You may have guessed that I’m pretty lacking when it comes to self-discipline!  With the new loom and wanting to work in the yard and start new quilts and play on Electric Quilt, there’s a voice I keep hearing.  It started out low and kind but lately, it’s been getting louder and downright angry!  I don’t like angry voices!   Get the book finished!  Stop procrastinating!

Seriously, I’m not hearing voices so please don’t call out the men in the white coats.

I detest procrastination.  If there’s something to do . . get it done!  It just hangs over my head like a weight and and even when I’m weaving or knitting or working in the yard, I’m thinking  . . I should be working on the book!

Thursday night while having one of my late night conversations with my friend, Sarah, I was whining about not having it done and Sarah was admonishing me for not having it done so yesterday morning I said to myself that I was going to get two of the quilts completely edited and if I do two per day, by the middle of next week, I’ll be done.  It isn’t due til May 15 so it’s not like I’m late but I’d like to have it done by April 15 because . . well . . I just don’t like deadlines or procrastination.

Friday morning I headed straight downstairs to get those two quilts done and I didn’t stop til I had four of them done!  Here’s a screen capture of the pages I’ve written and edited so far.  67 pages!  7,711 words!  Progress surely feels good!


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    I’m proud of you Judy, you done a decent days work. I’m a procrastinator and work well under pressure but I’ve been trying to over come this trait and find that I’m quite pleased when I finish things well before the deadline.

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    Think of us, WE cant wait till it is done! I cant wait to get a copy already! That is great, I am a procrastinator too. I hate it, but it is what it is. Every time I decide to do better, something gets thrown in my way anyway, to stop me from doing what I SHOULD be doing, and then I get behind. I give up and just do what I can or drive myself crazy.
    We also want you to get it done so you dont have stuff you cant show us anymore!

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    Yeah!!! for progress. That’s lots of pages and lots and lots of words. I sure hope there are pictures in this book. 🙂 I think you have a good plan for yourself. Get your work done early in the day so you can play. Look at me, I need to practice what I preach. 🙂 😉

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    Great job! I’m trying to remember right now that resting is NOT procastination, its helping me recover from this virus I’m fighting. I did help my son embroider yesterday – but just a friends name on his Scout blanket!

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    I’m like you, putting things off and dreading them. Then, when I do sit down to get it done, I discover it wasn’t so bad after all. I’m trying not to put things off-and I’m getting better at it. You can to0!

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    good plan….i do my best work first thing in the mornings. you’ll be done before you know it….then we can all go out and get your new book.

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    I have a couple of quilt book ideas in my head but when I think about how many things I’d have to give up, for weeks and months, to concentrate on it, I just don’t know how I’d ever be disciplined enough to do it.

    You consistently impress me, Judy.

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    Karen says

    My little voices are telling me to get finished with the taxes – all I have to do is pull the paperwork together for our tax guy. I’m doing Mom’s & Dad’s now too so I have a couple of little voices in my head. All I want to do is knit!

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    Forgive me, but I laughed out loud at the title of your post before I opened it 🙂

    Thank goodness for little voices–they make us do things we MUST do, before we get to the real part of life, things we WANT to do, LOL!

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    I always think of writing a book as a fun and energizing process, but I guess the details and the editing and the numbers wouldn’t be any fun at all!

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    Good for you. I agree with you, getting things done is LIBERATING and allows you to enjoy the things you are procrastinating with!

    I remember when I was writing my dissertation – I had the CLEANEST HOUSE – all of my drawers were neat and organized – I was a “football team mother” a Brownie co-leader” anything “good and productive” to use as an excuse……but once I got to work on it, I felt MUCH BETTER!

    You are awesome, Judy. You get lots done and inspire all of us!!!!

    sao in Midlothian, VA