Goodbye Missouri

Ready for a new adventure at Patchwork Times? I’m not sure I am but . . ready or not . . .

It seems like just yesterday I wrote this post.  We moved here in early January, 2007 and we have mostly good memories of this little town.  I love so much about this area.  Doesn’t matter though . . our time here is up and we’re moving to Texas.  It’s another small town 60 miles from a larger city.  It’s a good thing shopping and city life aren’t priorities for us.

The worst part of the move — Chad says he isn’t coming with us.  I always knew some day he’d move off and leave me but I never thought I’d move off and leave him.  That’s just not right!  He graduates in May and we’ll probably be leaving June 1 so . . he’s 23-1/2 years old and can make his own decisions but I’ll be real happy if he changes his mind.

Finding a house there is turning out to be a bit difficult.  We have absolutely not one house in mind that will work.   Vince has looked at several we found on the internet that we thought might work but they will not work for one reason or another.  We have a realtor who knows what we’re looking for but there are so few houses on the market there.  Find a house with a gas stove is probably not going to happen either! Every time I talk to Vince, I say “you’re not going to buy a house before I see it, are you?”  He always says no but I’m not feeling real confident.

There will be big changes and the next couple of months will be a roller coaster ride with appraisals, inspections, house hunting trips, showing our house, Chad’s graduation, and who knows what else.  I’ll take one day at a time.  I will bloom where I’m planted and there should be plenty of adventures to blog about through the process.

Oh . . before you ask . . the chickens do not make the move.  There are a couple of people here who might take them.  I think since they’re so smart and sweet and productive, we won’t have a problem finding a good home for them.  Vince is pretty non-committed to whether or not I can get chickens again.  We’ll see . .



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    I’m one who likes change and would be happy to move. I just like experiencing new things. I don’t like the actual move process though. I hope you find the perfect house and that the move goes smoothly! How exciting!

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    Texas is home for me. I lived elsewhere for 18 years and happily returned upon retirement. I hope you grow to love it here. Good luck on all that you must do in order to make the move a success … and welcome!

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    Marla says

    How exciting! I suspected something was going on. Aren’t you glad you did not build that other kitchen? I hope you find exactly what you are looking for.

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    I supposed it’s too much to wish for…but it sure would be cool if you were close to Port Aransas/Corpus Christi where we winter. I look forward to reading about your adventures. Sounds like the house hunt will be the biggest challenge. And you’ve prepared Chad to leave the nest successfully. Just hard on Mama! Good luck, and I’m excited for you too!

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    Sandra Neel Hutchins says

    Hey, you’ll be closer to “home”! Missouri will miss you both I’m sure. Texas quilters will be very glad to see you coming! But now, you won’t have any excuse to stop at the Amish Cheese House! We’re going there next week for cheese and cinnamon rolls from Aunt Nettie’s bakery.

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    Karen C says

    Is your new town on the side of Texas near Louisiana? =) Have faith the right house for you will come along. How exciting… a new adventure! Good luck!

  7. 9

    Dj says

    Well I am sure you will make the best of the move. We must get together for some of your gumbo before you leave.

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    What a surprise, Judy. I assume you know Texas. I had aunts in both Beaumont and Dallas for many years and my husband did a post doc at Texas A&M so we got to know the state and really enjoyed it. I like your attitude about the move. You’ll have so many new adventures. I will say that Texas has no basements (shifting sands or something) so you fruits/vegetable cellar could be a thing of the past. I don’t envy you the actual moving especially all the quilt fabric. We’ll all be anxious to hear your new adventures.

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    Oh gosh, are you sobbing?! No Chad, no Ruby (& her purple coop), no garden, no deer that can’t be hunted? I hope it’s a good move & that you find the perfect house but I’m shocked & sad to hear you have to go.

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    Good luck with your move and finding a house. I know it will be tough being separated from your son. Our kids have lived everywhere including overseas.

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    shirley bruner says

    Congratulations on the move….i love moving. LOL i lived in Texas (dallas area) for 20 years and loved it. my son is still down there in Granbury. hope you find a wonderful place that you will just love. don’t leave us all alone out here in blogland too long, ok?….we have to know that you are doing ok and what is going on. wish i could help you. i am making a trip to my son’s in May. want me to take some of your stuff down there? LOL hope you can keep up with the monochromatic color and UFO challenges ….. i will really miss you if you don’t. have fun.

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    Best of luck with house hunting and packing. Very sad to hear that the chickens are not coming along. I love your chicken posts and you take such good care of them. I do not envy the packing and moving and unpacking. The thought of that makes me want to stay in my house forever lol!

