We Have Our Movers

Our last move was such a hassle with broken and damaged furniture and I know there are horror stories, as well as glowing reports, about every moving company out there but I was holding my breath til we got our official “HHG Letter”.  It came today and we got the movers I was hoping to get.  Let’s just hope that I’m still happy with them after the move.

Every aspect of the move is kinda bittersweet.  Even though I moan and complain about not finding a house, it’s so fun to look at them all online and try to figure out which one will work and which ones won’t and what we can do to each to make it work for us.  Leaving Chad . . well, that’s definitely not going to be fun or easy for me.

So, the letter came today and I was so happy to see that we had United (don’t tell me any horror stories!) and then I saw that our “transfer date” which is the date they drive off with all my fabric, sewing machines, food, etc. is my birthday and then I was trying to be brave but the tears began to fall.  Who wants to move away from a house you love, your son and your chickens on your birthday?  Slim chance that will end up being the actual day it really happens but that leaves me 54 days in Missouri.   Those 54 days will pass way too quickly – too quickly to get everything done but it could mean that if my potatoes hurry, I might be able to dig some fresh potatoes before I have to leave.

Speaking of houses, on Sunday a new house was listed and on Tuesday a new house was listed, and either of those could work for us.  Want to help me pick a house?  🙂  Both are older than I prefer to buy but we’re just not going to find everything we want.  Remember, we haven’t seen either in real life so once we see them, we may not like either of them.

This is the one I’m leaning towards.  I’m not crazy about the wood on the outside.  It looks like it could use some TLC . . maybe new wood or vinyl siding but I’d probably go with wood just to keep it looking a bit rustic.  I’ve written to our realtor to see if a portion of that roof is flat or if there’s any pitch on it at all.  They don’t get nearly as much rain there as we do in MO or in LA so it won’t be as big of an issue there but if it’s truly flat, that may be a deal breaker.  I love the kitchen and laundry room.  Look at all the cabinets in the laundry room and the countertop in the kitchen.  There’s more to the kitchen because we don’t see a fridge in the pictures.  I wish it had a closed in garage but that’s something we could do maybe.  I love that it’s secluded, has the out buildings and has 99 additional acres available.  This one is closer to Vince’s job and real close to town.  I’m real excited about seeing it.

This is the other one.  It has a few more square feet, has had some recent maintenance done so probably needs little to nothing done to it but it’s on a fairly large lot (no acreage) and there’s no acreage available around it that we could buy and it’s in a restricted subdivision.  The neighbors aren’t terribly close so we could probably survive here.  The garage is on the ground level and the kitchen is on the upper level.  I’m not crazy about hauling groceries upstairs but if we drive up to the front door, we could go through that door and be on the main level.  That won’t be a deal breaker.  The restricted subdivision might be what causes us to vote against this house, but as of now, these two are definite possibilities.  Both have great views and I could see us being happy at either house.

We’ll keep looking . . .



  1. 1


    Oh, so sad to leave somewhere you have lived for a while. And Chad. And the Chickens. The new place will be like home before you know it though.

    I like the first place for the kitchen and the acres, but I like the second place because it feels more kept up with in the pictures.

    I could live in either one, though. Go walk through them and see what they “feel” like to you. I have to have a “feel” from the house before it is home to me.

    glen: I am a new Orleans Louisiana girl, married to a New Orleans Louisiana boy, so this is definitely home. Although I liked Tickfaw the most of all. It was country all the way!

  2. 2

    Beth says

    I feel your pain about leaving kids behind on a move – had to do it twice with kids in college due to military moves. Key to low breakage – be a pain in the butt about how the movers pack your stuff. It is your move make sure they do it right. My husband always watched the furniture – how they padded it, taped it and packed it in the truck and made them do more if he wasn’t satisfied. Same with packing breakables. Our house rule – you are allowed to cry an hour or so down the rode but then you have to buck up and get excited about the new adventure. Good luck!
    Bring rain with you!!!

  3. 3

    Freda Henderson says

    Well, I think my vote would be number 2 unless it had some major defects. That would be a whole lot of wood to do something with. Just my humble opinion.

