Brown Quilt

Yesterday I came up with a plan for my brown quilt for the Monochromatic Challenge.

Simple but I think it will work!  I plan to get started pulling browns today.  I may put in a more golden rusty brown in the pieced border instead of the lighter fabric . . all depends on what I find in the stash.  Anyone else have their brown piece planned yet?


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    Jean says

    love it – did not think to put yellows with brown, but you are right on. Thought it might be a depressing colour for a whole quilt, but you took away that fear – thanks for all you do !!! Looks like this will be a great charity quilt.

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    WiAmy says

    Terrific modern looking quilt. It reminds me of stairs on an “escalator.” As always your quilts are so fun to see. Thanks!

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    I love that quilt. I’m always on the lookout for manly looking quilts. I do a lot of charity quilts and the girly ones are so easy to make, but the ones for the boys not so much.
    thanks for the inspiration.

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    I looked yesterday at several options and I believe I have decided on the “Peaches and Dreams” Pattern for the brown quilt.

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    trina says

    Oh!!! I love the quilt pattern. Hopefully you will offer it in one of your books or maybe as a free pattern????? I like that your patterns are doable yet striking. I received your Weekend Quilts as a Christmas present. Hopefully one day I will make ’em.

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    Doe in Mi says

    Love the pattern, love the colors, but think you are right about changing the color in the border, the light color just kinda sits there. Had to change the color in the border of the quilt I’ve got going. Same thing, it just sat there.

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    Jane says

    Oooo nice! That would be a great quilt for my brother….are you going to share the pattern? :o)

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    I love your pattern. I haven’t decided what I am going to do. I have pulled some browns, have one piece that will be the back. I have more fabric to look through, hoping to find enough for a twin quilt for donation.

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    Sue in Scottsdale, AZ says

    I love your design. I have very little brown in my stash so I don’t know if I’ll participate this month. A friend offered some of her brown but I keep telling her that the idea is to use up my stash, not get more! We’ll see what happens.

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    Just pulled a bag of lights and a bag of darks. Thought about throwing in some rusts and golds but didn’t. Maybe for accents. Now to finalize a pattern. Your planned quilt looks great and easy. Those are the best kind. I’m still quilting my violet quilt and need to post my yellow quilt. This has been fun.

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    Tizzie says

    Still working on violet, but have brown quilt planned. My son wants a puppy quilt. I will be using a Java House pattern. It is so cute!

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    The way the border pattern doesn’t join at the corners worries me a little; making the pale part of the corners L-shaped is what I’d do with it. (Or have I missed the point, and you are trying to break up the continuity?)

  13. 21

    Mel Meister says

    I actually have a brown/rust/gold quilt that I need to finish. It was supposed to be my son’s birthday present over a year ago! LOL! I hadn’t planned on doing the brown Mono quilt, but since I already have one started, I guess I should finish it.

  14. 24


    I wasn’t going to do the brown challenge as again I don’t have a lot of brown, but that pattern is so striking, I may have to make a small one. You certainly have the design gene. Thanks, Judy. May we use this pattern? I’m pretty sure I can figure it out from the picture.

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    shredkate says

    I do not have a blog or website. Can I still participate in the monochromatic challenge. Just found your blog tonight while searching for charity quilt ideas, and I have been browsing here for more than an hour!