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    Really like the secondary pattern that shows up if you follow the beige/brown squares, I didn’t notice it at first.

  2. 5

    Keryn says

    I’m trying to be more like you, and use EQ7 for my designing. It’s addictive…. I love all the new features, it’s changed a lot since I first bought version 3. Gotta love all the possibilities. I like the blocks you showed, wonderful secondary design.

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    Hi Judy! I’ve been ghosting your site for a couple of years. This is my first Design Wall Monday post. Hope to continue each week. I love your blog! Say hi to Vince and Ruby for me.

  4. 9

    Susan Torrens says

    I’ve been enjoying the colours in your latest project. I can’t wait to get back to my stash to play. Just waiting for a bit warmer weather up north…..

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    I like your design. I reminds me of jewel facets, like cut diamonds. Time to shovel more snow! I am sick of snow I want to work in the garden.

  6. 22


    Yesterday it was very springlike here. I’m crossing my fingers that we have one more day like that before the rains return. Toni

  7. 23


    Beautiful Design! My design wall has been on vacation so it seems, though I have been catching upon some quilting. Does that count…….((Giggle))((Giggle))

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    We’ve got rain today in San Diego. Wish I could have stayed home instead of the nine hours that are ahead… I’m ready to get busy on my #1 UFO Kourageous Bellflower March’s project. I’m so excited how Kourageous is coming along. I like how your project is going. The lighter purple HST that have found themselves at the outsides of the quilt really pop. Sandi

  9. 33


    I’m finally getting back to my paper piecing, trying to get this done in time for our quilt show. Just gotta keep at it! (Except the rest of this week, cuz I’ll be going to Pigeon Forge, yay!!)

  10. 34

    Perry says

    Since I can’t seem to get anything finished, I thought I would start a new quilt, lol. Like this quilt you are working on. Wish I was as speedy as you are.

  11. 35

    shirley bruner says

    I finally have something worth showing on my design wall…LOL but now i am in a quandry as to whether i need to ‘fix’ it. it looks off center visually…which is how it is supposed to look but my brain wants to add another column to the right. what to do…what to do.

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    Kathy S. says

    Love the quilt you have on the wall. Thanks for hosting the DWM for all of us to participate in. I would have posted yesterday but I couldn’t get an internet signal. We received a bunch of snow and the weather channel visited the area. I am so ready for spring to arrive and the snow to go for another season.