  4. 6


    I’m sad your sad. I know it will be hard to leave your place and go to entirely different state. It was different when you talked about moving to the country, but staying in MO. But, I know you will be so busy moving into a new place, everything will work out with time. I’m hoping Chad changes his mind once he misses you both—and coming home, and home cooked meals, and his room at home–you know, all the stuff young guys think they won’t miss, but do.
    Houses?—I like both, but see a lot of work outside with number 1, and it looks hot and dry. House #2 surprisingly looks smaller. But, pictures can be so deceiving. But, if we are voting. My vote goes for #2 or maybe a number 3?

  5. 7

    LadyBaltimore says

    Ah, Judy – brings back memories of last year about this time when we were cruising through houses for sale on-line trying to figure out a list of go-sees when we made our house-hunting trip. And the house we ended up buying (and love) was one that we barely paid attention to on-line. They sure do look different in person.
    Can’t wait to see what house you do eventually pick.
    As for movers, we had an absolutely terrific move all the way around; we really did. Wishing the same for you! Hugs!

    • 7.1

      Kathy B in TN says

      Same here! This house, that we love, didn’t make our original list for the realtor to show us on our whirlwind house hunting trip. The pics online just didn’t show it well. Our good luck!

  6. 8

    Gail says

    No brainer, Judy, #1 has a GAS STOVE–look at the picture! And those horse barns would make a great place for ALL of Vince’s stuff from the extra garage and pole barn. Some chicken wire on the gates would also make for a good hen area. It looks like a nice house (agree abt the wood outside), and I like the looks of the 2nd one very much, but it in a restricted subdivision and…….I’m really not a fan of that.

  7. 9


    Both houses look very nice, but I do like the outside better on #2. However, I like the kitchen better in #1. I’m sure you’re going to find a really nice place…whether or not it’s one of these two you just showed us.

  8. 10


    I know why you are leaning toward the first one – the outbuildings!
    But how are you ever going to find the show shovels when Vince puts them in one of them?
    I know – there probably won’t be snow there, but what if it does snow?

    I think you’ll eventually decide on number 2 though, unless something else becomes available.

  9. 11


    Both houses look great. But as much as you cook and want a gas stove. The first one has central gas, so you may be able to put in a gas stove if it is not there already. Till you look at them, and get the feel, that is when you will know if it is the right one. Good luck.

  10. 12


    I like them both. The kitchen in #1 is very nice, and the 10 acres and outbuildings is nice. I also like the open layout more. It might take some work, but what house doesn’t? It is all about getting it to where you like it and it is “you”. You will know, as you always do. Aren’t you glad you didnt buy anything else when you were looking for houses and property? I hope you dont have trouble selling your house. Good luck, cant wait to see what you decide, and start on your new adventure, with all of us tagging along!

  11. 13


    I like the first one. Definite good views of the mesquite! Can the horse stalls/barns be used for what VInce needs?
    That’s kinda high $$ per acre of land. It has a gravel road up to it…are most of the roads in the area gravel? You know I’m a boonie-ville gal, but not everybody is. I like my privacy and NO neighborhood watch group to see if you mowed the yard correctly.

    Good luck.
    BTW—saw the name of the realty and was talking to a relative of his online thru our IM service! Small world.

  12. 14

    pat says

    I would take 1 and you could bring your chickens with you too.
    Look at all the land for all the animals you could raise.
    Chickens yours, cows, goats and pigs.

    And you could put in a huge garden too.

  13. 15


    I’m for #1…..you could get some sheep and you would have a supply of yarn!!!
    United is my movers of choice as well. I have heard they do a better job because the movers are hired by the company. We had a TERRIBLE experience with another company….their drivers were like independent contractors or somesuch and he went down on the corner and hired ONE guy that knew nothing about moving. Both were using drugs throughout the day, dropped my piano, broke several items. The driver, of course, pocketed the money that had been allotted to hire people…..and even if he had hired 4 more none of them would have had a clue what they were doing. UGH.

