Another Hobby

You knew I was going to do this, didn’t you?  I spent the weekend in Lawrence, Kansas at The Yarn Barn taking two days of classes on weaving.  The plan was that I would take the classes and see if I liked weaving and if so, I would get a loom.  And, yes, a loom came home with me.

It required just a little assembly to get the loom attached to the stand and Vince and Speck were happy to do the assembly for me.

For my class project, I chose gold and navy for Vince.

That project is finished except for tying the fringe at the end.  There’s another project loaded and I hope to finish it today.

This one is a narrow scarf — about 6″.  The only part of weaving that was causing me a problem was getting the side edges nice and consistent so I figured something that was narrow and quick would give me lots of practice on the edges.  I used Cascade 220 Superwash for the warp and a sock yarn for the weft.

Wait til you see my next project! 🙂


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    Oh, my goodness! I was going to say…”What a surprise”, but……actually I am NOT surprised. LOL

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    I have always wanted to learn to weave because I don’t have any hobbies. lol Maybe I will give it a try. I can’t wait to see everything you make.

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      If you can find a place near you that teaches weaving and sells looms, that would be great. I’m having so much fun with it!

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    Sharie - Moss Bluff says

    I will try to make my loom story short. When I was a little girl maybe 4/5 years old we had neighbor that had a little house in front of her big house. In the little house she had a loom. The loom took up nearly the entire house. I would go in there and watch her. From that time on, I always wanted a loom. I still want a loom. Do you thing that Jamestown would allow me to build a little house? Have fun………..

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    pdudgeon says

    Good for you! i think you’ll love weaving as much as you love knitting. in fact i wouldn’t be surprized to see Vince taking this up as a hobby as well.
    now all you need is a spinning wheel and you’ll be all set.

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      Never say never but for now, spinning doesn’t interest me much. I’ll be anxious to hear how it goes for you.

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    Judy, it’s great that you found another use for your sock yarn! Think how quickly you can use it up weaving…then you can buy more!!! Maybe I should take up weaving…

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    Well you know, you could always use your ugly fabric to weave rag rugs…..that was the only kind of rug we used growing up…..combining two hobbies into one!!!

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    Cindy in NC says

    And here I thought you’d slipped away to Mardi Gras. Come to think of it, you’d probably have gotten into less trouble in New Orleans.

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      Mardi Gras is the last place you’ll find me. I did that several years when I was younger but definitely not interested in that atmosphere any more.

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    Mary Beth says

    NO!!! Not another hobby!! Judy, Judy, Judy….do you realize how inadequate I feel right now 🙂

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    You have such fun things to play with!!! What you need now are a few more hours in your day. I can’t wait to see all of your new projects!

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    Linda says

    Yep! lol….I don’t know how you fit it all in…do you actually sleep? LOL Will be looking forward to all your new creations.

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    Pat in Washington says

    When I was growing up, we had sheep (Sunflower and Lambchop) who thought they were house pets. I loved when they’d get shorn, and run around in their long underwear. Mom would have the wool carded and made into batts – we had the warmest, heaviest sleeping bags on the planet! She also learned spinning and weaving and we still have two large looms in storage. Home-loomed things are so beautiful and have such substance.

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    I’m seriously thinking of a 4-harness table loom and lessons. When I’m going to do this is the question.

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    Linda in NE says

    What I want to know is…………Do you ever sleep? With the quilting, knitting, cooking and now the weaving, when would you have time?

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    TerryG says

    My nine year old daughter did some weaving in art class this year and she really enjoyed it. I bought her a small lap loom for her birthday. I just picked up the most recent issue of Family Fun magazine and inside it shows how to make a loom from a hula hoop! I REALLY want to try that! You can make small rugs, chair pads and baskets with it. (They also showed how you could use the same method with an embroidery hoop.)