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    Susan Torrens says

    Hope you find the right house soon, or at least a house that can become the right house with a bit of effort. I know that a quilting place is at the top of your list, especially since you have size requirements for your machine.
    I know that you will deal with Chad’s decision, whatever it is, as we all know that kids leave the nest eventually. In my case, we were transferred to the US from Canada, and my youngest, who was still at home, stayed to continue university. Not only did I miss him, but also all his friends who called our family room their second home. It took a few months to adjust, but this is one of the things that all people with kids have to deal with.
    I’ll be thinking of all the “stuff” that will be going on before, during and after your move…..

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    Oh, my goodness…….you have a lot to do in a short period of time. I’m assuming this move is with Vince’s job, so does his company at least have professional movers do your packing (and moving)? You sure do know us well as my first thought was….”What about the chickens?” I’m sure this will all go well and you’ll find a suitable house….but I’m also sure it’s very stressful right now. Like you said…take it one day at a time. (And maybe Chad will change his mind.)

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    Diann Smith says

    Ruby is being left behind? Oh please get her and her buddies a good home. And my bet is that you won’t be able to find just the right house so you’ll be building a custom one. Boy I’m glad you didn’t do all the work for the second kitchen and then have to leave it.
    Is this because of Vince’s work? Anyway good luck on it all. I had thought the last day or “sew” that the chatty interesting twice a day posts were waning but I never thought you were thinking of moving. I thought maybe you were buying a new car or something.
    I wish you the best though and oh boy..some good posts will be popping up. Now you’ll be cooking Tex-Mex.

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    Lynne in Hawaii says

    I hope the move goes smoothly. You’ve been through this several times before but it doesn’t make it any easier. I’m thinking you are going to Brownwood? Just a guess on my part…keep us posted.

  17. 20

    Liz says


    You will enjoy the change, though it may be hard at first… you may be able to grow veggies and herbs year round, depending what part of TX you are going to. I checked the possible sites, if this is Vince job relocation issue. The possible cities look to be ok.

    If you need help, yell out. I’ve done my aunt’s house, Mom’s house and I am working on my house, so I am getting kinda brutal, yet understanding of history issue. I’ll sort and pack stuff for food, a glass of wine and some great company!

    But relax, have fun, look for that great house on the right size of land. And if you decide not to move all that fabric stash, remember us!!! You can just figure out what fits in a large USPS flat rate box and offer the stash by color. We’ll buy it!

    But, just as long as Vince gets rid of his stashes of stuff, including that stash of green t-shirts. No need for you to rid of stuff if he doesn’t.

  18. 21


    I’m in TX and I hope you are close enough that I can take a class from. Good luck with everything you have to do in the next few months.

  19. 22


    Judy, I worked in Dallas for almost 10 years – even bought a brand new house in Plano in the mid 70s. I absolutely loved Texas and Texans! Even though I left the Great State of Texas in 1977 there are days when I feel like I am still a Texan (albeit adopted) at heart.
    I must say you do live a very exciting and interesting life.
    Rita E in AZ

  20. 23

    Deb says

    Why am I sad?? I thought I would love an adventure (we have been considering a move for a few years), but now I think I am second guessing my adventure…. I digress

    What a roller coaster you must be on. Running for city council, A new kitchen, Potato Boxes and now Texas. I would tell you to “Hang On and Enjoy the Ride” but it sounds like your use to the adventure. Good luck, you have a really healthy attitude on life! Hope you have time to take us along, but we will understand if you get busy. Take Care,

  21. 24

    Perry says

    You didn’t say where in Texas but I am sure you will love it wherever you land. Looks like a major change is coming your way, Judy. New adventures for you and new adventures for us. I will miss Ruby and friends, but there will be something else for us I am sure. I wish you luck in your house search. Just keep us posted and holler if there is anything I can do besides wring my hands when you do. 🙂

  22. 25

    Quiltinggranna says

    glad to hear it is Texas as that is where I am. Better chance of getting to hear a lecture or take a class. Best wishes on the move and crazy busy days ahead.

  23. 26


    Wow! Big news….Judy and Vince’s new excellent adventure. Keeps you young!
    I hope we can share the ride with you guys. No doubt there will be tales to tell.

    Wishing you the best and I hope you can get that gas stove.

  24. 27


    I am hopeful you find the right house and soon! Good luck Judy! I know you will bring us all along for your new Texas adventure!