  14. 17


    I’d chose the first one… I like the rustic wood look.

    If snow isn’t a huge issue, the flat roof shouldn’t be a problem. It looks like only the centre section of the house has a flat or nearly flat roof. It is hard to tell in the photos. They have some great photos of the inside of the house, too bad the ones from outside don’t show off the house as nicely.

  15. 18

    Marky says

    You are the one who will be living in the house, but for me it would be an easy choice: #1…no neighborhood restrictions, acreage, out buildings, GAS stove!!! big kitchen; Our last house was a split entry and I hated it. Whatever I wanted was always on the other level so I was doing stairs a lot.

  16. 19


    Both are beautiful homes! One thing I noticed is the second home kitchen, it has tile countertops which are a pain to roll out dough on. That would be an expense and a mess to replace them. Just something that I noticed! Keep the house hunting pictures coming! I love looking at them!

  17. 21


    The second kitchen is too small for you, I can tell. The layout of the first kitchen is much better, easier to move around in. I understand the excitement and the sadness of a move, especially away from your son. But once you move away from the home they knew in their younger years, no other house is home to them. At least that’s what my girls say.

  18. 23


    oh, the first one for sure! Bigger kitchen and the LAND! No brainer IMO!

    I’m still so sad that Chad is not coming with, but he is a big boy now and graduating, so it’s time for him to get his own place 🙂 Hopefully he can get a really good job and things will be great for him!

    I’m excited to ‘join’ you (even if it’s just electronically) in your new adventure. I know things will go great and you will love whatever home you choose!

  19. 24

    Terri says

    #1 says it has “free” natural gas??? How is that? Free gas and a gas stove? That would be hard to beat! Can you have chickens at #2 if it’s in a restricted neighborhood? Plus with #1 and the acreage Chad would have a total blast hunting there! Which would be a plus to get him to come visit more often 🙂

    I don’t think the roof would be much of a problem for us. #1 it’s not truly flat like here in NM lol and #2 you just don’t get that much rain and the snow is almost nonexistent in that part of the country.

    Love love love looking at pictures of Hill Country, even if it is the outer edge of it! Just wait till next spring and the bluebonnets are in bloom!! btw, I was a bluebonnet in my 3rd grade program…….. 🙂

  20. 25

    Sandra Neel Hutchins says

    Oh this is fun!!!! Thanks for sharing with us. I don’t see the roof on the country house as being flat, is it the roof over that living area? I noticed that the living area has a sloped ceiling which likely means the roof is also sloped more than it looks.

    Gas stove in # 1!!! Some of those corrals are just asking to become a garden! They are likely already full of some kind of manure, they are fenced, all they need is roto tilling and you’ll have a ready made garden!

    Privacy!!!! Go with the first one if you like privacy. If you like close neighbors go with the second one. Of course, you will get the “feel” of both when you go visit them. It looks like the deck in the first one just needs to be power washed and a finish applied. I’ll bet that would work with the other wood also,

    You are such a trooper. And, thanks for giving us all a look into possibly your future home.

  21. 26


    Oh Judy, choice is so hard. I always tell myself to be grateful that i am in the position to have a choice, but that only lasts a few minutes. I was never cut out for sainthood;)

    I lean towards no 1 for the possibilities, but..well, is this the forever house? As you and Vince get older, is it practical, in other terms? I feel like a rotten person for asking such questions, but my dad has been battling cancer (dad 1, cancer 0, do NOT take on my dad!). He lives with me, so i have seen the difference a severe illness has made. Plus he is turning 79 this year. We only have 1/3 of an acre 20 mins from city, 5 from beach, (yes it rocks!), but even that is getting hard for this stubbornly independent man to manage, (and as i am disabled, well..).

    But if you guys are not planning on a ‘this is rest of our lives’ move, then, go for no 1:)

    But we all won’t know until you take US on a guided tour once you have done so yourselves – and you will report on them, won’t you? Pretty please?

