A Sock Yarn Scarf

Weaving is so much fun!  I can’t stop — though I did stop to sleep for a while.  The scarf made from sock yarn with Cascade 200 as the warp is done . . washed and dried.

It ended up being right at 6″ wide and about 80″ long.  I hadn’t measured how long it was going to be but just wanted to practice getting the edges smooth and even.  If you click on the photo to enlarge, you can see the edges better.  I’m real pleased with them now.  Below is a photo of the scarf before it was washed.

If you click on that photo, you can see the threads much more clearly.  Once it’s washed, the fabric softens up and the threads kinda blend together more.  I love weaving!




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    sigh……….. you are just going to entice me to drag out my loom and get back to it aren’t you…… but I can’t!!!! I have a spinning class on Saturday and I need to get some work done first……..

    still…..the loom is calling loudly again now…………


    Oh and before I forget, the scarf looks great!!!!!

    Now where am I going to set that loom up at tonight…………..

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    LOL – I thought it was strange that you hadn’t posted all day – the new toy and the beautiful scarf explains it all ! Some woven placemats in that color would be beautiful also.

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    Sandy says

    I was worried about you not posting today. What happened to Judy??? But I see you have been busy weaving a beautiful scarf. You have so much ambition. I see more yarn buying in your future, lol. Very nice, Judy. Love the color.

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    jane says

    Okay, so now you just have to make cloth for your next quilt! Your scarf looks great and I am so jealous! I’ve been interested in weaving since I was like twenty years old.

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    Marilyn Smith says

    Judy, that is lovely. My mother had a stand up (floor model-huge) loom when we were kids. She made beautiful woolen fabric and then sewed them up into masterpieces. She was such a talented woman. Weaver, sewer, knitter, needlepoint and a painter. Cooking was not her favorite tho!

    I can see you moving on to something bigger – you will need another room on the house or a 40 x 50 studio!!!

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    Sharon Spingler says

    Beautiful scarf! Love the colors.
    A lady near Fresno made horse blankets out of strips of fabric and sold them for a small fortune.

  7. 10

    Mary Jo says

    You have got to stop with all of the great projects that you are doing!!! You are making me seem like a total slug! I don’t get a tenth of the things done that you do! I really love the scarf and can’t believe what a wonderful job you did on one of your first projects.

  8. 12

    pdudgeon says

    a beautiful job!!! that is truly amazing work, Judy.
    (and now you know what to do with that yarn stash, right?)

    pretty soon you’ll be known as the lady walking around town who makes all the beautiful scarves AND quilts, and cooks for the local phone and electrical guys.
    (and that’s not a bad reputation to have.)

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    The scarf is beautiful! I have always wanted to learn to weave. I found a DIY loom and I intend to make one this weekend. Looking forward to seeing more of your projects. Like Patricia said, I want to be like you when I grow up.

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    What a lovely scarf and beautifully done. Your edges are perfect. Once upon a time weaving tried to lure me in, but the kids were young and I had enough other stuff to do that it went by the wayside. I think it will stay there and I’ll enjoy it through you. 🙂 YOU ARE AMAZING!!! (Yup, I was shouting. 🙂

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    Oh, forgot to add, dinner is in the pressure cooker. Thanks for your encouragement. (It’s bean soup with elk sausage and it smells terrific!)

  12. 16

    Mary says

    It’s very pretty but I will resist! I don’t know where I’m going to put everything I already have in the condo when we move and I know a loom won’t fit!

  13. 17


    i love it….now i have to resist getting a weavng loom. that looks like so much fun. perhaps i could assign each day to a craft….let’s see…sunday – weaving; monday – quilting; tuesday – crochet; wednesday – zentangles; thursday – cross stitching; friday – reading; saturday – demolition. yep, that would work. i might need a couple more days in my week, though.

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    Linda H says

    Beautiful scarf; love the colors! Good edges! Brings back memories of my Univ days. For my required art elective, I took a weaving class. We worked on large floor sized treadle looms in the garrett of an old historic house that was soon to be restored. It was magical being up there in the evenings, clacking away. I didn’t know what I was doing and was too poor to buy my own yarn, so I had to use the leftovers in the class scrap bag. Not very pretty, but then my edges weren’t very pretty either. ;-p

  15. 20


    Man, is there anything you CAN’T do?? (Besides cross bridges!) You are amazing, and Vince better know the prize he has! The scarf is beautiful. Is it a lot stiffer when you weave as compaired to knitting? I am not too familiar with it, even tho my MIL did a lot of it, she mostly did pillows, and rugs and things. A friend of ours weaves, and we buy stuff from her (mostly rugs and sauna mats) and that is my “experience” with it!! Looking forward to seeing more of your progress, and I have no doubt everything will be beautiful! And just think of how much yarn you can use up!

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    Mel Meister says

    I have a friend who is trying to get me to spin. She gave me a wooden spindle and a huge bag of roving. I’m not so sure spinning is for me though.

  17. 23


    First you entice me to learn to knit again, now your pushing me to this, maybe later.
    The scarf looks great, I can see many projects in your future and I am inspired to make some of my own…scarfs, throw blankets, place mats.
    Oh, do I see a tapestry in your future?