  25. 30

    Diane says

    It can’t be all bad, at least it’s Texas! This coming from a native Texan who is living in Florida.
    I know exactly how you feel. When we moved to Florida we left two of our children. I was devistated. To be honest I mourned pitifully. Then one day I was better. I still miss them, well, one at least because one of them recently came to live with us. But it gets a bit easier with time.
    What area are you looking in? I hope you find a house with all your wants and needs met. Fingers crossed for you!

  26. 31


    Wow, another adventure in your near future.

    Sorry Chad has decided not to move with you, but we do raise them knowing they need to spread their own wings.

    I’ll be looking forward to reading the New Adventures of Judy and Vince.


  27. 32


    Well that was a surprise. I thought the moving bug had subsided. I hope you can find a house and yard that meets your wants and needs. It’s going to be fun reading the blog in the upcoming months…that is if you have time to blog.

  28. 33


    🙁 Okay. Good luck. I’ll miss you. I’ll miss driving through your town going, “I wonder how I get to Judy’s house.”



  29. 34


    Wow! Where in TX are you going? I grew up in Houston and miss the BBQ! Hope that you are able to find a good home w/out too much trouble. Look forward to following you on the journeys.

  30. 35

    Linda in NE says

    Wow….seems like everyone is moving this year. I wish you all the luck in the world on becoming a Texan. Be confident the right house will come along. If the right one doesn’t you can always get something that will work with the addition of a simple quilt studio being built. Just be sure to get enough land with the house to do it. I know you’ll land “right side up.”

  31. 38

    Karen says

    You’re moving farther away from the Loopy Ewe! Thank heavens for mail order. I have some good friends in the Austin area & in the Houston area. Where in Texas are you headed? Just think, a whole new crop of quilt shops and yarn shops! Seriously, good luck. I know you’ll find a house. It’s hard when our kids head in a different direction but we raise them to be independent and make their own decisions – even if we don’t always like them. Take care & keep us posted.

  32. 39


    Lots of changes! Sending big hugs! Wish I lived close (NH) I would help u! Been through it! Lots of work! Also my youngest (last)left home at same time! He was 25 but I hated it!! I have friends in Austin! They love it! Also San Antonio!

  33. 40

    Kathleen says

    Wow, I didn’t think you’d move that far away. I hope you find a great house, good neighbors, friends, and quilting in Texas.

    Has this been in the works for awhile? Why Texas? What are Chad’s plans? (Is he still seeing Jessie?) Keep us all posted

  34. 41

    Greg says

    Wow! I think it’s cool; change can be fun. I hope that the moves brings a nice gas stove and a quilting studio. And I hope that Speck likes his new home, too!

  35. 42


    That’s a big change and very stressful. As a military kid, I moved around a lot and I always looked on it as a great adventure. Now that I’m an adult and have lived in Oregon since 1978, I’d be heartbroken to leave my adopted home. Texas is a great state. Once this is all behind you, I hope you’ll find a happy life there. (If the chickens are important to you, put your foot down!)

  36. 43


    Good luck with all the move related stuff. TX is OK, we lived south of Houston for a few years. Hope you find a house with the gas stove and a great space for your sewing/quilting!

  37. 44

    Mischaele says

    Not happy to hear that your are moving so far away. I am still going down to get my bake potato and was going to look you up. I just finished putting on the binding on my Morning Splash quilt this week. It is very colorful. John really loves it. We in Harrisonville Log Cabin Quilter’s will really miss up. Good luck on your move.

  38. 45


    WHA?!? I was hoping if you guys made a move it would be north up our way!!! Well, at least you won’t be worrying about snow and ice anymore AND you will be a little closer to your mom and dad. Good luck with the move! Hey… should I just go ahead and purchase EQ7 through their website?

  39. 46

    Cathy Stoddard says

    While I love my home state of Missouri, I can’t think of a better state to move to than Texas! I always liked the Denton area.
    I wish you luck and good fortune in your house hunt and relocation.

  40. 48

    Hilary McDaniel says

    YEA I’m in a small town halfway between Dallas & AUSTIN.. I love it. We’re able to grow our produce year round. You’ll find great diversity here and a lot to offer. Noone meets a stranger here..

  41. 49


    WOW that sure was a surprise. Good luck getting everything packed and moved, it won’t be easy leaving Chad but then you always have an excuse to come back here. vbg Keep us posted on your adventures when you have time.

  42. 50


    I have never been to Texas but hear it is nice. I remember your last move. You haven’t been caught in a snow storm this time. You will be closet to LA, I think. Enjoy the ride aqnd I can’t wait to read about the adventure.