  22. 27


    Judy, I agree that they both have incredible views. But the restricted subdivision would be off my list. We looked for a house for almost a year, and it was SO hard to find decent houses unless they were in a deed restricted subdivision. We did finally find the perfect house on 1/2 acre with NO deed restrictions. Now, we are not going to raise chickens, but after living in a deed free area for over 30 years, I could not see going into restrictions and fees out the ears. I would vote for the first one. Yes it needs some work, but I like the kitchen with the great island, and the acreage. You can still have your chickens and lots of garden space.

  23. 28

    Linda in NE says

    I’d definitely pick the first one if the price is reasonable for the area. The second one will probably have some pretty snooty neighbors, located on a golf course like it is. I’ll bet they wouldn’t let you have chickens!! You can always do some maintenance, enclose the garage, etc. If you must, you could even put a pitched roof on if it really is flat now. The ten acres and outbuildings & pens just put the frosting on the cake, so to speak.

  24. 29


    I vote for the first house…love the big kitchen, gas cook top…the 2nd one had one of those glass top cook tops..:( Plus…you can have chickens….and goats….

  25. 30


    I LOVE househunting! Thanks for letting me shop along with you. From what I know about you, I can see you living in the first one. It will be interesting to get your report after you’ve seen them, and you can see what space there would be for your sewing room. Good Luck!!!

  26. 32


    Well…I say pick #1. At least you will have a gas stove!! Honestly for all the work you do canning and preserving you need the great kitchen that #1 allows. I am also not a fan of the wood but it’s something to work with…I think there is so much more potential and so many more options with #1….chickens….big garden areas..a place for Vince to play outside…it’s close to town too. It looks like you may have a couple more days to look yet. If you’re like me though….your patience may be running out.

  27. 33

    Mel Meister says

    #1 is certainly more “rustic”. You’d have to see what it actually looks like in person. It could be a dump outside. But, inside, it’s the winner for me. The kitchen is nice and big.

  28. 34


    I did like the views for the first one and did I see a gas cooktop in that kitchen?

    United moved us from San Diego back to New Hampshire and it was a totally pleasant experience. The workers were great and they communicated with us all across the country. I can’t remember who moved us out but it was not a fun experience.

  29. 35


    Wow! $4700 per acre and it doesn’t even look tillable. OK, I know I’m sheltered and far from rich, but that boggles my mind. On the other hand, you’re now on my prayer list, and I’m praying you find a really wonderful home.

  30. 36


    #1 would certainly be my choice, secluded, no home owner’s restrictions, acreage, etc. Will you be comfortable with “seclusion” when Vince isn’t home?

  31. 37

    Perry says

    All of the preceding comments have merit I think. I like the second one better because it is “greener”, but that is just me. It is such a different type of weather than where you are now, and I can see why you would be sad to leave. The older we get the harder it appears to get regarding moving. Janna does have a point about seclusion.

  32. 38

    lw says

    If it was me, I’d pick #1– great kitchen, gas appliances, great views and I love the saltillo tiles. I also wouldn’t consider a house that didn’t have some land around it, but that’s me.

  33. 40

    Marla says

    Judy, I definitely see you and your personality in #1. Can’t wait until you tell us what you pick!

  34. 41


    I just “know” you thru blogging but from what I know, I think you are more suited for #1. You can have a garden, chickens, etc. Paula in KY

  35. 42

    Dianah says

    I fell in love at Pella windows on the first one. Also the land. But I could see you blogging about Vince in Green T-shirts and Purple Crocs on the golf course if you pick the second house.

  36. 43


    How fun it is to live this through your eyes! Having moved across country 8 months ago, I do remember how hard work and tiring it all is – especially the emotion and psychological parts…

    I hope both houses are just what you envision… I do think the first one fits you and the things you like to do the best… trust your instincts… when do you get to see them both???

    Wow, movers in 45 days… wow!

