Design Wall Monday

It’s hard to be the leader and admit that there’s nothing on my design wall but . . there’s nothing on my design wall today.  I’m sewing but just don’t have much to show for it right now.


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    Hope to see what you are working on next week. It’s hard to be at the right place every week to have something to show. I have lots up on the design wall, but didn’t work on any of it!

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    I’ve been awol for a while (ok, a long while), but I think I’m back now. Love the new linky tool with the pics!!

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    Strips and strings are now blocks, yay! I did that on Saturday, and then Sunday the design wall was turned over to my neighbor who I’m teaching to quilt. Wait till you see what she did!

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    I just wanted to say thank you for hosting the Design Wall Monday – back in January I checked out Kate’s blog, loved her design wall, found the pattern she shared, and was able to make it myself. If it weren’t for the inspiration of having something new to post each week, I’m afraid my machine would get dusty !! Thanks Judy 🙂

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    Well, I learned something today — you have to use a jpeg, not a gif to get a thumbnail. I convert my photos so that they load quicker and are less likely to be borrowed w/o my permission, but then they won’t let me have a thumbnail in this program. I’ll do better next time. And so will Judy.

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    Such inspiring design walls today! I love the pics as it gives me more incentive to go and look RIGHT AWAY! Thanks everyone for sharing and to Judy for keeping us all motivated:)

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    We totally understand when you have a lot on your plate, it happens to the best of us. Hope everything pans out for you, especially with your house hunting.

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    Only the 2 blocks done for me too. The wall is on the floor , as we have been painting and need to get everything up again. Hopefully, I’ll get more done this week!

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    I’m afraid mine hasn’t changed since last Monday, so I didn’t post it :). You’re probably too involved in house hunting to quilt! I would be!

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    My Sunbonnet Sue quilt has come to a full stop! I just do not know what to do about the borders.. if you feel you can comment I’d love to know your ideas.

    Judy I am sure we all forgive you not having anything on your design wall.. I’m amazed with all your packing and throwing out you still have a design wall!

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    About midnight last night I got my Making Ends Meet quilt finished or at least to a flimsy stage. Then made binding and found a backing. Its all together waiting on time to quilt it. Thanks again Judy for the pattern and for giving us a gentle nudge to try something new like this wonderful pieced border. Shirley

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    Thanks for hosting this! I hope things start going better with your house hunt. Moving is such a pain. Good luck!!!