  43. 52


    I must admit I’m a little shocked. You have such a great setup. But chance is sometimes good……have fun house hunting.

    Billie in TX

  44. 53


    That is crazy. Seems like it is out of the blue for us, but not for you, I am sure. Although, you WERE just talking potato boxes! Bummer for the chickens because I bet no one will spoil them like you will…
    Hope you find a house soon. Is this going to be the “final” house, or are you going to keep looking for the “perfect retirement house”? We are going to have to do a “split” house, since hub has to work 2 1/2 hours away soon, so we will commute back and forth for a while. We havent foud a house yet either. I wish you luck in your adventures, as it sounds like it will be a stressful few months! Know we are with you when you need to vent!

  45. 54


    Ohhh, I’m sad you’re moving, but as long as we’ve got internet, you won’t be too far away. Texas is great. It’s still home for me after living in Missouri for many years.

  46. 56


    You’re moving closer to me!!

    I know everything will work out and you’ll find everything you’re looking for in a new home! If not, then you just might to build a custom home that meets your every need – and has a gas stove!

    Hang in there, honey. It might be a bumpy ride for a bit, but I can’t wait to see how beautifully you bloom in your new place! xoxo

  47. 57


    Wow–I thought it was a trick blog question! Moving to Texas! That came out of left field. I guess Vince is no longer a political candidate, and your not moving to the acres outside of town, or building the second kitchen where you are. This news is all such a surprise— Chad may change his mind once he sees your home in Texas. Where in Texas are you moving to? I assume it’s because of Vince’s work. With all the pictures you have been posting of your place there in MO. The chickens, the pototo boxes, the garden area, the creek, the pole barn—I just assumed you had settled in for years to come. So many questions that I’m sure you will answer later on for all us who follow your blog. I do hope you find a nice home with a gas range and a big sewing space. And a nice yard for gardening. Maybe no stairs for Speck! Thinking of you and how busy you will all be with your new adventure. Take care—and yes, one day at time works.

  48. 58

    Gwen says

    WELCOME! I know you have such a roller coaster going on! I hope you get to come see the town soon. I’m not too far away. And I think you will be closer to your parents. Good Luck and God Speed!

  49. 59

    eve in ga says

    WOW! I really wasn’t expecting this news!
    I am happy for you that you will be closer to Louisiana. I’ll be saying lots of prayers that you and Vince find just the right house for you, that things go as smoothly as possible for you, etc. As for Chad—I know it’s tough, but our kids do make their own decisions at some point. I’ll be keeping him in my prayers, too.

    {{{{{HUGS}}}}} Eve

  50. 60


    Umm – did Chad not get the memo that boys aren’t allowed to leave home before they are 90???? I will have to get that one off to him LOL

    Wow – Texas – what a surprise! I hope you will find the house you want. Its a straighter shot this way tho…. * hint hint*

  51. 61

    Vikki says

    I wouldn’t give up on the gas stove if I were you. I have lived in Texas all my life and have always had a gas stove every place I lived.

    Good luck finding a new place for new dreams to come true.

  52. 62


    Oh bummer!! My first thought was I hope she gets to take her quilting machine. haha then I thought of Ruby. Sadness. Shirley

  53. 63


    You will love Texas. We live in Conroe with lots of trees, good shopping health care etc. I moved here from Mo. in 1947,so I can say I am Texan. You will love it here. Rosetta

  54. 64

    Linda in MI says

    WOW! what a shock! we have moved 25 times in 43 years…that is 25 different addresses, 6 states, and many filled and emptied boxes…Rarely did we know where we would live, find a house that is, until we got there…take care, stay calm, and laugh alot…

  55. 65

    Diane in CA says

    It sounds like you may just have to build your perfect house.. or think outside of the box and convert some giant commercial or industrial space. How fun! You should have a packing party… everyone will come to help you pack up your stash.

  56. 66

    Sandy says

    What exciting news! It is always hard when the kids move out and start their life but the next phase of your life can be great. We are Winter Texans in the RGV and in IL from May-October. I think you will like it down here although they say it is hot in the summer. Hey…..A/C……..that solves THAT problem and it does cool off in the morning and evenings. What big city are you going to be near? Good luck Judy and think positive. You might get that big gas stove you’ve been wanting.