    You need to plan the date of your son’s first visit, so you’ll already know when you will see him next before you have to move – then it’s just ‘see you later’…

    hang tough, Judy…

  37. 44

    carol c says

    Judy, I vote #1 also, the acreage makes it more what you have been looking for before this move came up I think, Will your sewing rooms be available for your machines? can you go ahead and bring your chickens crated up to it? I would shure try if it were me. Be aware of the rattlesnkae danger we are in with this drought too. especially for your dog! Water is a real luxury right now, with this drought. we are 11 inches below our usual water table. The kitchen looks more like you in #1 too. I dont mean to be bossy sounding, just informing you of all that is on our tv . Gonna be a TEXAN ! !

  38. 47

    Kathy N says

    Funny how most people went with #1 and I went with #2. I like the view better and as much as I like privacy the first one was too private for me. The #2 seems to be more updated and in a bit better condition. Thanks for letting us in on your house hunt and please let us know what you finally decide.

  39. 48

    katie says

    I vote for #1 looks good for space to do the things you like and hopefully no red flag rules. Looks like room for all sorts of kritters to play with. On a practical side the taxes are less on # 1 too..

  40. 49

    Cindy B. says

    I like house #1. It has a comfort feel that house #2 lacks. #2 feels stuck up and stuffy to me.

    And you are just not stuck up or stuffy!

  41. 50

    Kat says

    I definitely like number one. I like the fact that it looks like it has a lot of windows and is not as dark as the other one. I love all that light!!

  42. 51


    Ten acres?! Looks like you could have some goats for fresh milk and cheese as well as a great set up for more chickens on that first house.

    Funny you like United. The corporate headquarters are here in Fenton, MO. Two summers ago I helped set up their corporate archives. I passed one of the “triple stack” logo trucks today coming home from Columbia, MO.

  43. 52

    Michele says

    This city girl pretty much started hyperventilating at the pictures of the first house.

    There is NOTHING nearby.
    Which I get is the point.
    But, jeez, NOTHING!!

    That said, I could find a way to turn those barns into sewing studios with a dyeing station (water’s already set up). 😉

    Good luck with your choice. Moving is just…horrendous. No matter how well it goes, it still sucks.

  44. 53

    dawn says

    number one house seems like the rooms are more spacious. Especially since you and Vince like different things. (you sing in kitchen while he watches tv)
    they are both nice and I am sure once you see them you will know which one you want.
    It is tough leaving everything behind. But Chad will come visit I am sure and because you will be so far away he will better appreciate all you have done as a Mom. trust me. It took my son 4 yrs in the Marines to appreciate me. he came home and said Mom, all those nasty things I said to you about making me clean my room and make hospital corners on my bed I am sorry for. I was the only one that got the OK from the sergeant on making my bed. the guys all wanted me to teach them. thanks! LOL you just never know. Now he is the greatest son and father and is teaching his kids the same disciplines we taught him. PS he lives in another state but visits and takes care of his mama.
    have fun house hunting and try not to stress. you better save out some knitting to work off the stress and anxiety of the move! (socks and scarves in the works.LOL)

    Dawn in MA

    • 53.1

      Carolyn says

      Dawn: my children said the same thing when they came home from Army basic training. It didn’t even take them 4 years. LOL

  45. 54

    Karla says

    I like number 1, it has the space, and the trees will keep it cooler in the summer, you can have your chickens, and any other animals you would like, your garden which i doubt you could have in #2. Is there other houses close by or would you be out there totally alone? I live on 40acres and have houses on both sides yet am still pretty isolated.

  46. 55


    Both houses are great – but I LOVE THE FIRST ONE….the views look spectacular.

    Yes, it is SO HARD to leave children – I am blessed to have one of four living near me. I understand your sadness.

    GOOD LUCK with your move – this will be a birthday to remember for sure!

    sao in Midlothian, VA

  47. 56

    pdudgeon says

    definitely house #1!
    Free gas for heating and cooking, so you can finally have your gas stove!!! no microwave over the range and two ovens, lots of counter space, and a large dining area, makes it look like someone was designing for a real cook. You’d be happy in that kitchen. also looks like there’s a straight shot to the back door, so it would be easy to put the groceries away.

    love the fireplace–makes it look like a real man cave, and there’s even a spot for the Christmas tree.
    the larger pole barn could be used for Vince’s woodworking shop, and the smaller one could be closed in for the chickens.

    as for the outside wood, i would try power washing it first. it probably just needs a good cleaning to remove the dirt, and then a sealing. Cedar is really great wood and usually ages to a silver color, which would look great with the stone, and brighten the whole aspect of the home.

