Will Power

I have none!  Don’t ask me how I’ve been so strong with my fabric stashbusting.  It’s almost like I have a mental block against buying fabric.  I just don’t look at the new fabrics.  If I need something, I will buy it but so far I haven’t needed anything.

Yarn . . why can’t I be strong when it comes to buying yarn?  I don’t mind buying if I see a sweater or a scarf that I want to make and I need the yarn to make it but sock yarn . . I have to stop and I have to stop now.

Wollmeise is the yarn that Loopy Ewe gets in that is gone within seconds of being posted online.  Last week, I just knew there was going to be an update to the website to show Wollmeise.  On Wednesday I kept refreshing and refreshing the website thinking I’d get lucky and catch an update.  Seriously, if you’re not online within about 60 seconds of it showing up, you don’t get it.  Nothing showed up on Wednesday and on Thursday morning, I hadn’t even thought about it but while taking a break from quilting, I clicked on the Loopy Ewe site and there it was!  And this much yarn jumped into my cart and arrived at my house on Monday.

There are two reds and two purples that almost look the same but they’re not.  There’s a 1 skein of each color limit because of the high demand.  I doubt I’ll use it for socks . . though I may.  There are some fun scarves that can be made from 1 skein but for now . . I have a book to finish so there’s not much knitting time for me these days.

That’s it .. I’m not buying any more yarn for a long time . . really!


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    You little hoarder! Love the purples. I tried once to get some Wollmeise but got cart-jacked. It’s probably better that I stay away anyways. I have enough yarn already on my “want” list. Although I’m hoping to find some new (to me) yarn this weekend on our trip to Vegas/Phoenix.

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    Karen B says

    If you truly want to stop buying, make yourself write down every single penny you spend in a month. It’s a real eye-opener. It’s almost as bad as writing down every day what you eat. Now I see why I never lose weight!!!!

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    Ray says

    I have not yet been able to “score” any Wollmeise. I don’t get much chance for repeated check-ins from work. 🙁

    Is it wonderful stuff or is it mostly hype???

    Congrats – it sure is beautiful!! I thought sock yarn didn’t count as stash. 🙂

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    Ah Shucks Judy L – life is just too short to have regrets building up. The yarn is beautiful and I do believe you will get great joy from owning it. Just think of all the things that Vince buys that he does not need. – that should help. Judy C

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    This has me laughing!!! Not at you, with you! Can you say super shopping spree?? I am waiting on 5 more packages to arrive~~yarn and fabric! 3 have already arrived. 🙂 Sometimes a girl has to shop!!! 😉

    Those are super yummy yarns.

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    Will Power? What is will power? as I shove in more chocolate covered pretzels and take a swigg of Diet Coke! MMMM!
    You are making knitting more enticing to learn, that is a bunch of beautiful yarn!

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    Karen says

    So now we have two addictions – fabric & yarn. Let’s hope some other craft doesn’t grab us!

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    pdudgeon says

    LOL, So long as there’s 365 days in a year and you don’t already have 365 pairs of socks, keep right on buying and knitting!

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    CherylL says

    Oh my gosh! There is nothing more stress-reducing that putting your face into a skein of new yarn and taking a whiff! Love the feel, texture, colors, and wooly scent. I’m so hooked – got to have that sock yarn!

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    eve in ga says

    I hear you, girlfriend!! I checked out KnitPicks on your recommendation, and 20 skeins of yarn, several sets of new needles and accessories arrived here last week. I did have a plan for SOME of the yarn, tho’, and already have one Argyle sock nearing the end. And it’s my first Argyle ever!!
    I say enjoy your new “pretties”. Eve

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    patti says

    hmmm, doesn’t make sense but then again i’m a non-knitter. if things take more than one skein to make, and i know there is the dye lot factor, why have a 1 skein limit per color? that way you can’t buy enough yarn to do a project — i just don’t get it.

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    Sometimes you just gotta have it, Judy! You just GOTTA!!! As far as your fans are concerned (and you have a LOT of fans!!!) you deserve it!

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    You do not really lack will power – you just have a PASSION for creativity – and you do USE your yarn – and you make others happy – HEY, it is all good! (AND PS – A LOT OF US CAN RELATE)

    I love your new yarn!

    sao in Midlothian, VA

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    Denise ~ justquiltin says

    Now who was it when I told her I needed to stop buying sock yarn that told me to stop reading the sales emails and newsletters. ROFLOL – Oh yeah, her name was Judy but I didn’t really listen anyway and there may be another hank or two coming in the mail soon. 😉 Lovely colors and I like the way that yarn knits up.

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    Sock yarn is addictive. I was just as bad until I realized one person could only have so many pair of hand knit socks. All of my family have multitudes of hand knit socks. I started making shawlettes and scarves with sock yarn. My latest is to use a strand of sock yarn and a strand of worsted weight wool together for items for Wool-aid.org. I am FINALLY getting a handle on the sock yarn stash.

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    Mel Meister says

    LOL! I tried so hard to get some of that but I saw it too late. Bugga used to be that rare, but not anymore. I have enough Bugga and Skinny Bugga to last a lifetime. I’m still trying to get a Wollmeise that isn’t a solid color. I’ve seen the solids a couple of times, but never once the variagated.

    Great haul!