My Red Star chickens consistently lay large eggs and my Easter Eggers . . well . . one inconsistently lays small green eggs and the other one consistently lays nothing!  Every now and then, I get a huge egg from one of the Red Stars.

The two green eggs, especially the one on the left back side, are small.  The brown eggs are big but look at that one next to the little green one on the back row!  That egg is HUGE!  The cartons are for XL eggs and I had to remove four of the eggs in this carton because they were too big but dang .. that one next to the little green one is just too big.   I feel bad for the chicken that laid that one but they all seem perfectly fine so I guess it didn’t bother her too much.


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    I had Welsummer’s and they laid the biggest eggs I’ve ever seen – they wouldn’t fit into the Jumbo egg cartons (the lid wouldn’t close!) They are not huge chickens either. Someone told me once that eggs are slightly soft as they are being laid, but harden as they hit the air. Not sure if that’s true, but sure would seem like it’d make it easier for them to lay the eggs that way!

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    heh .. yeah, we sometimes get Jumbo eggs like that also. The eggs usually have a “ridge” line somewhere around the entire egg. I like to think of those eggs as “double grunters” … if you know what I mean.

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    Judy, how do they taste, are they as good as they sound? I mean, FRESH eggs, they must be so yummy…….. I have not had a “fresh” egg (non grocery store egg) in a lifetime, it seems. 🙂 But I did have them when I was a kid who visited my aunt and uncle on their farm, I just have no memory of eating them or if they were good. I was just a kid then. ;D
    Connie (W formerly)

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    I heard that as chickens get older the eggs get bigger, if that’s the case then real ouches are going to be in order.
    My girls (two Hollands) are just now into their second year and are laying jumbo size eggs. We love having fresh eggs on hand even though we don’t use them as quickly as they’re laid so my friends are benefiting from them too.