Brown Border Corners

This is the quilt design I posted yesterday, with a few tweaks to the colors:

One reader commented that she wasn’t about the corners and I wrote her back that sometimes (though rarely), I like to break the rules.  When I first put this border on here, I wasn’t sure I liked it either but I played around with a couple of options and then decided this quilt is kinda whimsical and it needed borders that weren’t quite so “refined”.  I also told her that I’d show some of the other options I considered for this quilt.

Y’all can tell me what you think about the borders and maybe if a whole bunch of you like a different border, I’ll change my mind.

Option #1 is kinda what I would normally do.  It has a more finished look but to me, it seems like the corners have a rounded affect and everything else in this quilt is real square-ish.

Option #2 has plain corners.  Not bad but not great.

Option #3 has half square triangles in the corners.  I like this one. 

Option #5 has quarter square triangles in the corners. Here I was just playing around with making the borders different colors.  Probably not something I would really do.

Option #6 just proves that the border options are limitless when  using Electric Quilt.  It also proves that it’s time for me to get off the computer and get busy sewing.  What’s funny is that I really like this border . . but it is kinda weird.

Option #7 is the last one  . . really!  I was fixing to turn the computer off and saw another possibility . . with the “arrows” on one end.  I kinda like that too.  Do you see that I did all these borders in about 5 minutes without ever changing the block but just changing the colors in the block?  How fun is that!  Now you know why I say I make quilts just so I can make borders.  I love making border!


  1. 6


    I like Number 1 because it echoes the stair-step theme from the main blocks, and also because it’s innovative and different from what we usually think of for borders — really “free thinking” and very artistic. 🙂

  2. 9

    Carol says

    I like your first version best and then #2 with plain corners. They add to the blocks.

  3. 10

    Ida says

    Your original design.

    I feel that adding triangles takes away from the quilt. You’re going w/ rectangles. Just stick w/ rectangles. 🙂

  4. 11

    pdudgeon says

    my vote is for #3.
    I was thinking #2 yesterday when i saw the pattern, so i’m glad you showed that option as well.

  5. 12

    Sandi says

    They’re all nice, but I have to say…I LOVE #6, and 7, too. How very fun! (Smiley face – I don’t know how to do emoticons in this format…oh, well!)

  6. 14


    To me, options 1 and 3 make the “squareness” of the main part of the quilt show up more…and I like that effect. Of course, they all have their good features. The one I like the least (not that you asked) is option 5 (with the borders being two different colors). It is amazing how many differences can be shown using EQ!

  7. 16


    I am thinking 6…I don’t think these comments are helping you make a decision at all….everyone has something different to say. The good news…you can’t make a bad choice because they are all good.

  8. 17

    Mischaele says

    Judy, got the morning splash quilt back from quilting lady. John opened it up already and just loves the bright colors in it. He wants me to put the binding on NOW, but have to finish up the baby nursery first. I am taking it to a funeral today to show off. They all sewed and quilted in their younger days. I love all the borders.

  9. 18

    Becky R says

    Favorite is #1 and I was prepared not to like any others but #7 does soften the “brown” look.

  10. 21

    judy says

    #7 I really like the look and movement of the arrows as they travel around the quilt. #1 and #3 are good but I like #7 the best. My suggestion would be to make the border in real life then try the different corners. Not everything in EQ looks the same in fabric. I could sit and play with the EQ program all day and design quilts. The last one I did has a totally different layout then the original design, but everyone likes it.

  11. 22

    gail says

    I’m with Annie; #2. With the open corners I get the feeling of being invited in, ie to sit underneath the quilt. Sounds corny I know.

  12. 24


    While I like the borders that you did with the half square triangles IMHO they don’t work well on your brown quilt because everything else is so straight and square.

    Of course, it is your quilt and you need to do what makes you happy. . . but I just thought I’d give you my 2 cents.

  13. 25

    bjwalsh says

    I like #1 but #6 also calls to me…actually I would like to see#6 with the dark and light sides of the pieced border reversed. Oh how I wish I had EQ!!!

  14. 28

    Gina E says

    Option #7! Love the whimsy and it keeps with the overall rectangular feel. But it’s your quilt – do what you want… jmho.

  15. 30

    Kat says

    I really like numbers 6 & 7. I think because they have a lot of lighter color in them and I feel like it brightens up evertyhing and I am int bright! Also, I think the really give the quilt a “framed” look.

