The Easter Bunny is Here

My niece’s mother-in-law was babysitting the little boy yesterday and while they were out running around, they were in a feed store where there were bunnies and this one came home with them.

Keaton is so proud of his new bunny . . not so sure his mom and dad would be equally as thrilled with their new pet though!  🙂  Maybe because he’s my favorite (only) niece’s only boy but I think he sure is a cute one — especially all decked out in his LSU clothes.


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    I think I would be telling him that the bunny will be living with Grandma and Grandpa and you can visit him there! I had to tell my mom a few times that if she got my kids whatever really messy or noisy toy, that it would be living at HER house. She tended to reconsider really fast…

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    pdudgeon says

    awwwww, that’s a cute pet! looks like he’s at a good age to learn about taking care of bunnies too.

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    What a cutie! We had a rabbit for years. It was so hot in Texas that during the summers we froze water in 2 ltr. pop bottles and put in his cage. He would lay on those for hours during the heat of the day. He was a lot of work, but he lived FOREVER!!! I am sure he will be loved and taken care of!!

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    I had a couple of dozen types of pets follow me home when I was growing up. My mom never let me keep any of them. Not even the horse I found staked out in the field who “followed” me home from school.


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    Sally H says

    That bunny could be a house bunny — they are really easy to litter
    box train.

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    I sure hope the parents are ok with it. I work at an animal shelter and had 5 rabbits and 2 rats dropped of in cages in the back parking lot. Since we don’t deal with those critters the Humane society took them in to spay and neuter them before adoptions. Of course at the front door that morning was 6 kittens and 3 adult cats. Some one dropped the 2 adult cats loose, thankfully they were friendly and sat at the door to go in.