A Guessing Contest

Yesterday I showed you where I was on my book.

67 pages!  Here’s a contest — can you guess how many total pages I’ll submit to AQS?  Here are some hints:

  • The 67 pages is just one part.  There will be at least 2 parts.
  • The pages I submit have totally nothing to do with the number of pages the book will actually have.  I submit large photos and they divide things up into tables and condense it.  My “pages” don’t include the photos of the quilt so really . . looking at my previous books (you do have them . . don’t you?)
  • This only counts the patterns and writing part — not the Table of Contents, Acknowledgments, etc.

The winner will get a hand woven scarf that I will make and since I have several on my list of “dying to make”, I’ll even give the winner a choice of several to choose from.   I sure am a nice blogger, huh?  Except . . if you’re too far south to need a wool scarf, you’ll just have to give it to a friend because that’s all I’m offering.  Maybe I’m not such a nice blogger!  🙁

So, all you have to do is leave a comment and tell me how  many total pages you think it will be.  You can only leave one comment because if you leave more than one, neither will count.  What I’ll do is . . when I finish the book, I’ll do screen shots of both sections, post them, we’ll add the number of pages together and the entry closest to right gets the prize.  If there’s more than one guess that’s right,  I’ll randomly choose one from among the winning guesses.



  1. 7

    Jeanne B. says

    What fun!! My guess is 204! BTW, I can’t believe how professional your weavings look for a “newbie”!! Is there anything you can’t do? :o)

  2. 22

    Linda says

    I live in Canada…we still have snow, they are still forcasting a bit (I hope!) of snow. I LOVE what you are weaving so far….as for pages I’m going to guess

  3. 39

    Debbie says

    149 That is the number that just jumped into my head so I am going with my first thought

  4. 48

    patti says

    155 pages. would love a scarf, but don’t want to have to use it until next winter… come on spring!

  5. 51


    121. Wow, watching to see you pick one that isnt already used is going to get hard! Glad I am “fairly” early!

  6. 53

    Diane says

    Since my first two guesses were taken already I say…122 pages. I can’t wait for this book!

  7. 54

    Gwynette says

    148 is my guess. We are going to N. Dakota and northern Montana in May. I’ll need that scarf…LOL!!!

  8. 56

    barbara says

    152 pages. I live far enough north for a woven wool scarf…snowed again last night UGGH

  9. 58

    Clare says

    I guess 167 pages. I live in Vail, AZ and it was cold this winter your scarf would of helped. Good Luck on your book.

  10. 59

    Kathy says

    I’m going to guess 164. I sold my floor loom years ago but watching you play I’m wanting to dust off my 4 harness table loom.

  11. 63

    Judy from Ontario says

    Good Morning Judy … my guess is 130 … living in cold Ontario I could use a scarf.

  12. 65

    Nancy says

    I will guess 184 and I saw someone else did that but I was stuck on that number before I went into the comment section…..good luck with the rest of it Judy!!!

  13. 69

    Linda Kay says

    I believe it will total 163. Sure would love one of your scarvs. It does get pretty cold sometimes in the Texas south plains.(Lubbock area)

  14. 70

    Elizabeth says

    Hi Judy, I am guessing your book will have 119 pages. Keep up the good progress. You amaze me at all that you get accomplished. You also inspire me to tackle my projects.

  15. 73

    Sarah M. says

    215 is my answer. I would like to know if it is going to be a hardback first and then go to paper-back? Or will it be paperback ? That sometimes makes a difference in pages. I am guessing that it will be hardback. Hang in there and get ‘er done!

  16. 83

    Margery Jansonius says

    My guess would be 143. Love your weaving, another hobby to contemplate?

  17. 85


    I will guess 123 pages. I am moving to SW Wisconsin most likely before next winter, so a scarf would be nice. I have a loom, but have not used it. It is an old Union loom that was given to me years ago. Thanks for the link to the Yarn Barn as they have the thread I need to make rag rugs.

  18. 86


    156 has been my lucky number since I was a kid, so I’ll go with that. Who knows, maybe it’ll be lucky this time! Congrats on the book!

  19. 90


    I am guessing 101 pages. And I will find someone to give the wool scarf to who lives in a colder climate. I really love your dish towels. A really good idea — getting the loom to do dish towels.

  20. 91

    Jane says

    133 is my guess….I hope no one else has taken that number…I was going cross-eyed trying to scroll through the posted comments to check! LOL I DEFINATELY need a scarf! We still have at least 3 feet of snow everywhere and it was -20C here this morning…..we are still having winter that’s for sure! 🙂

  21. 99

    Donna says

    Oops I read it wrong. I thought it was published pages so I’m guessing 156 pages.

  22. 104

    joan godfrey says

    137 we need all we can get in the winter. a beautiful scarf would be great.

  23. 107


    For no reason in particular, I’m going to say 218. I don’t believe that number’s been used, but if it has, then you’ll just have to go into “tiebreaker” mode, I guess 😉

    Thanks, Judy! You always come up with fun stuff to ponder.

  24. 108

    Beth Scott says

    I’m guessing 131. With all your new interest, you are gonna keep us in line with quilting stuff, right?

  25. 121

    Darlene S says

    I’ll go with my lucky numbers of 148. What a wonderful prize you are giving. Thanks

  26. 124

    Mary says

    My guess is 182 pages. Can’t wait to get the book. You’re torturing us because you can’t show the pictures. OK, patients – it’s just a few more months.

  27. 138

    Vera says

    I’m guessing 135 pages… could use a scarf made by a nice blogger.
    Congratulations on your latest book!

  28. 139


    265 🙂 You like to talk a lot, and have lots of pictures. That has to bring the page count up a lot. But I love your stories. They remind me of my dad.

  29. 140

    Marie says

    My guess is 84. And right now with ice pelts hitting the windows, that scarf sounds wonderful!!!! Thanks for the giveaway!!