Nothing Like Good Food

We started the Atkins Diet a week ago yesterday.  Well, Vince started on Monday but I had just made a cherry pie so it took me a few days to finish that off before I started the diet.  Vince hasn’t cheated . . he’s lost a great amount of weight in one week.  Me . . . well, the cherry pie was my first downfall.  Worse than the cherry pie is that I love to eat good food while traveling.  One day we ate at a Vietnamese restaurant and I had Phat Thai:

The noodles definitely don’t figure in well on the Atkins Diet.  The sauce was kinda sweet and heck . . I drank a Dr. Pepper too.  For dinner, I thought about having sushi.  That works on the Atkins Diet and maybe I could redeem myself after all those noodles and Dr. Pepper at lunch.  I was headed towards the sushi restaurant when I saw a policeman.  He was busy writing parking tickets so I figured I’d just interrupt him from his job and asked him if he knew anything about the sushi restaurant.  He didn’t know anything about the sushi restaurant but he recommended a Thai restaurant.

I don’t think the breading on the calamari is too good on the Atkins Diet either!  And my main dish had rice!  I did drink water instead of Dr. Pepper so that has to count for something . . right?

When (if) you diet, do you lose all self-control when out of town?  I do!  I blew it but I’m back home and back on the straight and narrow.


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    Diane says

    Honestly I can’t start a diet. If I start one, instantly I am craving everything I am suppose to stay away from, and wouldn’t normally even want. I am really kinda nuts that way. I never want french fries or chips until I am dieting. I hardly ever eat dessert, or want a candy bar until the D*I*E*T word comes into play.
    My ony real issue is Coke. I drink them like water. When I try to lose weight I can go about 5 days without one before I get REALLY mean and my husband goes and buys me one. 🙂

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      oh my goodness Diane! that so sounds like me! (except for the coke part, I love coke, but I get too much guff from hubby if I keep soda pop in the house, so I don’t – I would drink them everyday if they were in the house though!)

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    I quit trying to diet years ago. Every time I’d lose a bunch of weight, I’d gain it all back and then some. I did ”Nutri-System” twice many years ago – and it worked both times, but I gained it all back plus some after being done with it. I have NO self control! I don’t have any other addictions – very very little drinking, no drugs, no smoking, can’t I just keep my food? (and my quilting!)

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    Rose says

    I have heard that men drop weight faster than women. Seems unfair but guess it has something to do with way women are designed for child-bearing. My sister lost weight on Weight Watchers; most people do not lose huge amounts each week. WW concept is to learn to eat the right foods of proper serving size. It should be easier now that you are at home preparing the food.

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    shirley bruner says

    i hate how the weight just seems to fall off of men….God was not kind to us women in that department. i, too, am like Diane….tell me i shouldn’t eat something and that is just what i eat. i’ve probably lost 500 pounds over the last 50 years….and 600 found it’s way back to me. portion control seems to be key…but i don’t seem to be able to handle that either every day. i think some of us have to be fat to keep the world balanced….if we were all skinny we would probably slip off our axis and go hurdling through space. LOL ( as i write this i am eating girl scout cookies.)

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    Atkins diet…I shudder thinking about it. I think the key you need to follow is moderation, as opposed to just cutting out carbs from your diet completely. So I think that you should just move forward…after all, going cold turkey is WAY harder than weaning yourself off. So just keep saying that you’re weaning yourself off of carbs and you’ll be good…right? Right?

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    Bad four letter word – I like to say I am learning to eat healthier – I really do not like red meat and pork any longer, chicken rarely, but I do like seafood and trying to learn to eat that baked or grilled. What’s a girl to do. I have cut out the white stuff like bread, pasta, potatoes and rice – maybe have it once a month – still pleasingly plump thank you very much. Can we change the topic please? Judy C

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    I really love the Atkins diet. It is the one that works the best for me. My allergies disappear and I lose weight. My problem is the amount I eat. I know it and it still makes no difference to the scale!!


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    I lose control even at home. The minute you tell me I can’t have it, I am craving it (as I shove in fries right now). I am also a HUGH Diet Coke drinker, have been cutting back lately, but I find that I’m on a roller coaster with it – one time (no timeline) I am really good at cutting back and the next I can easily put down 4-6 a day.

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    pdudgeon says

    well with Lent comming up i’ll be doing something, just not sure what yet.
    i’ve already given up coffee and sodas–may have to give up the morning cup of tea as well as lunch each day.
    if i gave up the snacking candy as well, and started chugging around the pond every day, that would really help, LOL.

