TX House Hunt Update

Nothing!  We still haven’t found a house that will work.  I’ve gone from looking for the perfect house, to looking for a house that might work if we add a studio out back or if we convert the master bedroom to the longarm room and then we would use a smaller bedroom for our room, to looking for a house that maybe is nowhere near what we want but we could live in it and then build our home in front or in back and then use the original house for the studio.  I’m just about to the point of looking for anything that has a stove, a bathroom and a roof!  No . . it’s not that bad . . yet.

Our house is not on the market yet and until it’s officially “for sale”, I know I have a home and I’m not terribly worried.  There have been a couple of houses recently added and at least one of them is a possibility, though surely not what I would have chosen if there were several to choose from.

There’s another that our realtor is checking on.  I found it online but it was no longer for sale but we somehow got the impression that it might still be for sale.  Vince tried to find it and couldn’t and reports that you do have to cross railroad tracks and at least some portion of the roadway getting there is dirt so we’ll have to weigh all that.

Just keeping you updated  . .


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    Lynne says

    Good luck Judy, house hunting is always stressful, I hope you find something that you are happy to call home

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    Lynne says

    Good luck Judy, house hunting is always stressful, I hope you find something that you are happy to call home

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    Judy what part of Texas are you looking at? I live between Dallas and Fort Worth and previously had lived just north of Houston.

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    pdudgeon says

    don’t settle for less than you want. it’s beter to wait for the right house than to settle for less and continually regret it.
    Not only that, but if you can wait out the fire season/hurricane season danger, you’ll feel more secure in your new home.

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    Cindy from CA says

    Even if you have to rent — don’t settle for less than you want/need!!

    I would suggest that you look a little further out of town — but it doesn’t sound like there is much “town” there. How far is it to the next “town”??

    You certainly are an “experienced” mover — so you really don’t need our advice!!

    Although I moved a LOT in my first 20 years of life, I have live in my current house for 25 years — so I can’t give you much advice!!!

    Best regards!

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    Judy – get a decent house and put a yurt up in the backyard! My sister and brother in law are building one they got from Pacific Yurts — it’s wood, not wool. Very sturdy and would make an excellent quilting studio.

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    Sandra Neel Hutchins says

    Sure hope the right house comes on the market for you. Any possibility of living in a larger city and Vince commuting to work? We live in an area where almost everyone has long commutes into larger cities to work.

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    Sandra Neel Hutchins says

    Another thought: You’ve covered all of this in your own head, I’m sure. This is one thought: If you could find a house with a couple of bedrooms with a common wall that could be removed to make one large space for a sewing/longarm room.

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    I agree that you should just wait until you find something that works for you and Vince. Stay where you have a home for now although I know it is hard on you. Word will get out, something will give, spring is here and people start thinking of selling and buying and preparing for children starting school next fall. Don’t move, be unhappy, and have to move again. Wishing you luck as that is what it is.

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    Thanks for the update. Who would have thought that there would be so few houses available!!!! Sometimes people wait to move until school is out – so if you can hang in there………..thank goodness for the internet. We found our house in VA while still living in CA.

    sao in Midlothian, VA

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    Elaine says

    Would you consider renting for a while? You would get to know the area first. Good luck!

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    Good luck with all of this. Will Vince rent an apartment and begin work there if you’ve not yet found a place for both of you by the time he’s to start?

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    Glad you updated, I was wondering. Is a condo out of the question until you could build something? Although not many condos have room for 14 foot longarms!

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    Diann Smith says

    Don’t settle..you’ll be miserable and ready to change everything from the first minute you move in. Maybe go to an apt. and put everything mostly in storage till you have more time to check things out and make a better decision.
    Also thank you for showing what you and the other ladies are working on. Very inspiring to look at all those different quilt projects. STELLAR!

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    lw says

    Maybe for this town, you could rent industrial space for the longarm and have a smaller house? I do like the yurt idea, too.

  16. 21


    i agree with the renting thing. if you’re moving to the Houston area I’d be happy to help give you an idea of good areas bad areas etc. I’ve lived here for almost a decade now…

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    Thanks for the update. It is difficult to find exactly what you want when you, and for the most part we who follow you, have so many needs. Not too many working couples or for that matter young couples or older couples eat at home. I have been at a local Mom and Pop restaurant near where I live at different times of the day and see the same people that was there for breakfast. So kitchens today are for entertaining, not working. Quilting, weaving, knitting and computer work take up a lot of space.

    Hold off and find something you can actually be happy with the home.

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    Donna in KS says

    We have just begun looking, but because we want to find something bigger and a different neighborhood. We have lived here 40 years! It’s been a wonderful home, sent our boys to the public schools I wanted them at in this city, and husband was close to work. We have not found much to look at because of the criteria we established. Our main requirements concern studio space, the kitchen and garage. If we can find what we want in those, the rest of the property should be fine! Already my husband is suggesting that we may have to build…..ugh! At least time is not a factor for us. Wishing you well in your hunt, Judy! (Yurts have fascinated me since I first heard of them!)

  19. 25


    I totally understand! We’ve been looking for a house down here since last fall and nothing so far! two houses we wanted fell through… One of them is in Active Option and I’m praying that falls through! Ha! Honestly though, I’m very discouraged. I pray that you have better success than I!