More Cleaning

Trying to go through our mountains of junk and clutter was just too much for our trash toter that gets picked up once a week so Vince called Sam!

I’m sure going to miss Sam!  He brings good dirt, gravel, sand and even dumpsters!  And he loves my cooking and never hesitates to let me know how much he enjoys it.

Wonder how many times we can fill this up before the movers get here.


  1. 2

    pdudgeon says

    i think i’d worry more about getting it hauled away after you’ve filled it.
    that thing is HUGE!

  2. 7

    Connie says

    Nothing like a move to get things weeded out. Good luck Judy on the househunt and your new community.

  3. 10

    shirley bruner says

    i need me a dumpster, too. when we had our roof redone there was a dumpster here and they told me i could fill it up with whatever i wanted. that was all i needed to hear. LOL i cleaned out the barn, the cellar, the studio basement and the back 40. it was lots of fun.

  4. 11

    Cindy M says

    we seem to move every 7 to 10 years and it is a very nice time to get rid of the junk that has accumulated! We’ve never had a huge dumpster to do it, though! *L*

  5. 13

    Hilary McDaniel says

    Judy, wouldn’t this be the place to put all those weed eaters? I’m sure you don’t need 3, Vince will never miss them. Maybe you could lose the green tshirt in there, too. 🙁 Poor Vince, we’re picking on
    him. He’s so fun, though. I sure hope he finds you a wonderful
    home. You’re going to love living in Brownwood. NO humidity. It’s great. Even though it’s hot during the day, it cools at night. I’m thrilled you’re going to be so close.

  6. 14

    Diane says

    One of the places we lived had a huge dumpter like that out behind our house. I LOVED it. No kitchen garbage was allowed so it never smelled or attracted critters. I was able to keep the paper monster under control. We have often said if we ever lived in the country again we would have another one.
    I hope you find a new home soon and this one sells fast and for lots of $!

  7. 15


    Hope you are going to put some of your stuff out on the curb for people who want it! My sister moved last summer, (and I helped) and didnt think anyone would want her “junk”, but I made her put stuff out there, and it DISAPEARED very quickly! That is if you are “allowed” to put stuff on the curb for free. Thank goodness for Freecycle. I plan on getting rid of a TON of stuff when I finally get to spring cleaning. And I took home 3 pick up loads of stuff (mostly ‘house’ stuff, tools, nails, screws, containers, shopvac, since she was moving into an apartment…) but now have to go through THAT stuff and get rid of a bunch of it! But at least it didn’t go in the dumpster! SOMEONE will want it!
    Good luck with that, and dont throw anything good away!

  8. 16


    We haven’t moved in 17 years and it shows. LOL Things really get a going through and tossing when you’re packing. Sometimes! Hope the house hunting has been successful.

  9. 17


    After dealing with the family house, seeing my neighbors move and now you, I have joined the “clean as if you are moving” campaign. I even got a third city trash can since I am also simplfying my garden.

    FYI, In some areas, there are document shredder companies that will come to your house with the truck that shreds, so you get to see it being done. And, I came up with an action plan on how to store those papers you need to keep “forever” vs the seven years. It’s getting a once over by the attorney, so I don’t destroy something too soon but still get rid of everything I can.