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    The adkins diet works for me. It cleared up my sinuses, and many other health problems. My daughter was having problems with cysts, and they wanted to do an ultra sound, but after being on it for a month they were all gone—the Doctor was amazed. It also helped her asthma. I actually take it one step farther and do an antifungal diet. It brings down my blood pressure along with exercise. Keep it up, I know it’s hard, but I find if I don’t cheat for a while my cavings actually go away.

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    Julianne says

    I tried the Atkins diet some years back. I gained weight. LOL I guess you have to find what works for you. I am still looking. LOL I do better when I don’t eat procressed foods or few of them. No bread, or white potatoes..lunch meats, hot dogs. Things like that. Whole grains, veggies and fruit with lean meat, eggs, cheese, unsalted nuts. That is what I should be eating…I feel the best then. Of course I am not eating that way right now. Honestly I feel that weight loss for the most part is about useing ( burning ) more calories than you take in, but that is just my thoughts. I hate to excerise so I will probably stay fluffy. LOL

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    Rita says

    The easiest diet I have ever been on is Let’s Do Lunch, by Troy Wilson. Look it up and try it. It is great. I lost 30 lbs., my husband lost 40. We are right where we want to be.

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    Robin says

    My diets include the see-food diet and the chocolate diet, also the bacon and biscuits and gravy diet!!!!

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    Mel Meister says

    Years ago I had a very close friend who was a nurse. She said that men lose weight faster than women because 1: They have a different muscular structure
    2: Women’s bodies are composed of higher levels of fat and our bodies have a tendency to hold onto fat 3: Because of the different muscular structure, men get a bigger bang for the buck from exercise.

    Another really neat thing she told me was that for every pound you gain, your body creates FIVE MILES of blood vessels/capillaries to feed it.

    No wonder it is hard on the heart to be overweight.

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    I read the book and tried Atkins about ten years ago. I take estrogen and the book said it doesn’t work if you take estrogen. It didn’t. Atkins suggested women might have to choose symptoms of menopause if they wanted to lose weight. Ha! Of course a man would say that! No contest.

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    Toni says

    The Atkins Diet is one of the worst diets for you….I did it and ended up in the hospital…your brain needs some carbs and some sugar…I loved to eat the steak and bacon though…Be careful with this diet…just use your head! Pop is not good for you but anything in moderation is fine…

    Stay healthy Toni

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      Laura says

      I agree 100% Toni! No diet that cuts total things out is good for you, the key is balance. And we do not need all that meat, we really don’t. All the allergies/sinus issues people say get cleared up are a result of cutting out something that they are sensitive to such as gluten. Stay healthy, eat a well rounded diet and your body will thank you.

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    I need to do SOMETHING. I did the Atkins a few years ago, and it worked well. I lost 20 pounds, and kept it off for a year, in a binge on a camping trip out west, I gained it back in a week! That means too much darn candy and snacks in the car! Once I did the original part, I gradually was eating more fruits, since it was fruit season, and I wasn’t giving it up. I still went months without gaining. I was happy to say, I didnt miss anything, and of course, was eating better. One problem here, is that my hub is a carb FREAK. Bread and rice are his downfalls, and I cant seem to get him NOT to make them (he is overweight too) and he just believes it is ALL about excersize. Maybe when you were 20, but not anymore. Good luck Judy. You look great, I hope you can stick with it.

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    One word”exercise” and that’s all you neeed to lose weight and to keep it off. When you try all these fads diets, they all work until you try to eat what or the way you did before the diet. If you exercise at least 20 minutes per day and I mean raise your heart rate and hold that rate for those 20 minutes, you’ll lose weight and keep it off. Exercise raises you body’s metabolism and the earlier in the day you exercise, the better it works. Also no carbs for dinner and no eating 3 hours before you go to bed, plus all that water you are supposed to drink. It all plays a part in eating right and being active. Too bad quilting is such a sedentary hobby. Why can’t it be tennis or swimming? Could you imagine if we played tennis or swam as many hours as day as we quilt? We’d be all skin and bones. Good luck to you and your husband.

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    Hey Judy…We are a low carb at our house but it’s easy to get off going out or to friends. I lost 33 pounds but a few are starting to creep back with winter. I would love some recipes to spruce up salad or veggies so they aren’t the same all the time. if you have some or know of some please share. I always love your recipes.

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    The rice they serve with sushi is a killer. It is super-carb rice. Best to order sashimi and not eat the rice – not even a bite! Tell them you don’t want it. I eat sushi once a week and usually get a bowl of sashimi – on rice, but I let my DD eat the rice.