Rows are Together

As I started packing away the blocks, it became apparent that since I had them close to the way I wanted them on the design wall, I should go ahead and sew the blocks into rows.  I couldn’t sew the rows together because the side and corner triangles aren’t done but at least I got the rows together.

As soon as I finish my brown top, I’m coming back to this one . . unless I start another one!  🙂

Do you know quilters who start one project and finish it before thinking about starting another project?  Maybe you’re one of those quilters!  Sometimes I wish I would finish one quilt at a time and not start so many projects but it really doesn’t bother me the way I work . . it keeps life interesting in the sewing room.


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    I do know quilters like that, some good friends. I admire them sometime, but I like to work on several things at once; keeps the juices flowing. Besides it’s fun to keep one quilt ahead in your mind so you can buy more fabric.

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    quilterbee says

    I used to have a million projects going at one time and none of them got completed. I taught my DD to quilt two years ago and since then we have been sewing together. We completed several of her quilts because I didn’t want her to be dissapointed with her quilt being partically done for years. We also sent those quilt tops, eight of them in one year, out to be quilted. It was at this time that I realized the benifit of finishing the whole quilt or at least the whole top before putting it up in the to be quilted pile. You do not have to hunt up the pattern, fabric, or figure out where you left off in the making of the top. It is much easier this way. I’ve still got UFO’s that need finishing but if we start something new the top gets finished.

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    pdudgeon says

    nope, one project at a time is so NOT me!

    right now it’s kind of like one (very) long production line at my place.
    i have 4 quilts being quilted ( the bindings are lined up on my sewing table) , one quilt being pieced, one quilt waiting to be bound, and a backlog of 8 more quilts in line for the quilter.
    i only have about 50 more designated quilts waiting to be started, LOL.

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    SarahB says

    My husband says I have QADD — I never work on one quilt exclusively till it’s done! I also have too many to keep track of going at once… right now I have my nephew’s birthday quilt, the purple quilt from last month, and a new quilt kit on the work table in front of me. And 6 (!!) tubs with ongoing quilts behind me. Today I need to also decide on a pattern and pull brown from the stash to start this months challenge! Some times, like today, I wish I was a one-quilt-at-a-time kind of girl but I can’t seem to find the discipline.

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    I am so bad! I should be working on my March ufo but I’m just itching to start a beach quilt with some batiks.I already have several projects started and know I should wait on the beach quilt but it’s hard to wait when you get a new idea.

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    I use to be a one-quilt-at-a-time person, it would bother me so much to not finish what I started. However a few years ago a great friend started to teach me how to do paper piecing and we would work on it when we would have ‘sew days’. Now that I live in another state that has turned into a PhD/UFO.
    Now a days I have been piecing the tops one at a time, but leaving the rest for when my DH can find a job and we can afford to get more material for the back and batting. But I do see how having more than one project going at a time can mix things up, if you get tired of doing a certain step over and over just move over to something different.

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    Freda Henderson says

    I’m the same kind of quilter you are Judy. I just started a new quilt a few days and have already seen another one I want to start NOWWWWWWW!

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    I have hundreds of quilts in my mind at any one time–and always, always have several in progress. There have been times I’ve thought I should finishe one before staring another, but the truth is that when one gets put on hold for a while and then I go back to work on it some more, the cumulative pleasure of the quilt multiplies.

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    I think that MOST creative quilters are FLITTERS from one thing to another. I do go through a “PHASE” at the beginning of every year and try to work on UFO’s instead of starting new things….but something new and exciting ALWAYS turns up!

    Love your new one, Judy!
    sao in Midlothian, VA

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    I always have several quilt tops I’m working on at once! If I get bored (or frustrated) with one top, I just work on a different one! Keeps it interesting and keeps the mind always going 🙂

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    Linda in NE says

    Wild. I love it. I can see it in my hand-dyed fabrics. Looking forward to seeing the finished top.

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    Linda in MI says

    my best quilting friend Joni does one project at a time,, then buys fabric for her next project…she has hardly any stash…mostly leftovers from previous projects. drives me crazy…but if she needs a certain fabric she knows where to come…mystash!!! and she usually finds what she needs…thank goodness.

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    I worked in a quilt shop for 5 years. Rarely would a customer come in where she would comment that she had to finish a project before she started another one. Taking into consideration that I also have several dozen friends who quilt, I believe 95% of quilters are working on another project (or MANY other projects) at a time. I usually have a pieced project, a hand embroidery and an applique project, minimum, going at one. GO JUDY!!