  57. 67


    Wow, that is an amazingly short time for all this to happen! I know you miss Chad already, maybe as much as you’ll miss Ruby, LOL! Hope things go well and you find a house that suits as soon as possible. Tell Vince we all say DON’T BUY A HOUSE WITHOUT JUDY SEEING IT FIRST!!!!

    • 68.1


      Oh, don’t feel sad! It’s a new adventure. In a few months I’ll be loving my new life and my new home and visiting with old friends who live a couple of hours from where we’re going and visiting the Texas Hill Country. Chad can come with us but really, he’s 23-1/2 so it’s just a matter of time before he’s on his own anyway.

  58. 69

    Missy says

    Being a military wife I am used to moving. Every 3 years on average. I hate the process, (deciding what to keep, packing, unpacking…UGH!) but I LOVE going to new places. New sites to see, people to meet, food to enjoy, fabric to fondle and yarn to drool over! It’s all so exciting. Good luck to you all!

  59. 70

    Lynda in Spokane says

    Well, you are in four a busy couple of months! But, you have the right attitude—bloom where you are planted. As an Air Force wife for 27 years (usually each move was to a different climate!) we were all over the world and the US, but there is such fun exploring a new area and meeting new people. It is well worth the effort.

    I will watch with amusement and cheer you along, but secretly I am glad we are retired and no longer moving!

    Lynda in Spokane

  60. 71


    Wow… Texas move was/is a bit of a shock (good one, though) and packing, moving, unpacking can be hard. However,”Life is an adventure, enjoy the ride!” according to the car company. I’m sure you will, Judy.

  61. 72

    LadyBaltimore says

    Wow, this post was unexpected. Wishing you lots of luck and happiness in your move.
    I loved Texas (Hill Country) when we lived there. And my husband bought our SoCal house before I saw it and it was a fine house for us to live in.
    Don’t envy you the house selling, house buying, packing and unpacking process (just been through it last summer) but once it’s done, it’s great.
    Wishing you new adventures. Can’t wait to hear all about it.

  62. 73


    Judy, I wish you well in your new adventure, even though I feel sad that you are leaving Missouri. I always felt like we had a celebrity living in our state. (grin) I hope you find a great house with a gas stove and a little spot for you to garden and maybe one day get some more chickens. I am sure you will find a wonderful home for Ruby and the girls. I imagine Chad will visit often. Being closer to your family is a big plus. Right? I do look forward to reading about all your new adventures. Take things one day at a time. God Bless!

  63. 74

    Mary says

    I can’t believe we’re both making ANOTHER move at the same time…didn’t the time fly by? In some ways it seems we just got to Minneapolis but I’m ready for a new adventure too.

    Our move here was the first one the boys didn’t make with us and it was hard but we’ve had visits back and forth and family vacations so it hasn’t been too bad. Since we’ll be spending half our time in the GA condo over the next year or two, we’ll get to see a bit more of them although we’ll still be some distance away.

    Good luck!

  64. 75


    I’ll be moving to Texas in a couple of years! If we end up in the same area, maybe we can meet! How exciting! I love Texas…bluebonnets, Indian Paintbrushes…oh, Texas is just beautiful, especially this time of year!

  65. 76


    Welcome to Texas! I’ve lived in all parts of Texas – home is South Texas, college was West Texas/Panhandle, early married life was North Texas and we were in East Texas for three years. They’re all different in their own way. I hope whichever it is, they will welcome you and that you’ll find a wonderful house to keep and cook and quilt and garden in!

  66. 77


    I think Missouri will miss you. Hopefully all that stashbusting you have been doing in the past years will make the move easier. Having never moved myself, I can’t imagine packing all my “stuff”. I hope you can find the perfect home with everything you need. I look forward to hearing about your adventures.

  67. 78


    It happened like that with our son too. We lived in Chapel Hill, but moved to the other end of the state about a month before he graduated from UNC. He ended up staying there to work for a few years, then moved to Atlanta for post grad work, and ended up staying there for several years, and now he moved to California. I always think of the Little Rascals song: How ya gonna keep them down on the farm, after they’ve seen Pareeee.” LOL. Hope your move goes well.

  68. 79


    I am excited to hear all of the news about the move as the adventures happen! I hope you find just what you are looking for….and who knows, your son just might show up some day. Grown up kids sometimes do the YO YO thing. 🙂

    sao in Midlothian, VA

  69. 80


    Oh no!!! That’s in the WRONG direction!!! You were supposed to be coming back EAST!! There goes all my hope of you coming to the Shipshewana retreat this year. I was silently keeping my fingers crossed that you would still make it. 🙂

    Now, I’m sad…..

