Stash Report – Week 10, 2011

Another week with nothing added!  15.75 yards were used which were:

  • 10 yards for the top with the quarter square triangles that’s set on point
  • 5.75 yards for the brown top

Used this Week:     15.75 yards
Used year to Date:    79 yards
Added this Week:    0
Added Year to Date:    0
Net Used for 2011:    79 yards

It wasn’t easy spending all day yesterday right across the street from a nice fabric shop but I stayed strong!

How’d you do this week?


  1. 1


    Judy, I’m so happy to tell you that I’ve finally quilted the Freeze Frame top from the lovely pattern that you designed. It only needs the binding now, which will get done this week! 🙂

  2. 2


    Wow, you are racking up those yards out this year! Congratulations on being able to resist temptation. Staying out of the fabric stores seems to be key for me on that front. If I don’t go, I’m not tempted!

  3. 4

    Susan Torrens says

    I’m still only buying fabric to finish projects. It can be hard, but I’m pleased with my projects so far…..

  4. 6


    The nicer weather, here and there, means I have yard work and gardening to do, so no shopping. If I stay away, then I’m not tempted. I will be going to Paducah soon, so I’m saving all my shopping energy for that trip.

  5. 9

    Bev in NC says

    This quilt has been around for quite some time andsd it will be good to get it done!!! Plus, since it is a very gnerous queen size, it busts a LOT of stash.

  6. 12


    Still 0! Very impressive. I knew months ago that there was no hope for me this particular week, with our guild’s quilt show going on this weekend! I swear I’m not going to buy any more today, though. Really…

  7. 16

    Denise says

    Your will power is amazing – as is your stashbusting usage. I on the other hand was in the local quilt shop yesterday. 🙂 But there was small amount of willpower – I did not even wander back to look at their lovely hand dyed yarns.

  8. 18


    My goodness, how do you do it? You’ll put all of us fabric designers out of business! It must have been quite a stash to start with though.

  9. 19


    Good for you. I wasn’t so strong this week at the quilt show I went to, but at least I am still in the black for the year.

  10. 20


    Your progress is always amazing. I am really doing better at finishing UFOs and odd spools of thread than I am at stash busting.

  11. 21


    I was weak this week but for a VERY good reason. 50% off pre cuts of my all time favorite Fig Tree line. How could I pass that up???? But I busted more than I bought, feeling good about that.

  12. 22

    Darlene S says

    Good going Judy. I sure do admire your will power. I did not add anything this week and only used 1/4 yard for a couple of blocks for a block exchange group. But I am working on my UFO challenges though. Dar in MO

  13. 24


    Sorry, Judy, I apparently posted my Design Wall post link on the wrong one of your posts! I just now realized it. Please delete it from here, and I’ll go post in the right place 😉 Thanks.

  14. 25


    I’m getting closer to being in the black! Plus, this post has my first attempt at free-piecing, so I’d love some feedback!

  15. 26


    After quilting for over 50 years I finally hung a design wall (cloth that is). It’s very helpful for managing colors for my Feathered Goose by Judy Niemeyer.

  16. 28


    I only added a tiny bit this week – 1/2 yard. I also discovered I really don’t like working with flannel, so I am cutting mine up for rag quilts!

  17. 29


    Finally got my stash report posted. I was disappointed to have nothing OUT this week. The only IN I had was a charm pack that I WON. 🙂