Homemade Bagels

We love bagels and I’ve often thought about making them but never have.  Recently a blog reader asked me if I had made bagels and I told her I had not but would love to try it and asked if she would share her recipe. She did but I didn’t ask her permission to share it here so I’m going to share a website I found that is very similar and has mostly the same instructions she gave me, though she didn’t mention the burlap covered “bagel board” and I didn’t have a bagel board and mine turned out fine.  I also didn’t have the barley malt syrup and my recipe used 2 Tablespoons sugar and I didn’t use the bread machine but did mine all by hand.

They were quite surprisingly easy to make.  I should have mashed mine flatter and made the hole bigger because once they rose and baked, they were kinda fat and the hole was almost non-existent.

They were very good and tasted like bagels.  I’m going to make more and add cinnamon and raisins to some of them.


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    Mmm, those look good! Sigh, haven’t had a bagel in ages…diet defeating when I load them up with tons of cream cheese, lol :p

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    From living in NJ (and eating more than my fair share of NY style bagels for years), I know the secret is in boiling them properly. Sounds like you have it mastered…YUMMM!!!

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    Susan T. says

    I haven’t made bagels in ages either. Now I’ll have to wait until we arrive at our northern home. I began making breads of all kinds when DH and I were first married, and lived in very isolated areas. Baking your own was the only way to get fresh bread etc. I’ve also made English muffins and crumpets from time to time. Variety is great in bread like it is in quilting!

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    WiAmy says

    They look really good! Homemade bagels are great! My brother once made homemade crackers and served them with crab legs. They were unbelievably good. He didn’t use a recipe. It was over a decade ago but they were so good I remember it like it was yesterday. I think I’m going to try making crackers next, but I will have to find a recipe.

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    Chris says

    You can add onions and herbs or strawberries or blueberries. Mash the fruit and add to the mixing steps. The dried onions herbs and sesame seeds and celery seed make a good combo. Sky is the limit. Enjoy

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    Balinda says

    Once you get a handle on bagels then you have to try soft pretzels. My family really doesn’t follow football all that much but since they were little I have cooked soft pretzels for the superbowl. Everyone makes sure they’re at my house for superbowl.

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    I’ve thought of trying to make bagels, but was too scared of the boiling step, maybe I should just give it a try. Thanks for the push.

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    Linda in NE says

    Your bagels look yummy. I’m just a lazybutt and buy mine at the store when I get to craving them…….and now I am!!

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    Dorothy S says

    OK, my question is that recipe calls for ‘bread machine yeast’, will regular dry yeast work?

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    I recently made bagels for the first time. I made whole wheat bagels from a recipe I found on line. They turned out great and were kind of fun to make. I’m sure I’ll make them again soon.

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    Denise says

    It’s amazing how large you have to make the hole so that your bagel doesn’t close up. I make them from time to time and the trick is in the boiling – my very first batch flattened – water boiling too hard. LOL To avoid the hole issue, you can make bagel sticks instead. Also yummy.

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    Did you use a pizza stone? I don’t have one, but I have been wanting to make bagels for a VERY long time. I am guessing I had better invest in one.

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    VickiT says

    I LOVE bagels. My husband and I both love them. We drive to the best bagel shop to get ours which is about 25 minutes away from here. We pass by at least four others to get to this one but it’s well worth that drive. My favorite is the Everything bagel with all the different seeds and salt. SOOOo good with my homemade jalepeno cream cheese but then we have to make a 2nd flavor since hubby loves veggie cream cheese. I can’t stand the price charged in the bagel shops for the flavored cream cheeses or in the store so I make my own. Plus my jalepeno cream cheese isn’t super hot either when I make it myself. LOL

    I have never made them although I have a number of recipes. I do know the ones I want to make are formed and then boiled then baked after that if I recall. I’ve read when they are boiled that way they’ll be more chewy outside but still be nice and soft inside like NY bagels.

    I’m off to check the recipe out. Thanks

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    Amy says

    I use the end of a turkey baster (with the rubber bulb) removed to cut the hole in the center of my bagels. Then I slide the dough ring onto the baster, and spin it around several times. With each pass it makes the center hole bigger and bigger, but gradually. You always have to make the holes a lot larger than you *think* they need to be. Did you put some sugar in the boiling water before baking? My recipe uses molasses in the dough … and they turn out divine! My family always want me to make them …