Smoked Salmon

Vince bought some salmon last week and smoked it.

He puts Kosher salt on it the night before and then rinses that off and pats it dry.  Then he coats the outside with a thin layer of brown sugar and puts it on the smoker.  I could eat this every day!  We put some chunks on a salad.  We mashed some up with mayo, cream cheese, spices and made a spread.  There were 6 pieces and I think we had smoked salmon in some form every day this week.   I smoked three slabs of baby back ribs on Saturday so the nights we weren’t having salmon, we had ribs.  I haven’t cooked much this week at all!

Chad was in Louisiana for spring break.   From what I’ve heard, both he and Nicole hated to come home.  It was warm and sunny there and he said when they got to Fort Smith, AR, it was cold and windy and they considered turning around and going back to Louisiana.  They went crabbing a couple of times, ate crawfish, ate at a couple of Chad’s favorite restaurants, he got to visit with my uncle, with Kristy and her family, and they were staying at mom and dad’s so they got to spend some time with them.

He’ll be home some time this morning and I’m ready to see him!  Speck goes to the vet this morning for a nail trim and shots  . . I always schedule that when Vince can go with me.  I hate taking him to the vet.

Maybe this afternoon I can get some sewing in . . or . . maybe not!  🙂


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    I smoke kokanee (a land locked salmon) this week for my son and his friend. OMG, talk about making a pig of myself! Rumor has it I’ll be smoking lots more for them. I’m not sure how they are brining theirs but I know there is brown sugar involved. They call it fish candy.

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    JoanS says

    Judy, I can’t seem to find how to email you! Please excuse this use of your comment section! I’m reading this on Firefox. Have you tested your site with the new Internet Explorer 9. I downloaded that one yesterday and cannot read your blog on it. It opens correctly for maybe a second, then goes blank except for all the sidebars. And to keep this somewhat relevant, your description of the smoked salmon makes me want to try it!!

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    Sue in Scottsdale, AZ says

    Oh Judy, you made me so hungry and wanting to go back to my childhood with the talk of the smoked salmon. Growing up, every Sunday morning my dad would go to the deli and get smoked salmon, white fish, lox, cream cheese, and other things. He then would go to the bagel shop. Every Sunday morning we had fresh bagels, lox, cream cheese, and an assortment of smoked fishes. Oh how I miss those days. My husband won’t eat any of this type of food. He doesn’t know what he is missing!

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    Mary Jane says

    Dear Judy,
    My husband smokes salmon the same way except that between the kosher salt and the brown sugar he soaks it in dark rum for 30 minutes. Yummy! I love your blog and read it every day and sometimes check more than once a day to see if anything new has happened.

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    Pat in Washington says

    I’m with you – I could eat salmon every day of the week. Smoked, grilled, BBQ’d – doesn’t matter, it’s all good.

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    Kathy C says

    How much salt does Vince put on?
    What kind of fuel does he use in the smoker (wood, charcoal, chips)? How long does he smoke it?
    I can get 5 different kinds of wild salmon here and we have a smoker but have never put salmon on it. I usuallt wait till one of our friends smoke some fish and then beg.

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    My dad worked 6 days a week when I was a kid so I didn’t see him much. He managed to go fishing in San Francisco Bay a couple times a year and my fondest memories are when my mom and I would wait to hear his truck come around the corner after one of those days. She’s turn up the heat on her huge cast iron pan, the Salmon would be barely ‘flipping’ in the pail and my dad would cut ‘steaks’ from it and slap it in the hot pan, fresh as could be. Heaven. Once in a while he’s smoke some and that was even better! I couldn’t eat salmon for 5 years after he passed away knowing it wouldn’t compare . . . .

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    Julie H. says

    Salmon sounds yummy. I like it mixed with cream cheese and some sliced green onion then spread on crackers.