Packing it Away

When I do have to put projects away mid-stream, I now try to put it all where I won’t have to dig to find the pieces when it’s time to start working on it again.  After I got the rows sewn together yesterday, I packed them away, in order in a container.

The extra pieces which go into the pieced border were added next.

The two pieces of fabric that will be used in the borders were placed on top of all that.  I won’t need all of both of them but I stuck all of it in there anyway.

And finally, the pattern went on top of it all.

Then the lid was put on top, and it was added to the UFO corner.  I hope to get back to it real soon and it will be so nice to have the pattern and all the pieces together.  I wish all my old UFOs were so organized.


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    Kathy R in FL says

    I need to start using this system, too! I just cut up a piece of blue fabric that I’d been “saving” but I couldn’t remember why, so i cut it up. This morning, while straightening up another pile of projects in progress, I found the quilt top I was saving it for, to be used as the binding. I hate it when that happens!

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    I reorganized my UFO stash when you issued this year’s UFO challenge. Happily, I kept all the parts and pieces and extra fabrics together, so I’ve been able to just pull out a bag and get going on it. There were a few I knew I’d never work on again, so the fabric went back into the stash, and the rest was either, umm, or donated. That felt soooo good. I hope you’ll get back to this one soon, it’s so interesting!

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    shirley bruner says

    that’s how i keep all my projects, too. the only downside i have found is that if there is a book in there with the pattern…..i have been known to search for the book on the shelves and never find it. i forget there are books in the boxes. i guess i should copy the pattern and just put that in the box. see, you have given me a good idea. thanks

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    I’ve started doing this also. If there is a book, it goes into the bin too. Then I label the outside of the bin with what’s inside, including the book and special thread.

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    Linda H says

    Good idea! It is so helpful and saves me so much time to have little systems for different phases of quilting. You know what I would add to your system? For me, I would add a little sticky note telling me what step to start with when I next pick it up so I won’t have to take the time to figure that out. Because I do that, I am more likely to take advantage of really short, time available, sewing sessions. –It’s probably an age thing; delicate memory, y’know. 🙂

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    I like a project box too! Actually I went through my old UFOs recently and made notes or changes in addition to making sure the pattern and fabrics were all in one place. Other decisions will always happen as it is sewn, but at least when I pull the bin I have my original thoughts there!

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    I’ve been planning to find myself some project boxes just like yours Judy – I’m sure they make the chances of finishing up UFOs about a million percent higher. how many times have I found the fabric and lost the pattern or found the pattern and can’t find all the fabric. I guess tidying up wouldn’t hurt me either!!

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    Do you label the box and note it’s location somewhere? You could always pull one project box out at some interval and “complete” the kit. Eventually they would all be done.

    Are you laughing at me yet?

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    Darlene S says

    Judy, I use pizza boxes and a few of the Art Bin plastic boxes for my in progress UFO’s. I label the outside of the pizza boxes with when it was started and what’s inside it. I have so many UFO’s that there is no more room in my closet on the shelf, so I’ve started stacking them under my cutting table. Now do you understand why I have to finish some of these instead of starting new ones. I’m really trying hard to get rid of all the pizza boxes and only keep the 4 nice Art Bins. So I guess that means I’d better get busy.

    I love the look of your new quilt. Hope it’s not stuck in your box too long. Dar in MO