Stash Report – Week 15 – 2011

For those who can’t believe I made it this far without buying fabric, you’ll be pleased to know that this week ended that long run of no new fabric.  Heck, while I’m admitting to a lapse in will power where fabric is concerned, I might as well tell you that I found a yarn store too!  🙁

I’ll explain it all later and show pictures . . when I recover from a very busy and fun week.  Whew!  I’d like to add that while teaching this week, I heard so many reports of stash busting and saw a bunch of quilts made from stashes and that made my heart so happy!

Used this Week: 0 yards
Used year to Date: 93.50 yards
Added this Week: 8 yards
Added Year to Date: 8 yards
Net Used for 2011: 85.50 yards


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    Only 8 yards in? That’s really not bad at all. You’ve used almost 100 yards of fabric this year. Have you looked at the stash pictures you showed last year compared to where you are now? Can you tell a difference?

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      Judy Laquidara says

      I cannot tell a difference because there’s so much not on the shelves that goes on there as I use fabric off the shelves, or it’s mashed down and then expands as I use some of it. Until I can see empty spaces, it just doesn’t look any different.

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    I’m starting to see why people drop out — this is the first year I’ve kept track of the fabric that comes home with me. It’s intimidating!

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    But it was only eight yards!! You’ll have that used up by next week! I’m jealous that you were in Louisiana. Oh, wait, fabric bought while traveling doesn’t count! Right? LOL

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    peggy says

    I haven’t been quilting lately and have only added a piece of fabric here and there. My downfall this year is–YARN. I’m just getting into knitting again (I’d call myself an “adventurous beginner”), and, of course, there is so much to see and touch and adore out there! Good thing you haven’t started “stash busting for yarn”. It would be shameful if I kept track. And, there are so many things, like needles (circular and straight), bags, point protectors, stitch counters, row counters, etc. I stopped buying fabric and started buying yarn. Oh no, what’s next?

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    Isabel says

    8 yards in three months?! That’s a good number since it translates to a little over a yard a week, not bad at all. I, on the other hand, may do a little damage since my daughter is asking for an animal print apron, of all the hundred’s of yards I have at home, none are animal print. A trip to the store is on the schedule today.

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    I was waiting for Judy to “admit” to that purchase on Saturday! LOL. She became my new BFF this weekend. I took two of her workshops and loved them both.

    For the two quilts I did I used every inch from my stash. She made me swear they would not be in the UFO link next year, twisted my sewing arm a bit, but I agreed………

    Thanks for a great weekend, hop over to my blog to read about my adventures with Judy.


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    Denise says

    8 yards – that’s not bad at all. Hmm… did you find more Dimples you couldn’t live without? 🙂 Your packing and cleaning up had me inspired – I’ve spent the last two days cleaning the sewing room. The stash shelves are now out in the room not in the closet out of sight so maybe that will help in using them even more. Taking all the fabric off the shelves to move it and then restacking/refolding does make one think I don’t need any more…. but there are some open spots that look lonely. My only stashbusting this week, since I’m not counting some of the projects I’m working on till done, was the scrap cabinet which except for a few things I kept out of it, went to the dumpster. Since I don’t like to do scrappy, it’s senseless for me to waste time cutting scraps and find a place to store them, in order to not use them. 🙂

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    Well, you know, Judy darling. I took about 4 pictures of you and they ALL had your talking away. But that just goes to show people you “give out a LOT of information” when you teach a workshop!

    It was all fun! I can’t wait to get working on my quilts.

    glen: whose hands are usually going in relation to the mouth!

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      That’s ok. I know I talk a lot! It was just so much fun to finally get to meet you and spend good time together.

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    Darlene S says

    Judy, Getting 8 yards for the first 3 1/2 months of the year is NOT that bad. You are still going great!! I have nothing to report in or out this week. Too busy with other things to create new quilt blocks. Maybe after Paducah I’ll get busy with MY UFO’s. 🙂

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    Kathy in Oregon says

    I thinks it makes the rest of us feel normal when you fall off the wagon.
    I DO know that I am WAY more conscious of what I buy (and what I don’t need to buy) since you started the stash report.
    Good luck with the move btw.