    BUT! I know that this will mean lots of posts of how Vince is messing up with the house hunting and the move and unpacking…. I look forward to the amusing posts that this change promises!!!

    Love ya, Judy!!

  70. 81


    Hey! You’re making the move! Congratulations! Changes are what keep us active and alive. Sometimes they’re twinged with sadness, but we find new things that we couldn’t do before are perfect for the new place. You’ll be happy there. I like you’re “I’ll bloom where I’m planted” statement.

    Hope you find a house with all the gardening, cooking and storage room of your dreams!!!!!!

  71. 82


    I must have missed a post somehow. Did this happen really quickly? Judy, you will do fine but yes it certainly will be a change. Is there anything that I can do to help you via internet? If we were there I’d help you pack and if we were in Texas I’d help you house hunt. Vince is the important part of your life and he’ll be there with you.

  72. 83

    pdudgeon says

    wow, what a whirlwind change!
    one good thing in all this–you’ll have a lot less stash to pack this time than you did last time.
    oh–another good thing….now you have a good excuse to toss the boxes that haven’t been unpacked from the last move!

    I’m very glad that i’m not in your shoes, but best wishes to you both.

  73. 84

    Laura says

    You will love it in Texas. I have lived here for 25 years, in Fort Worth, Austin area, Mineral Wells, and now Longview in east Texas. It’s all great! You can garden, raise chickens, and you’ll make lots of new quilting friends.

  74. 85


    Good luck with the move, although you were supposed to move closer, not further away! Fingers crossed that all goes well.

  75. 86

    Peggy says

    Judy we will miss you in Missouri. We enjoyed you so much at the trunk show you gave at our quilting guild. Would love to have learned how to knit socks. Good luck on house hunting hope you find exactly what you want. Are you willing to share what area it will be

  76. 87


    moving to Texas in June will be HOT! So be prepared and drink lots of water during your move. Like so many on this blog, I am curious where you are moving to. I live in Odessa, Texas and welcome you to my home state. I grew up with a basement in the panhandle of Texas where you needed one. (tornado alley) So, not everywhere in Texas are basements not an option. Where I live now, we don’t have a basement because it would cost too much to blast through the rock to build one. Let us know soon the area you are moving to so we Texans can start planning a welcome party.

  77. 88

    quilterbee says


    I hope you will be happy in your new home and that it has the gas stove that you’ve been wanting. Maybe you can get that cow you wanted. Sending prayers that all goes well with your new life adventure.

  78. 89

    carol c says

    honest injun? you are moving to TX?

    seriously, WELCOME to TX. Vince’s job ? no chickens coming? darn

    all kinds of people are rasing chickens, I have been reading about them locally

    and online. pack them birds up and bring them! Lots of places available here!

  79. 90

    ruth anne shorter says

    How about one with good bones that you can remodel? We did this on our last move. We are very happy with the way it all worked out—gas stove, and sewing room was enlarged so that IF I want a longarm I can. Every place is different but that is what worked for us. Location, location, location. Will be praying for the many, many decisions you all will be making and also, especially for Chad.

  80. 91


    Judy…what misconceptions! We have a partial basement (about 10’x12′). It was meant to be a storm cellar, but we use it for storage. It could easily be made into a root cellar. Our house is old, pier and beam construction…modular, built in shop class at Coleman HS back in 85!!! We are 16 miles from Coleman…we’re on 3 acres of land, have propane (so I have a GAS stove!!) and could have chickens, a cow, some goats or whatever. This house had a sunroom on the back that we converted to a sewing room…it’s approx 14′ x 21′ of USEABLE floorspace. It’s got a bathroom off one end and it’s next to the kitchen. All this is just to tell you…keep looking, there ARE houses around that could be adapted to your wants. There are houses here in Burkett, lol, but only 1 that could hold any promise and it would take some remodeling to give you a quilting studio. Welcome to Texas, neighbor!!!!

  81. 92


    My very best wishes for a wonderful move! Are you by chance going to be anywhere close to Arkansas? 🙂 I’d love it if you were closer to me and I could meet you once in a while for a quilt shop trip! blessings, marlene

  82. 93

    Doe in Mi says

    Wow, you are going to be one very busy busy lady for a few months. I feel for ya. I’m not a mover — raised in Michigan and will die in Michigan!! Sounds like you should take advice from #89-Carol and take those chickies with you. Their like pets you will miss then and those beautiful eggs, and it will help a tiny bit with missing Chad. Prayers for you and Vince with an easy move. Doe