Making Ends Meet – Instructions #1

If you don’t have the amounts of fabric needed in your stash — say you don’t have 3 yards of navy or 3-3/4 yards of one fabric for the background, it would be just fine to use a bunch of different background fabrics.  Or, for the navy, use one for the chain blocks, one for the 1st and 3rd blue borders and a different one for the outer border.  Do whatever works for you!

Before beginning, it always helps me to make a little chart something like this and I glue a little snippet of your fabric  on there to keep myself from getting confused.

This is the quilt the instructions are written for:

Here are the fabric numbers I’ll use throughout the instructions:

Fabric 1 – Background (shown as a pale peach)
Fabric 2 – Orange
Fabric 3 – Green
Fabric 4 – Gold
Fabric 5 – Navy

Instructions for today:  Using Fabrics 1 and 2, make 144 half square triangles.  These should measure 2-1/2″ unfinished/2″ finished.  This is the most time consuming part.  Don’t feel bad if you fall behind.  Get as many made as you can and make more when you have free time.

Don’t complain about 144 half square triangles either!  🙂   Using Triangulations®, I made all of mine in 1-1/2 hours — start to finish!  Twelve stacks of twelve.




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    Becky R says

    Thanks for making it soo easy to print the instructions. Don’t you just love the Best Press spray?

  2. 4


    Ok here we go. I need another project like a hole in the head. But I pulled my fabrics and I have 25 of them suckers made and pressed and trimmed. Shirley

  3. 5


    Just got my Triangulations CD, and cant wait to use it. Of course, I have a few things to do before I can do this, but want to ASAP, as it is another great design from Judy! Cant believe I love ALL of your stuff. That is unheard of for any artist, isnt it? Authors, painters, weavers, etc. I am looking at the colors of the last one. Do you find Triangulations easier then your Accuquilt Go? I am seriously thinking about getting one of these. I spend HOURS cutting, and I love it, but it takes a long time. Anyway, thank you for another wonderful pattern!!

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    I am a little behind, so tonight I will check my stash to see what I can do. This is a great quilt, I am excited to try this quilt along – my first time (with the quilt along, not quilting itself).
    Thanks for the beautiful pattern and instructions.

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    Freda Henderson says

    That is a gorgeous quilt Judy and I may have to add it to my to do list. This week I am at the Methodist hospital in Memphis where my hubby had surgery for a benign brain tumor. He is doing good but I’m not getting anything done!