  48. 58

    Karen says

    I like the first one – has more character and I love the views and the outside space. Is that a gas stove I see in the kitchen? There’s plenty of room outside for gardens and assorted wild life. Wish I could house hunt with you – I love looking at houses. Good luck, Karen

  49. 59

    Doe in Mi says

    I’d choose the first one for the fact that you’d have more freedom for how you like to live, like having chickens and flowers and a garden. #2 is restricted – yuk, yuk, yuk. But, who knows you may not like either one when you get into them. Take your time, don’t rush, you will find a good place, and in the mean time you have a place the hang your “jammies”.

  50. 60


    I noticed that #1 is a Pier & Beam and #2 is Slab foundation. Other than those two major differences, it’s a tough choice. And, I’m jealous because it looks like you have more choices than I in the house hunting! LOL. 😀

  51. 61

    Bjwlash101 says

    I don’t “see” Judy in a restricted Subdivision. When I first read about the out buildings and additional acreage it screamed more animals, bigger garden and orchard. Although being a MN gal I don’t know the growing conditions in TX but I’m thinking you could grow just about anything and use it to its full potential.
    Go with what feels right and you’ll never be wrong. Who knows there might a diffrent house waiting for you. Good Luck!

  52. 63


    Judy—I googled house #1 since there seems to be so many quilting friends here in favor of that house. Seeing it from up in the air via google maps gives another prospective. Like—you will be in the middle of what my friends term our place: “the boonies”. Acres and acres of nothing but land and bush around you. Are you ready for this type of isolation is what I wonder. I love the kitchen in house #1, just like others here. House #2 when googled has your neighbors up close and personal. Maybe too close. But the surrounding area is very pretty, and the golf course is way off in the distance. Have you googled either one?

  53. 64


    Both places look good, especially the views. But I am leaning towards #1, plenty of room plus more room to grow if wanted. Really like the kitchen and the gas stove is the icing on the cake; the wood outside can be easily updated and treated.
    Don’t look at it as leaving what you love, but look at the opportunities and a world of new adventures to look forward to.
    Excited to see which one is your pick, keep us in the loop.

  54. 65


    Important thing to consider–water! Do you have water wells? Or what is the water source. If it is wells– what’s the water like. Is it drinkable? Is there a pond for livestock? Did you see that there is FREE natural gas? We have neighbors near us who have free natural gas. BIG plus! Especially with heating. P.S. I like #1’s kitchen.

  55. 66


    What are the possibilities for the studio and longarm?! Priorities here. If it were me, I’d probably choose the one in the subdivision. As I get older, I want to do less and less outside work. The first one looks secluded…. tough call. When are you going to eyeball these?

  56. 67

    Marilyn W says

    1st house might have to have some modifications, but it does NOT have the flat topped stove that the 2nd house has… 🙂

  57. 68

    Judy Furman says

    My vote is definitely # 1…..you need all that space for vegetable garden, chickens and anything else you want to raise…….Good luck in finding your dream home.

  58. 69

    Claudia Wade says

    I would definitely go with the 2nd one…it looks to be in much better shape and the views are much prettier. The views from the 1st one are so barren and dry looking.

  59. 70


    I see why you like #1 better….gas stove, acreage,no restrictions. If the other bedrooms are large enough to use as a master, the upstairs master with balconies would make an awesome sewing room. But the 2nd house is bigger. Disadvantage: electric cooking. You definitely need to see how the flow of the spaces is..