  16. 31

    Suzanne Smith says

    I like option #2 the best ,but wonder what it would look like if the stripe to each side of the corner continued and met at the very corner,or if the corner brown was the lighter gold colour? Just some ideas to add to your confusion!

  17. 34

    Gale says

    Option #2 – it invites you into the quilt and does not take your eye away from the quilt itself.

  18. 39

    Richelle in TX says

    My favorite is #3. But most important is your favorite. Looks like a fun quilt to make.

  19. 43

    Sibyl says

    I think #6 looks really neat. What you do with your quilt choices are just spectacular. Really neat.


  20. 46

    valerie says

    I like the one you chose, it echos the center design. Looking forward to seeing it made.

  21. 47

    quilterbee says

    I like the first one the best. It’s good that in quilting we all have different opinions and ideas as to what is the best border for the quilt. It’s what keeps quilting so interesting. There are no right or wrong just what you like best. I really like this quilt , thanks for posting it.

  22. 48


    I really prefer #1. To me, the other borders detract too much from the main part of the quilt rather than enhancing it. It does help to see so many different options though.

  23. 49


    Oops! I meant that I like #1 as in the original version. Since that didn’t have a number, in my mind, it just became number 1 since it came first.

  24. 50

    WiAmy says

    I like #1, then 2, but could you play with flipping the unit in the center of each border vertically so that the corners would match up?

  25. 51


    I’m not an expert but not a beginning quilter. When you posted your brown quilt(love the brown & all the colors!) one of the first details I noticed was the wonderful unique border! Please keep to your original plan!!

  26. 53


    My favorites are #1 and #3. The one at the top “bothers” me — my eyes keep running off the quilt. 😉

  27. 56


    My first reaction was to leave it with option #1. I don’t like borders that compete with the center, I wouldn’t want something complex for this quilt. But I dunno, when I saw the last one, I chuckled. I really like it, I think it adds a bit of zing to a fairly simple pattern.

  28. 57

    Linda (Petey) Fritchen says

    Option 1 pleases me due to the ’roundness’ of the corner between the two square corners. Choices, choices!

  29. 58

    Pat Hedrick says

    I like #2 the best. The rounded corners turn your eye back into the body of the quilt, and somehow the design in the quilt starts to look like rain or something dropping.

  30. 59


    I like what you picked for the quilt best. I do like #5 and then #1. It is a real cute quick (well we can hope it is, right?) quilt. Wish I had thought about it.

    • 61.1


      sorry, silly questions I had not scrolled back fare enough. . WEve been gone aweek and now Im running in circles….

      The above brown and gold quilt is exciting even tho its simple shapes. NEAT STUFF !

  31. 65

    Mel Meister says

    I like option #1 with the slightly rounded corners. The quilt is simple but quite clever. Reminds me of rain coming down. I would do this in blues and greens.

  32. 66

    Mel Meister says

    Or is option #2 the one with the rounded corners? I’m confused. Anyway, I like the one with the rounded corners.

  33. 67

    carol c says

    i like #3
    but i like the two colors like in #6

    so there you go, I like 3 with colors og 6

  34. 68

    Jan O in St Louis says

    I like the plain corners (#2) best. Everything else seems too busy for my taste, but maybe that’s just me. I LOVE the center!!!

  35. 69

    Linda in MI says

    What! I am the only one who loves #4! Just kidding…there is NO number 4…

    I like #3…with the corners…keeps the border from spinning around the quilt

  36. 70


    I like all of them except the one that “rounds” it off… and the center is wonderful! I am just finishing an orange and brown quilt, and working on an orange one. When I build my brown stash back up from the depletion job I just did on it -this quilt will definitely be on my short list!

  37. 72


    I like your final version,with #2, and #3 coming in a close second and third. Love the quilt, and think it would be a great scrappy quilt. Thinking it might be a great pattern for a wedding quilt i need to finish.

  38. 73

    Genia says

    I like the no 7 version–just something about those arrows I really like.
    Maybe it has something to do with the southwest feel of the quilt and the
    arrows just enhance that feeling. Good luck with making up your mind
    seems like everyone has a different opinion on this one!!

  39. 74

    Cathy Knowles says

    I really like # 6. It gives it a whole different feel as the beige gives it a more definded look Also would be easy to do strip piecing. Just like the warmer feel.