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    Sherry says

    Judy, Judy, Judy! You are a trouble maker. You made me want to makes socks and I had to wait until this month so my sock knitting class would start. I did the cuff last week and this week I turned the heel and will make the foot part and Tuesday I will learn to do the toe and finally do the Kitchener (?) stitch. I tell you I’m loving making socks. Thank you for that. Back in the 80’s I wanted to learn to weave but had nobody to teach me so I found a wall hanging pattern I liked and my husband built me a frame. very primitive compared to yours and I made a gorgeous all white wall hanging with all different weights of white yarns. It’s so totally out of style now and I ended up selling it in a garage sale years ago. I’m going to fight the urge for a loom now because of too many other commitments but I know you’ll have a great time with your new project and I wouldn’t be surprised to find that Vince just might enjoy weaving himself.

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      Did you see the shop mom’s neighbor built behind his house? I doubt you could build one in front of your house but I’m guessing you could find room inside your house or build a room out back.

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    It really was never a question of if you were going to get it – only when would you get it. I suspected sooner rather than later. Enjoy and can’t wait to see your finishes. Judy C

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    I can’t wait to see your projects. I went this route, have the same loom and really like it. Took a one on one class with a teacher and felt I wasted my money. I had/have questions and am interesting in seeing your progress. My loom sits just like a left it a year ago.

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      That’s terrible! Our class was great. The first time I loaded the warp threads, I loaded them backwards but I think I have it down now.

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    Glenda in Florida says

    Ah, I was wondering where you were! Just be aware that this is very addictive. My mom has several looms now, and barely has time to sew anymore. She is looking at going to weaving camp again this year–she’s been twice before.

  19. 23

    Bizzybess says

    I can make a potholder with my granddaughter’s loopy loom.oh? That desn’y count? Oh,well. Can’t wait to see your beautiful creations.

  20. 24


    Yay Judy! Now I need more info. What kind of loom is that and what is the widest size that you can make? Last summer we vacationed in the Outer Banks and I went to a cool store called Endless Possibilities. They have a dozen floor looms and weave rags from old clothing into all kinds of things. I have been itching to get a loom ever since. I can’t wait to see what you do.

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      Suzanne Smith says

      Lisa – I checked out the Endless Possibilities web site and it looks like an exciting place to see in person. Judy you too should have a look it is very inspiring.

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    Beccy says

    I have a loom like yours and enjoy weaving on it. I took a beginner’s class; my teacher suggested threading two strands of yarn on both edges for more support. That works pretty good. I have also crocheted the edges after taking the piece off the loom, and that looks nice as well as tightening up the sides. Good luck!

  22. 26


    Oh how exciting! If I were in the area I would have been right there with you learning to weave. I used to spend my weekends in Lawrence, Kansas when I was going to Baker University in Baldwin City, Kansas…..ever heard of that?!

    Weaving sounds like SO MUCH FUN……as soon as I get my second sock finished I am going to THINK about this! 🙂

    And now your daily decision will be – shall I quilt …. or knit ….. or weave!

    I can’t wait to see your next project!

    sao in Midlothian, VA

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    Cathy Knowles says

    weaving is not of interest to me at this time. What with quilting, embroidery and corchet and must not forget making clothes for my 2gdd there just isn’t enough time in a day. And the time I spend on the p0utor or housework takes time from my me time. DH is good about doing the laundry and fixing his breakfast and lunch but I fix the evening meal. Oh an doesn’t do window do dishes.

    Hope you enjoy your toy and will look for p ic.


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    Evelyn says

    A-ha! You have been buying all that sock yarn for a reason – you just didn’t know it was going to be weaving… a much faster way of using it than knitting! Congratulations! I have had a LeClerc floor loom since I was 14 years old. I really like it – I just haven’t had much time to use it in the recent years past. But it is still there, waiting for me! Cheers! Evelyn

  25. 29

    Bon says

    OK Judy, now I really want to come visit you. (I’d bring donuts.) I’ve been wanting to learn to weave for years. I do have a little yarn shop near me that has looms. And then there is Webs out by Mary’s that I like to visit (yarn and looms). Maybe when I retire I can find time to actually take a class and see if I like it. Have a great time. Can’t wait to see your projects.

  26. 33


    Judy, which loom did you end up with? I see the picture but can’t recall which loom that is, the Kromski Harp or the Schacht Flip? Loved being in class with you. You are so nice – glad to find your blog. Chelle