  60. 71


    Hi Judy!
    I recommend #1 of the two houses you have online pictures of but wouldn’t fully decide until I looked at them. #1 seems to meet your reguirements of how you live now & seemed to want/wish for the future ~Gas stove, addtional acreage & out buildings & more acreage available
    . moving is difficult but we have used United 3 times now & have received great service from 3 dif United owned co so that will be a definate plus. Thank you for offering such a great, informative & fun blog! I love starting my day with you! Good luck on your move!

  61. 72


    Hi Judy!
    I recommend #1 of the two houses you have online pictures of but wouldn’t fully decide until I looked at them. #1 seems to meet your reguirements of how you live now & seemed to want/wish for the future ~Gas stove, addtional acreage & out buildings & more acreage available
    . moving is difficult but we have used United 3 times now & have received great service from 3 dif United owned co so that will be a definate plus. Thank you for offering such a great, informative & fun blog! I love starting my day with you! Good luck on your move!

  62. 73

    Lynne in Hawaii says

    Number 1! Gas stove sells it! The carport could be very easily enclosed to make a garage…you could build your very own studio. You could have whatever animals and or gardens you wanted. So many possibilities! And free gas…can’t beat it!

  63. 74

    ruth anne shorter says

    NUMbER 1, because 1. gas 2. non-restricted therefore freedom 3. outbuildings for whatever you want them to be 4. like the open look
    BUT you will know more when you walk the property. It is all about the “feel”. 🙂
    Whatever you decide, will be good though!!

  64. 75

    ruth anne shorter says

    number 1, because of the freedom it affords you with future plans. Also, gas, and also, looks more open. Land, land, land!!!

  65. 76

    Diane in CA says

    I would hold out for #3.. something without stairs for Speck.. …. #1 looks dry and rocky.. maybe not great for a kitchen garden and the barn is way down the drive.. #2 has houses very close on both sides and no room for storage buildings, on the up side, the neighbors have a pool! I vote for a exploratory trip.. get the lay of the land and feel for the neighborhoods. you might want to live in town instead of in the weeds after all ..

  66. 77


    3,000 square feet for $339,000??? I am moving to Texas! We could sell our house here at buy two in Texas (or have nor mortgage). Dang the taxes are a deal also! Love the houses.

  67. 78

    Robin says

    Would have to see in person- both seem to have good points. Love the 10 acres of #1 and that’s the one I would be leaning towards but like the view better of #2.

  68. 79

    Alma says

    IMHO I would keep looking. The deck on house #1 sure looks like it could use some work. The layout of that house just didn’t say “Judy”
    Yes there are lots of outbuildings but I don’t think the buildings are suited for what you would like to do, unless you are thinking cows!
    House #2—they don’t show much, just lots of pictures of the stone fireplace so there is a lot of unknown. Not crazy about kitchen in house #2 either.
    Keep up the search, I know it is a pain to look at homes but better a little pain now than a big pain later.

    See what happens when you ask for opinions!!! Now you are twice as confused.

  69. 80

    Linda H says

    The windows, Judy! #1 is light and airy –inside and out. #2 looks cramped and dark –inside and out with that restrictive subdivision hanging over one’s head.

  70. 81

    Mary says

    you want chickens again? you don’t want a restriction like #2… go for #1 and freedom.

  71. 82

    Patty says

    My vote would be house # 1 you can always stain the wood and it will make it look almost new. Love those views.

  72. 83


    My vote would be for house #1. I think there is more potential there, wood and all. That and I’m not of a fan of a closed subdivison. That could mean loosing the chickens. I couldn’t handle that.

  73. 84

    Sandy says

    My last house was a big split level. I didn’t like it. I was always going up or down stairs. That gets to be a royal pain! I’m not going to vote, but I wish you luck in finding a wonderful house that’s just right for you and Vince.

  74. 85


    Here’s a different look at the question: Using numerology, the Healer Lane house would be the better choice. You’ll find there’s really something special there. In the Spring Hollow house, you’ll be working a lot harder for what you get.

    And yes, I really do believe in this stuff. I’ve seen it work time and time again.

  75. 87


    Those outbuildings in #1 would be perfect for some goats or a milk cow in addition to your chickens, he he he. I think you need something more to keep you busy, lol!