my March selection and all this motivation – we are on a roll. Thanks Judy L for coming up with the push we needed. Judy C

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    Well, I actually have completed #1. I was making it for my neighbor in Houston and got it done fairly quickly after Jen quilted it. I am glad that I sent it off right away as my neighbor fell and broke her kneecap and shoulder and had to have surgery. At least she has her quilt to help her recover.

    I am loving this challenge. I will continue to work on January’s UFO this month and try to get it completed.

    Thanks, Judy.

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    #10 finished. It was way too easy. Just quilt and bind.
    #1 is Mary’s purple and green half log cabin, just barely started. No coasting this month!

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    What an inspiration this challenge has been. Two UFOs done (actually 4 but 2 on “the list”). And I am sooo excited to be tackling #1. It is the only one on my list that MUST get done this year. It is a Christmas present.

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    WhooHooo! I’m so excited to finish! Thanks so much Judy for doing the UFO Challenge and thanks to all the other people participating too! This is really helping me. I’m ready to start the next UFO!!

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    I am two for two, Judy! This has been such a fun way to work on these lingering projects. My #1 is another easy one for me–top, back, and binding already made. Wish I had a long arm to make the quilting go as fast as you do 🙂

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    Liz says

    OOPS, I fell off the wagon – I haven’t gotten any done but they are out and being thought about for options on the next step.

    I’ll work on the #1s and then try to catch up on the January and February ones..promise!

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    without your UFO challenge I would have given up on this month project. But I persevered – and got it done! Thanks so much for hosting it – now off to see which one is next.

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    It feels so good to cross things off the list. I’ve still had a little time to work on some new projects too so it doesn’t feel like UFO Purgatory.

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    Oh goody, I have been working on this one here and there. The other 2 are waiting to be quilted. One day I will quit piecing, and start quilting. The waiting to be quilted pile is growing by leaps and bounds! But that is a great thing!

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    Mary says

    Judy, Thanks so much for having this challenge. I’ve gotten two UFOs finished and others besides. #1 is an easy one for me, just quilting, so I should be done EARLY.

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    I have attempted to link but if things hold true, I will not be able to. Don’t know why, but I am still with the group. I’ve looked at others and everyone is doing very well. I am not going to really do UFO#1 (see my explanation on my blog), but I am still completing a UFO—just still working on #10.

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    Thanks for the challenge Judy. Glad to have #10 done! Don’t really feel like working on #1 but lucky for me March has 31 days.

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    Well, I have finished January’s, but came no way near finishing February’s – did get some more applique done, but not enough to start the next row. I’m not giving up, but may have to change #1 to something else so as not to get discouraged – it’s not even at the block stage yet.

    Thanks for the challenge, Judy!

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    I am also 2 for 2. I am so proud of myself for staying on track.
    My March UFO is another good one that I will surely (BAD, kiss of death word) be able to finish.

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    SarahB says

    Ugh, I couldn’t do it! I just couldn’t get into the UFO for last month and that’s okay because I have a hundred deadlines to finish up…. but by the middle of the month I should be able to work on Brown and UFO #1.

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    Didn’t get mine done in February…I could make up lots of excuses, but it was mostly just my own procrastination. Hopefully I can go back to it this month and work on #1 at the same time. At least Feb’s is quilting and Mar’s is piecing so I will have some built in variety!

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    Whew, that was a tough one, but it is done. But I don’t think Crazy Curves is a pattern I’ll do more than once. If it hadn’t been for this challenge, it would have ended up back in its box. Thanks for the virtual push to get it done.

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    Darlene S says

    i just uploaded my February UFO finished quilt. I have the before and after pictures of my Scrappy Log Cabin. It’s not a real big quilt, but it is finished!!! Whoo hoo and it’s only Feb. Judy, thanks sooo much for getting me moving on my long list of UFO’s. Here’s to getting the 3rd one done in March. Dar in MO

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    Needless to say I have not finished the February UFO.. which was working on my wholecloth quilt, which I hardly started. BUT at least I have it on a frame and I have done some of it! So I will not be adding my name to link list.. Hope to do better with the March UFO.. must go and see what it is.

  36. 53


    Yes, I did finish February’s UFO. I also finished #5, because the two were in a pile together, both waiting to be quilted, bound, and labeled. (Have not yet put pictures of #5 on my blog)

    But I was really hoping you wouldn’t get to number one for a while yet…..It’s very big and I want to do some custom quilting on it…..maybe you could put a 0, 1, or 2 behind the one? Just this once?

    Nancy in NC

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    I finished my February Challenge early (Feb 3rd) since I had good head starts on those. This has been a blessing to get these UFOs out and on their way to become donation quilts! March might be a bigger challenge … we’ll see what develops. Congratulations to everyone who accomplished more than they thought they could!

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    Nancy says

    Thanks Judy, this has been great fun and it has been nice getting 2 UFO’s finished. I have already started working on my #1 and I have gotten quite a bit done today!!! Can’t wait to see everyone’s progress.

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    Helen Koenig says

    I’ve really gotten quite a bit done on my UFO for Feb – still not done with January’s item though. I don’t feel badly since these were the quilts with the most to do with them – and I’m heading into a busy season plus remodeling!

    March though I’m feeling really good about – 2 baby quilts that are jst waiting for me to finish up the last of the quilting! Definitely should have 1 done this weekend – hopefully both! Then back to work on February’s Underground RR quilt!!!!

    Re monochromatic color challenge – that I’m hoping to do – the colors call various sensory images to mind – the brown of March – the rich smell of damp earth just ripe for the planting – hopefully I’ll be able to carry that through – not sure what though – although a 2 – 4 color quilt comes to mind – having to do with spring planting! LOL Maybe will get that one started as well! LOL – complete 1 and start 2. Works for me!

  40. 57


    February’s is done… it was purple and pink – so kinda goes in the monochrome challenge…

    As for March’s I’ll look at my list when I get home. And January’s is in progress (ok was in progress before I went on holidays)

  41. 60


    I’m a bit lating posting this, but I’ve uploaded my link. I will need to pick up the pace because for July & August I will be visiting USA & UK, so needless to say no sewing will be done. Maybe I might meet some quilting buddies on the way….