A Good Boy

My niece’s kids are all so cute.  I know . . we all think our kids, grandkids and children of family members are so cute.  My niece has three precious girls and the fourth child is a boy.

He’s such a sweet boy . . really!  With this look he’s giving me, I’m not sure I want to know what he’s thinking but he really is sweet and loving.

He was trying to watch Bambi but I was bugging him.

Finally . . he smiles for me.  It’s so funny because Kristy and the girls all call me Aunt Judy but her husband and the little boy call me Miss Judy.  I laugh every time he calls me Miss Judy.  He’s such a talker and over the weekend he had a bag of jelly beans and he was eating some and handing some of them out to mom and me.  He mostly knew which ones were which flavors.  I didn’t want any coffee flavored ones so he was careful not to give me any of those.  Then he accidentally ate a cinnamon flavored red jelly bean instead of a cherry flavored red jelly bean.  He looked up and said “Darn!  That was hot.”  Then he said “Darn!  That was REALLY hot!”  We all cracked up.  I so wish I could spend more time with these kids.  They grow up too fast and seeing them once every few months just isn’t often enough.


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    Diane says

    I know what you mean. I get to go to Houston only a couple of times a year. I have a 3 year old neice who has stolen my heart. I am always afraid she will forget me between visits. I try to send cards and gift boxes with picture so she won’t forget me. Then I worry she will only like me for all the gifts and stuff I send her. Oh well I do the best I can.
    So have you figured how long a drive it is between Brownwood and Lake Charles? Oh and those bridges…you may have to look for alternate routes!

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    Mary Jo says

    Your neice in yesterday’s post and your nephew today are precious. I know that we all think that our family children are cute, but there is no doubt that your family’s kids are adorable. Love the quilt your nephew is on!

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    That was the worst part about moving away from home. The kids. I was there when my friends first kid grew up, baby sat, spoiled hiim as much as possible, but the 2 girls were 6 and 12 years later, and I barely got to see them grow up. It still bugs me, the older girl is in her last years of college, and the baby is 16 already! I don’t have much of a connection with them, although they are wonderful kids and we have a good time when we get together. But they are all doing their own thing now too. They dont come to visit, since they are not animal people, and dont like the dogs and cats (2 and 2) and the hair that goes along with them. But, they ARE alergic, so that doesnt help. And we cant even talk about nieces and nephews…Anyway, it is always the kids I miss the most. They change WAY too fast!