Stouffer’s Sautes for Two

Tonight as I was eating alone yet again, and missing Vince and realizing we have several months of him being gone more than he’s home, I was wishing I could prepare a yummy meal for us and have an evening to share. I’ve read through some of the suggestions for making an ordinary evening extraordinary and wanted to again remind everyone to go here and tell us what you do to make ordinary evenings extraordinary and if you haven’t tried the Stouffer’s Sautes for Two, you might want to grab a bag next time you’re at the store and enjoy an easy, tasty and special dinner at home! There’s a chance you could win a $100 Visa gift card from Blogher!


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    I have been looking for those in my stores since you reviewed them. They are not here yet. Bummer. They look so yummy. .

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    Cindy from CA says

    I know how you feel. My husband has been gone for 6 weeks to OK and AR to work on a big project. I love to cook (and eat!), but cooking for one is no fun. And I usually make enough for four people!

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    Mary says

    Keith travels almost every week so I’m used to him being gone but I am looking forward to him working from home once we move when he’s not traveling. June’s not too far away so hopefully you won’t miss Vince too much….by the way, I like the idea of a dumpster but I would be tempted to throw stuff away rather than donating it. Luckily other than my sewing room, we didn’t have too much space to accumulate stuff in the last few years.